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August 31

August 31, 1951 – The Goofy Short Film Get Rich Quick is Released to Theaters


“Eh, put up or shut up!”

On August 31, 1951, the Goofy short film Get Rich Quick was released to theaters. This short was released as part of Goofy’s “everyman” series. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Milt Schaffer and Dick Kinney.

The short begins with the introduction of George Geef, who never passes up a chance to gamble away his money, whether on a football pool, chain letter, pyramid club, and more. He was considered a soft touch and a pushover when it came to betting, but never seemed to win. He never gets too discouraged, as he feels his victory is just around the corner. He plays a dice game in a back alley, and wins a barrel full of cash, which he soon invests at the race track, losing everything. He then heads to a poker game in a smoky room, where all players are wearing their poker faces. The game gets too tense for Geef, but he ends up winning a huge jackpot. He cashes out and soon heads home, where he has another gamble: waking his wife after arriving home in the early hours of the morning. His wife starts lecturing him for coming home so late, but when she sees the pile of money he’s won, she quickly forgives him before taking every penny away from him. He ends with a simple saying: “Easy come, easy go.”

August 30

August 30, 1996 – The Live-Action Feature Film First Kid Premieres in Theaters


“It seems there’s always something with you, Simms. ‘My bulletproof vest causes chafing?’…‘My photo I.D. makes me look fat.’”

On August 30, 1996, the live-action feature film First Kid premiered in theaters. It was filmed in Richmond, Virginia, and Washington DC, with most of the mall scenes being filmed in Tyson’s Corner mall in McLean, Virginia. Bob Snow, the former chief of the Secret Service, served on the film as the technical advisor. The film was written by Tim Kelleher, and directed by David M. Evans. It starred Sinbad as Sam Simms, Brock Pierce as Luke Davenport, Timothy Busfield as Woods, Robert Guillaume as Wilkes, Erin Williby as Katie, Zachary Ty Bryan as Rob, and Fawn Reed as Ms. Lawrence. The film also featured cameos by Sonny Bono (serving in the House of Representatives at the time), and Bill Clinton (former President of the United States).

The film begins in the White House, where Luke Davenport, the son of the President of the United States, delights in being a pain to his security personnel, particularly Agent Woods. Meanwhile, Secret Service agent Sam Simms is helping set up an event at the mall, although he tends to abuse his power slightly. On his way to the event with his mother, Luke acts sullen, as he wishes he didn’t have to have all these responsibilities as the son of the President. Simms is lectured by his boss Wilkes to have a better attitude and stop joking around, when the First Lady and Luke show up; it turns out they’re there for back-to-school shopping. Luke doesn’t want to get out of the car, and is angry that he can’t act like a normal thirteen-year-old. The reporters follow them around the stores, and when Woods roughly grabs Luke and pulls him toward the dressing room, the First Lady decides to have Woods removed from his post. Simms is quickly pulled from his post to be the new guard for Luke.

Simms is called into Morton's office to discuss his new assignment: Luke's new personal agent

Simms is called into Morton’s office to discuss his new assignment: Luke’s new personal agent

Back at the White House, Simms is interviewed as the new guard for Luke by Morton, the head of security, who has his misgivings on placing Simms as the personal agent for the kid. Simms also has his misgivings about the assignment, as he doesn’t want to be a “babysitter.” Wilkes advises Simms that if he does a good job with guarding Luke, he could then move on to guarding the President himself. While Luke sets to work in tormenting Simms, he then gets a lecture from his parents about acting more responsible. When Luke heads off without Simms to walk his dog, the dog sets off the security alarm, and all the nearby police are called. Simms covers for the kid by making a joke of the situation, although it doesn’t seem to help Simms or Luke. Later that night, Luke joins an online chat room, talking to a girl he met there.

Off-duty, Simms heads to a bar to meet with Woods. Woods is drunk, but he doesn’t blame Simms for what happened to him, and says that he has six weeks paid suspension. Wilkes informs Simms later that Woods was actually fired for failing his fitness physical. Simms asks Wilkes about when he got shot protecting the president, and Wilkes tells him that Simms will be fine: no one wants to shoot Luke (though they may want to spank him). The first day at school, Luke is still causing trouble for Simms. Simms finds Luke’s science teacher Ms. Lawrence rather attractive, while a female student shows an interest in Luke. That night, there is an event for the President’s reelection, and Simms realizes that Luke has decided to set loose his giant boa constrictor at the event. While Simms tries to get the snake, he accidentally says that there is poison, and the guests flee the event. Luke continues to be a pain to Simms at school, but is also bullied by fellow student Rob. The incident is caught by a reporter, and by Ms. Lawrence, who lectures Simms for his irresponsibility. Simms argues that Luke got what he deserved.

Unable to afford any scandals during the election year, Luke is grounded by his parents

Unable to afford any scandals during the election year, Luke is grounded by his parents

Later, Luke talks about the incident with his parents, and they decide to ground him for a month while they are out on the campaign trail. Simms follows Luke down a secret passageway in the house, and finds the kid crying in the archives. Luke refuses to talk to Simms, as he feels that no one cares about him. He explains that he has no life as the son of the President, and Simms explains that he had a lonely childhood as well, and the two bond. Luke also continues his friendship with the girl on the chatroom, although Simms warns him. Simms also gives Luke a necklace, which doubles as a tracking device. At school, Luke talks with a girl at school, who invites him to the movies, but Luke can’t go as he’s grounded. That night, Luke decides to run away, but is caught by Simms. Simms decides to cheer him up by taking him out, with two conditions: he can’t talk about it, and he can’t try and run away. Simms then sneaks Luke out of the house with a disguise, and they’re soon on their way out. They hit a snag when another agent finds out that Luke is being taken out of the house, but Simms convinces him that the kid needs to have a little fun, and they’re protecting him in a different manner.

Simms takes Luke to a boxing gym to learn how to defend himself, and meets Simms’ old coach, who tells them that Simms was a champion boxer. They continue to work at the gym together, with Luke gaining more confidence. At school, Luke’s crush Katie comes over to talk to him, with Simms giving Luke some space and talking talk to his own crush, Ms. Lawrence. Katie asks Luke to her birthday party at a skating rink, but Simms can’t let him go. Luke threatens to blackmail Simms, and Simms takes Luke – in disguise – to the party. Luke gets upset when Katie skates with Rob, but is relieved when Rob and his friends ruin her party, making Katie hate Rob. Later, Luke asks his parents if he can go to a dance at school, and they give him permission. Simms is excited for Luke, and decides to help Luke ask Katie to the dance. Simms helps Luke by talking through an earpiece, and Luke scores a date with Katie. However, he loses his nerve as he doesn’t know how to dance. Simms helps him through this new crisis by teaching him how to dance, but the victory is short-lived, as there’s a bomb scare at the White House, and Luke is placed under house arrest. Simms decides to take Luke to the dance anyway, and sneaks him out.

Luke and Simms head to the dance, against the orders of Morton and the other agents

Luke and Simms head to the dance, against the orders of Morton and the other agents

Luke heads over to Katie at the dance, and the two head out to the dance floor. While Luke dances with Katie, Simms dances with Ms. Lawrence. Back at the White House, Luke’s snake has gotten out of its cage and upsets the computer program that makes Luke appear to be home. The rest of the agents aware that Luke is away, and rush to the dance. Rob, angered that Luke is dancing with Katie, tries to pick a fight with Luke again, but Luke is able to put his boxing skills to good use. The agents arrive at the school and take Luke away, and Simms is effectively fired from his job. Luke is confined to his room again with an added tracking bracelet, and Luke is furious that Simms is gone. He chats online again, and his friend tells him that she can help turn it off so he can meet her at the mall. The next day, Luke has attached the tracker to his dog and sneaks out of the house. He sends his dog out into DC to send the agents on a wild goose chase, and the agents pull Simms in again, thinking he helped Luke escape. Simms is not allowed to help with the investigation, but is able to find out where Luke is thanks to the trace on the internet chat friend, and heads to the mall, using the tracker in the necklace he gave him.

Luke is playing the virtual reality game, when he finds the identity of his chat friend: his old agent, Woods. Mentally unstable, Woods blames Luke for losing his job, and takes him hostage to bring him back and look like a hero. Simms spots them and jumps from the second story to follow them. Woods pulls a gun out and threatens Simms. Simms tries to talk him down, but Woods shoots at him; luckily, Simms is able to dodge the bullet. He makes his move when Woods has to reload his gun, and they fight over the gun. Simms is able to knock Woods out, but when Woods gets up, he gets ready to shoot Luke, and Simms takes the bullet for him; luckily, he is only shot in the shoulder. Woods is shot by another agent, and arrested soon after. Simms is given his job back, and is moved up to guard the President. Simms thanks them, but he decides he wants to keep guarding Luke.


August 29

August 29, 2011 – The Disney Resort Aulani Opens


“Discover a family paradise with a touch of magic at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii.”

On August 29, 2011, the Disney resort and spa Aulani opened in Hawaii’s Oahu’s Ko Olina Resort and Marina. Part of the Disney Vacation Club, guests are able to experience the splendors of Hawaii mixed with Disney magic. The resort is located near beaches and golf resorts of the shore of Oahu, 17 miles from Honolulu, and near Waikiki. The resort itself honors the history and culture of Hawaii, with Imagineers working alongside with locals to create the feel of the design. The resort features 359 hotel rooms and 481 Vacation Club villas, with a spa for adults and a spa for teens, several restaurants, and several activities to enjoy on the island. The grand opening ceremony took place on September 23, 2011.

August 28

August 28, 1994 – The Art of Disney Store Opens in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney Marketplace


“Invest in art with paintings, limited-edition prints, cels, figurines, and the much-coveted Disney Classic Collection.”

On August 28, 1994, the Art of Disney store opened in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney marketplace. The store features a wide-variety of Disney-themed art and collectables, including such pieces as reprints of official park attraction posters, Vinylmation, fine art paintings of classic characters, and photos of Walt Disney. A second store was opened in Epcot in 2000.

August 27

August 27, 1931 – The Silly Symphony Egyptian Melodies is Released to Theaters



On August 27, 1931, the Silly Symphony Egyptian Melodies was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

The short begins at the Sphinx, where a spider is playing in his web on the front, when the door mysteriously opens. Curious, the spider decides to head inside, beckoning the audience to follow him in. He carefully makes his way inside, but is nearly crushed by a block and falls down some stairs. He finally finds an hourglass, which sets off like an alarm, waking some nearby mummies. The mummies step out of their sarcophagi and start to dance, scaring the spider enough to make him hide inside a pot. He then looks to see some markings on the wall start to march and dance across the walls inside. The pharaoh in the drawings is entertained by a chariot race in the wall above him, and everyone cheers on their favorite racer. Fighting ensues between the soldiers watching the race, and the spider can only watch as the walls continue dancing and spinning. The spider soon flees the Sphinx, and is seen running across the desert wildly.

August 26

August 26, 2000 – The Disney Channel Original Series In a Heartbeat Premieres


“Sir, my name is Hank Beecham, this is Val and Tyler, and we’re here to help.”

On August 26, 2000, the Disney Channel Original Series In a Heartbeat premiered. It was based on the lives of real teenage volunteer EMTs. The first episode shown was a two-part pilot; the series lasted twenty-one episodes in total, ending after one season. The series was created by Jon Felson, Steve Reiss, and Patricia Green. It starred Shawn Ashmore as Tyler Connell, Reagan Pasternak as Val Lanier, Danso Gordon as Hank Beecham, Christopher Ralph as Jamie Waite, Lauren Collins as Brooke Lanier, and Jackie Rosenbaum as Caitie Roth.

The pilot episode begins with the football team’s practice, with player Tyler Connell eyeing cheerleader Val Lanier before getting sacked. Behind the bleachers, a group of kids are hanging out and discussing piercings. Tyler and teammate Hank Beecham hear a strange beeping noise and rush off the field, followed by Val. The beeping is an emergency call, and the three are part of a volunteer EMT squad that has to make their way to an accident. The man isn’t happy to see kids taking care of him, and panics, demanding to see a real doctor. Fortunately, the kids are able to calm him down and save his life. Back at the station house, the kids discuss the case before their boss Alex comes in to let them know about rookie orientation the next day, and warns them not to be late. Alex then has to talk with the mayor, trying to convince her not to put kids doing mandatory community service on the squad; he soon meets Dr. Jennifer Perino, who is tapped to be his assistant (and possible replacement).

The team and Alex present their orientation speech to the new recruits, some of which are not volunteer

The team and Alex present their orientation speech to the new recruits, some of which are not volunteer

The next day at the orientation, Tyler, Val, and Hank explains what happens, when they are interrupted by a pair of gossiping kids, including Jamie Waite, who was earlier seen hanging behind the bleachers. Jamie, who must perform mandatory community service, would rather “play a doctor on TV” than be one. Tyler and Val obviously have chemistry, but Val is very cautious about a relationship, as it’s very complicated between each other. She tries to explain things to her friend Caitie, who is another behind-the-bleachers kid, and pushes Val to reveal her feelings, although the two get in an argument over their different lifestyles. Tyler has to work with Jamie, although Jamie can’t understand why there’s so many rules and regulations to deal with equipment.

Val and her sister Brooke, who also helps with the squad, are also dealing with a difficult home life, as their parents are fighting once again. Val explains it to Tyler when they sit on the bleachers at lunch, and he understands, as his life is rather difficult as well, with his parents being divorced. He advises her not to jump to the worst case scenario, as not every marriage ends in divorce. Soon after, the team heads out on another call, only to find that the lady that called want them to resuscitate a dog. While Tyler refuses to treat an animal, Jamie decided to at least give it a shot. While it looks like the two are finally getting along, another argument ensues when Jamie can’t find an orange cone again, even though he says he bought one. Alex is ready to fire him, but Jennifer refuses to let him. Val tries to make up with Caitie, but Caitie refuses to accept Val’s apology. Val once again opens up to Tyler about the fight, and the two get even closer, until an emergency sounds. The group rushes to a call, which happens to be Val’s dad. Her father had a heart attack, and she tries to keep calm, but is having a hard time.

Val finds her father has had a massive heart attack, and isn't sure if she can keep it together

Val finds her father has had a massive heart attack, and isn’t sure if she can keep it together

The second half of the pilot begins at the hospital, where Val and her family find that her father’s heart attack was severe, but he is alive. Tyler stays with the family to help Val, and offers to talk with her, but she decides to stay in the room with her family. While at the hospital, Caitie arrives to give Val support, trying to apologize, and the two become friends again. Meanwhile, Jamie is on call with Hank, and finds that some guy driving around town has stolen his cone, who thinks that the cone is one of the three stooges. Seeing that the guy has some mental issues and not a lot of friends, Jessie tries to let the guy keep the cone, but Hank tells him they need to take the cone back. Later that night, there’s another emergency call, and the kids head to a multi-car crash, and Jessie finally realizes the severity of the situation he’s in.

Jennifer is leaving the building late at night, when she spots Hank crying in his car. He tries to go visit them in the hospital, and is caught by Jennifer when he tries to leave. Hank is having a hard time dealing with the accident, as there was a five-year-old in the car with a possible spinal injury. She offers him someone to talk to if he should need it, and she thanks him. Val finds Alex to talk to, as her father may need a heart transplant, and she may need to give up the squad to take care of her family. He offers to reduce her time for a week and see what happens. Alex then is ready to fire Jamie, but Jamie wishes to prove Alex wrong, proving that he can do this job better than expected. Jennifer is able to find information about the family for Hank, and he thanks her for finding out the condition for him. Later, Val is taking care of Brooke, and Tyler drops by to see how she’s doing. He brings her a good-luck charm – a leprechaun snowglobe – to give to her father, and the two play Scrabble with Brooke. The episode ends with team seen coping with their lives and their responsibilities.

August 25

August 25, 1989 – The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Opens in Walt Disney World’s Disney-MGM Studios


“Cheer on Indy and Marion as they perform amazing stunts with blazing special effects to demonstrate movie-making magic.”

On August 25, 1989, the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular opened in Walt Disney World’s Disney-MGM Studios (now known as Hollywood Studios). Guests are taken behind the scenes of the hit film series to learn how the special effects and stunts are performed. A select number of guests are picked from the audience to act as extras, wearing costumes to fit the scene. After the show, guests can stick around to take pictures with Indy.