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July 31

July 31, 1960 – The Sunkist Citrus House Shop Opens on Disneyland’s Main Street

“Almost any feature at Disneyland qualifies for Yester-resurrection, whether it’s the Sunkist Citrus House (a defunct beverage stand) or the Casa de Fritos (a corn-chip-themed Mexican restaurant).” – The New York Times

On July 31, 1960, the Sunkist Citrus House opened on the Main Street of Disneyland. It replaced the Puffin Bakery, which closed on June 3, 1960. Hosted by the Sunkist company, the store served fresh-squeezed orange juice, lemonade, lemon meringue pie, and orange cheesecake. It was closed on January 3, 1989, after nearly 30 years of service, and replaced by the Blue Ribbon Bakery.


July 30

July 30, 1942 – The World War II Educational Short Out of the Frying Pan into the Firing Line is Delivered


“Your pound of waste fat will give some boy at the front an extra clip of cartridges.”

On July 30, 1942, the World War II educational short film Out of the Frying Pan into the Firing Line was delivered to the U.S. government. The short was sponsored by the Conversation Division and the War Production Board, and distributed by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Pictures Industry. It was directed by Ben Sharpsteen.

Minnie is cooking bacon and eggs in a pan on the stove, and the smell attracts Pluto, who is eating his dinner nearby. He scoffs at his dinner, but Minnie offers to give him some leftover bacon grease. As she gets ready to pour it in his bowl, they hear a voice telling them not to throw away the grease. They both turn to the radio, where an announcer informs them that the fats are needed to help win the war, much to Pluto’s annoyance. The fats are used to make glycerin, which is then used to make explosives. Every year, the announcer continues, two billion pounds of waste animal fats are thrown away, which is equivalent to enough glycerin to make 10 billion rapid-fire cannon shells. He continues to give examples about how a little grease goes a long way to helping the war effort. Hearing this, Pluto looks to a picture of solider Mickey on the wall and gives him a salute. Minnie asks Pluto again if he still wants the bacon grease, and Pluto declines. The announcer then instructs Minnie how to store her fats before donating them to the war effort. Pluto donates the fats at the butcher shop, and is rewarded with a string of sausages.

July 29

July 29, 1933 – The Silly Symphony Old King Cole is Released to Theaters

“Once upon a time in Storybook Land, Old King Cole sent out a royal command calling his subjects to the castle hall: everyone’s invited to the royal ball!”

On July 29, 1933, the Silly Symphony Old King Cole was released to theaters. It was directed by Dave Hand.

The short begins with Old King Cole announcing that he’s having a ball, and all of his subjects are invited. The trumpets sound, announcing the start, and the Pied Piper comes out of his storybook, bringing the rats with him to the castle. He’s followed by Little Boy Blue, who sounds his horn, followed by the Crooked Man and his crooked cat and crooked mouse. Mother Hubbard attends as well, with her dog, as they pop out of their cupboards from their storybook. The kids of the old woman that lived in a shoe start cheering a skipping to the party, along with other famous storybook characters. Old King Cole welcomes them to the party, but warns them that they must go home when the clock strikes midnight. The first act begins, as a dance done by Mary Mary Quite Contrary and her flowers. More storybook acts follow, popping out of Pandora’s Box in rapid succession, ending with Ten Little Indians, who dance around Old King Cole. The dancing continues around the castle in a merry fashion. Suddenly, Hickory, Dickory, and Dock announce that it’s midnight, and everyone rushes back to their storybooks as fast as they can. Old King Cole wishes them goodnight, and leaves a bottle of milk out for the next morning before his storybook closes.

July 28

July 28, 2002 – The Princess Storybook Breakfast Begins in Norway’s Restaurant Akershus


“Her Highness the Queen is holding a feast in honor of the world’s best-loved Storybook Princesses – and you’re invited!”

On July 28, 2002, the Princess Storybook Breakfast character dining experience began in the Norway Pavilion’s Restaurant Akershus. Guests make reservations for the dining experience, where they can meet a host of Disney characters, including Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, and Mary Poppins. After dining, guests can take pictures with the Disney princesses and take home to photos as complimentary keepsakes. The breakfast became so popular that it was expanded to include lunch and dinner in 2005.

July 27

July 27, 1962 – The Firehouse Five Plus Two Records at the Golden Horseshoe


“The happiest band I have heard in a long time.”

On July 27, 1962, the Dixieland jazz band Firehouse Five Plus Two recorded their performance at the Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland. The band was made up of several Disney employees, including leader Ward Kimball, Frank Thomas, Harper Goff, Danny Alguire, Clarke Mallery, Monte Mountjoy, and Ed Penner. This would be the first of two performances recorded and later released on albums through the Good Time Jazz Records label.

July 26

July 26, 2002 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Gotta Kick it Up! Premieres


“It means no one on my squad gets to be the diva. You all have to work together, help each other to improve.”

On July 26, 2002, the Disney Channel Original Movie Gotta Kick it Up! premiered. It was based on the true story of a middle school dance team from California. The movie was written by Meghan Cole, Nancy De Los Santos, Ramon Menendez, Tom Musca, and Stu Krieger, and was directed by Ramon Menendez. It starred Camille Guaty as Daisy, America Ferrera as Yoli, Jhoanna Flores as Alyssa, Sulima Rodriguez as Marisol, Sabrina Wiener as Esmeralda, Susan Egan as Heather Bartlett, and Miguel Sandoval as Principal Zavala.

It’s the beginning of a new school year, and a new teacher named Heather Bartlett arrives, and gets lost on her way to the administration building. She was a former executive at a dot com company, and thinks that teaching will be a piece of cake compared to watching the company crash and burn. She walks into her class to find her students dancing, and tries to get them to settle down. When she explains what they’ll be learning in her biology class, one student, Daisy, asks why they should care, which leads the class once again in to goofing off and dancing. Daisy is called out by the principal for being a troublemaker, and is given four weeks of detention. Later, a few of the girls in the class are talking about their dance team, as their coach retired, leaving them with nothing but disbandment. Each of the girls have a different reason to be on the team, and none of them take the news well. Esmeralda, one of the more passionate members of the team, finds out that Miss Bartlett went to Julliard, and asks Principal Zavala if Miss Bartlett could be the new dance coach.

Thanks to Esmeralda's urging, Principal Zavala asks Bartlett to be the coach of the dance team

Thanks to Esmeralda’s urging, Principal Zavala asks Bartlett to be the coach of the dance team

Zavala asks Bartlett to be a part of the dance team, but she refuses. He asks her to at least think about it, but she is still uncertain. Esmeralda talks to Bartlett about it as well, and convinces her with a deal: if she teaches the team, Esmeralda will help her gain popularity as a teacher. Bartlett agrees, and tryouts for the team will be held. Daisy, who once thought that dance team was for losers, decides she wants to join, hoping that it could replace her four weeks of detention. When Bartlett lists her rules, candidates begin to drop out one by one, leaving a small group. The auditions finally begin, and Bartlett slowly realizes that she has her work cut out for her. The team’s first practice starts off with laps around the track, and the group is rather unimpressed with Bartlett’s leadership and her routine. The girls finally head to their first competition, and are intimidated by the team that goes before them, with Esmeralda getting hit with crippling stage fright. The music starts, and the girls are all over the place with their routine, with Daisy walking out halfway through due to frustration. Daisy quits the team, and the rest of the team is ready to join her. Esmeralda blames Bartlett for their disastrous performance, as the girls think that she could be teaching them a whole lot more, but she’s holding back.

That weekend, Daisy heads back to the school with her boyfriend, when they find Bartlett dancing in the gymnasium. Daisy is angry that Bartlett really was holding back, but leaves before she sees Bartlett break down in tears. Later during school, Bartlett tries to talk Daisy back onto the team, but Daisy refuses, as she accuses Bartlett on holding out on them. For the next practice, Bartlett decides to get them back to basics. Daisy suddenly shows up, deciding to give Bartlett a second chance. Although the girls are doing really well, Bartlett holds them back from competition, as she doesn’t feel like they’re ready yet. The team disagrees, and decides to try once again to convince Bartlett that they’re ready by playing music over the loudspeaker and dancing in the courtyard. Bartlett is furious with their actions, as she feels they disrespected her, and refuses to let them compete. The girls then decide to go on their own to the competition, without letting anyone know. They arrive just in time, and have Daisy’s boyfriend set up their music for them. They manage to pull the performance off, with Daisy getting the attention of the dean of the High School for Performing Arts. The team ends up winning third place overall, but end up in trouble with Alyssa’s parents, who are angry with the team for lying to them and placing them in possible danger.

Daisy talks to Bartlett about the competition, and Bartlett reveals more about her past as a dancer

Daisy talks to Bartlett about the competition, and Bartlett reveals more about her past as a dancer

Each of the girls end up with their own problems, with Esmeralda getting frustrated with all the demands placed on her by her family, leaving her with nothing of her own. Daisy heads to Bartlett’s to talk to her about what happened. Bartlett feels like the team has no respect for her, while Daisy believes that she doesn’t believe in them. Bartlett finally reveals what really happened at Julliard: she only lasted there two weeks, as she felt she was good, but not great, and felt like a fraud. Daisy reassures her that they need her, and they both decide to work together to get ready for regionals. They continue practicing and competing, becoming a stronger team in the process. Bartlett finds out about Daisy’s offer to join the High School for Performing Arts, and encourages her to go after her dreams rather than dropping them. Soon after, she gets into an argument with her boyfriend, Chuy, as he’s angry she spends all of her time with dance, and he breaks up with her. She decides she wants to go to the High School for Performing Arts, and calls the Dean for an application. Unfortunately, the girls aren’t able to go to regionals, as they have no money in the budget, so the girls decide to raise the money themselves as well as work on a routine for regionals.

One day, an old friend of Bartlett’s stops by with an amazing offer for her: the chance to be head of customer relations and marketing at a huge new website. Bartlett is flattered, but turns it down, as she’d rather keep teaching, but agrees to at least meet him for an interview. The rumor of Bartlett taking another job spreads around the dance team, and while she confirms that she had an interview, she tells them that she turned it down to continue teaching. The next day is the car wash and bazaar to raise money for the dance team, and while they raise a lot of money, it’s not enough. Chuy saves the day by bringing enough business for the car wash, and the two reconcile. The team is off to regionals in San Diego, and Daisy runs into the Dean again, which raises her nervousness level to an all-time high. Bartlett calms her down, letting her know that there’s a difference in being “the best” and “your best,” and it was her passion that really let her shine. The team goes on to the stage, and Daisy is still nervous, unable to move in the beginning, but soon regains her passion and nerves and is able to give it her all. The team finishes in second place and heads to Nationals.


July 25

July 25, 2004 – The ABC Family Movie Crimes of Fashion Premieres


“I am a fashion student! I design pretty clothes that don’t include gun holsters!”

On July 25, 2004, the ABC family movie Crimes of Fashion premiered. It was written by David Mickel, directed by Stuart Gillard, and stars Kaley Cuoco as Brooke, Dominic Chianese as George, Megan Fox as Candace, Pat Kelly as Jack, and Chuck Shamata as Sal Hugo.

The film begins at a funeral for Don Dominic, where a group of mob men are being spied on by a duo of men from the FBI, and are soon spotted by the mob. Meanwhile, at Fashion University, fashion student Brooke Taylor is mooning over a guy instead of paying attention to her studies, but is able to answer the question the professor gives her. Unfortunately for Brooke, while she is excellent at her studies, her fashion sense leaves much to be desired. Her rival, Candace, takes joy in pointing out Brooke’s sloppiness, much to Brooke’s annoyance. As Brooke heads to another class, she is approached by one of the men at the funeral, who tells her to get in a car with him. She reluctantly goes with him when he shows her his gun, and is taken to a mansion that he says belonged to her grandfather. Brooke is confused, as she never knew he had a grandfather. She becomes angry, thinking that she was abandoned by him in foster care after her parents died while he lived in the mansion. The man, George, lets Brooke know that it was her grandfather’s final wish that he take over the family business, and she is shocked to find that he was a mob boss.

As George once again tries to convince Brooke to take over the family, rival Candace tries to put her down

As George once again tries to convince Brooke to take over the family, rival Candace tries to put her down

Brooke refuses to play any part in her grandfather’s business, and walks away from Gordon, although he will not take “no” for an answer and shows up in her next class. He continues to find her on campus, refusing to give up until she says yes. She finally decides to listen to his explanation, and he tells her that their group is so close to being legit, and they need someone honest to take them the rest of the way: her. She agrees, only if she can stay in school and no one finds out about this. In a corner diner, the two men from the FBI meet and discuss that the Sarto family has found themselves a new Don. The younger of the two, Jack, is tasked to go undercover at Brooke’s school to find information about her and to bring her down. Brooke then heads back to her grandfather’s mansion, and is told about Sal Hugo, a rival mob boss that wants the Sarto territory. Gordon tells Brooke that she’ll need to earn Hugo’s respect and sell him on their plan of going legit; Brooke freaks out at hearing this, as she claims she’s not convincing and no one listens to her. Gordon offers to teach her how to be more confident, although she has a very hard time learning anything. When Hugo hears of the new Don, he is less than pleased.

Jack finally makes contact with Brooke, although he acts very nervous around her. Brooke’s crush, Marcus, interrupts their conversation, although he acts like a complete jerk. Soon after, Brooke heads to a meeting with the Sarto family, although she is not confident about meeting everyone. The speech she gives to the family is less than ideal, but she finally realizes that she can use her fashion skills to make them a respectable group. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Candace is stealing fashion designs from another girl downtown, when she spies Brooke with her mob. Brooke finally admits to her friends about her double life, and Candace overhears. Her friends can’t support her on it, and her Candace heads to the headmaster about Brooke’s activities. Jack continues to search for information on Brooke, but is unable to find anything. He heads to Brooke’s part time job, where she’s accompanied by George. Jack and Brooke start to talk, and he is very impressed with Brooke’s expertise and passion for fashion design. They continue to “bump into each other” on campus, and they continue to bond. He is warned by his boss not to get to close to her.

An article is published in the New York Banner, revealing Brooke's secret

An article is published in the New York Banner, revealing Brooke’s secret

Candace has been snooping around trying to get information on Brooke, and sell what she has to a reporter at the New York Banner. After the news is published, Brooke is ambushed on campus by reporters, and is saved by her friends as they escort her across campus. She freaks out and decides to tell George that she’s going to quit, but when she gets to class, she is greeted with applause. Everyone then starts being nice to her, as they fear her wrath as a mob boss. Meanwhile, George is planting flowers in the garden, when it’s revealed that he is actually the Don, and Brooke’s grandfather, but plans to keep this hidden from Brooke. He goes to pick her up later for the meeting with Hugo, and although she’s nervous, he gives her the confidence she needs to go ahead with the meeting. The meeting, however, doesn’t go very well, as Hugo believes that he owns everything that she owns. She’s able to turn it around with her fashion sense, so she thinks, but Hugo pegs her for a softie and says that she’ll be easy to break.

Jack is tasked once again to undergo surveillance to spy on Brooke, and when he tries to get her alone, Brooke’s crush Marcus takes her away. Jack heads back to the FBI truck, despondent, while Brooke is asked out by Marcus. George doesn’t approve of Marcus, thinking he likes her for the wrong reasons. They head to an Italian restaurant, where the staff goes out of their way to impress her when they find out she is the Sarto Don. Marcus starts asking her all sorts of questions about the mafia, and admits that he only is dating her because she’s a mob boss. She calls off the date and heads home, and decides to research what her grandfather did and all of his businesses. She finds that the Sartos own a dress factory that makes knockoffs, and George reveals the plan to go legit: they start producing Brooke’s designs and creating a whole new dress factory. As Jack continues to investigate Brooke, the two get closer, although he is torn between his job and his feelings for Brooke. When Brooke runs to tell George, she finds him leaving, although he changes his mind and stays.

Candace brags about her designs, which Brooke realizes she stole from the girl at the factory

Candace brags about her designs, which Brooke realizes she stole from the girl at the factory

Candace, still trying to one-up Brooke, goes by her room to brag about her designs, when Brooke realizes she’d seen the designs before from a worker in the Sarto factory named Rosa, and that Candace cheated. She goes to talk to Rosa, who admits why she gave the drawings to Candace. As they prepare their case to take to the Dean, Hugo goes to threaten the Dean, as the Dean continues to borrow money from Hugo. Hugo then decides to have a “hostile takeover” of the school, since the Dean can’t come up with the money. Brooke goes to meet Jack at the Sew-Off in the quad, and they walk off together to talk. She tries to tell him that she’s a mob boss, but he refuses to listen to her. When she continues to talk, he cuts her off by kissing her. The Dean suddenly appears and closes down the school, and informs Brooke that Sal Hugo is closing down the school. The FBI appears soon after and asks to talk with Brooke, with Jack revealing who he truly is. When Brooke protests that she’s making the family legitimate, the FBI asks for her help in taking down Sal Hugo. Brooke decides that the best way to raise enough money for the school is to put on a fashion show, with the clothes being sold after the show.

At her job, Brooke vents about falling for the wrong guy, thinking that Jack was using her to further his career, when Jack appears and informs her that he’s been suspended. He tells her that Sal Hugo burned down his grandparents’ shop when he was a kid, and that’s why he joined the FBI. He also admits that his feelings for her have been out in the open the entire time. Brooke decides to negotiate with Hugo, giving him his money and all of her businesses, save for the dress factory, and says that one day, he’ll be giving her all of his businesses. The day of the fashion show arrives, and some of the models haven’t arrived, thanks to Candace’s sabotage. The show then begins without a hitch, which premieres Brooke’s new line, “Crimes of Fashion.” The show is a success, with Brooke getting offers from Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. She confronts Hugo after the show, and is able to get enough information to send him to jail. Brooke and Jack reconnect afterwards, and decide to begin a real relationship. The Dean is also arrested for embezzling, and George is made the new Dean of the school. His first act is to expel Candace and give her scholarship to Rosa. In the end, he finally admits the truth: he is Brooke’s real grandfather. He tells her that he couldn’t leave her again, and she forgives him. The movie ends with Brooke becoming a successful designer, surrounded by her friends and family.

July 24

July 24, 1989 – Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Opens in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


“Everybody loves Italian, but this is no ordinary Italian restaurant! It’s where Lady and the Tramp had their first kiss.”

On July 24, 1989, the casual dining restaurant Tony’s Town Square Restaurant opened in the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World, taking the place of the Town Square Café. Named after the restaurant featured in the animated feature Lady and the Tramp, the restaurant features several pieces of décor that pay homage to the couple, including a fountain depicting the canine pair. The restaurant features an Italian menu, including shrimp scampi and the ever popular spaghetti and meatballs.

July 23

July 23, 2013 – The ABC Family Game Show Spell-Mageddon Premieres


“…the funniest, sloppiest, and most painful word game you’ve ever seen!”

On July 23, 2013, the new ABC family game show Spell-Mageddon premiered. The game show took the idea of a traditional spelling bee and ramped it up, with contestants having to spell words while going through various obstacles. The show only lasted eight episodes before it was cancelled. It was hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, and created by Thinkfactory Media. The last episode premiered on September 11, 2013.

July 22

July 22, 1955 – Disneyland’s Candy Palace Opens on Main Street


“…many of the Disneyland ‘homemade’ candies have their own fanbase.”

On July 22, 1955, the Disneyland candy shop Candy Palace opened on Main Street. The store is home to several exclusive treats, particularly around Christmas, when the candy makers make their own candy canes. The main draw of the shop is the large front window that gives guests a look at the confectioners creating sweet treats the likes of caramel turtles, decorative gourmet caramel apples, and peanut brittle. Overall, about 63 different treats are made year-round in the candy kitchen. Walt Disney World has a similar store called the Main Street Confectionery; Disneyland Paris’ version is known as the Boardwalk Candy Palace.