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April 30

April 30, 2017 – The Disney Explorers Lodge Opens in Hong Kong Disneyland

“Take a break from your exciting adventures and join fellow explorers in this respite surrounded by the wonders of nature and diverse cultures.”

On April 30, 2017, the Disney Explorers Lodge resort opened in Hong Kong Disneyland. The resort is designed to represent several cultures and the spirit of exploration, and features 750-rooms that represent four climates from four areas: Asia, Oceania, South America, and Africa. The resort features three restaurants (Dragon Wind, World of Color, and Chart Room Café) that feature cuisines from the five continents.


April 27

April 27, 2015 – Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto Opens in Walt Disney World

“You grotto check out this tropical tiki bar that captures the romance of the South Seas through unique food and drinks.”

On April 27, 2015, the lounge Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto opened in the lobby of Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort. Named for the character in the Jungle Cruise attraction, the grotto provides guests a place to unwind and relax with a specialty cocktail and appetizer, which includes the Headhunter Sushi Roll, Hawaiian Poke, and the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum cocktail. The grotto is similar to the Trader Sam’s Enchanted TIki Bar that opened in Disneyland in 2011.

April 17

April 17, 2009 – Fantasia Market Opens in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

On April 17, 2009, the sundries shop Fantasia Market opened in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, located in Walt Disney World. A complimentary shop to the resort’s Fantasia Shop, it provides an assortment of snacks and treats, along with postcards, keychains, other small gifts, and anything else one would need to enjoy their stay at the resort.

March 10

March 10, 2001 – The New Pool Nanea Opens at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

“Make a splash at this pool which features a towering volcano, a waterfall, and a thrilling 142 foot-long waterslide.”

On March 10, 2001, the new recreational pool Nanea (meaning “tranquil” opened at Disney’ Polynesian Village Resort in Walt Disney World. This pool featured a volcano with a water slide inside; this volcano was set to go off in timed intervals, but this was a short-lasting venture. The slide inside the volcano measures 142 feet, and the volcano also features a beautiful waterfall.

March 3

March 3, 1983 – The Buena Vista Palace Opens in Walt Disney World

“Discover what’s new at Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace.”

On March 3, 1983, the Buena Vista Palace hotel opened in Walt Disney World’s Lake Buena Vista. An official Walt Disney World Hotel, it is currently operated by the Hilton chain of resorts. On November 1, 1998, the resort became the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa, but reverted back to its original name in mid-2005. Currently, the resort is walking distance from the Disney Springs shopping area, allowing guests to spend a night out dining and shopping, or to quickly catch a bus to any of the four Walt Disney World parks.

February 26

February 26, 2008 – The Fantasia Shop Reopens in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

“If your fantasy is to find the ultimate collection of Disney souvenirs…you’ve found the right place.”

On February 26, 2008, the general merchandise stop Disney’s Fantasia Shop reopened in Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort. Originally opening in 1971, the shop was moved to the center of the concourse for greater access, and taking the place of the Concourse Sundries. The shop features a large variety of Disney souvenirs, including clothes, snacks, and toys.

February 13

February 13, 2017 – The Geyser Point Pool Bar & Grill Opens in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

“Stake your claim at a poolside eatery featuring explorer-worthy bites, trails-end spirits and stunning views of Bay Lake.”

On February 13, 2017, the restaurant and bar Geyser Point Pool Bar & Grill opened in Walt Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge. Located near the outer deck of the resort, guests can order a variety of burgers, salads, desserts, and alcoholic beverages with a selection of small plates. The design of the restaurant and bar is designed in invoke the atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest.