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September 30

September 30, 2011 – The Comedy Series Jessie Premieres on Disney Channel


“My whole world is changing, turning around, they got me going crazy, yeah they’re shaking the ground.”

On September 30, 2011, the teen sitcom Jessie premiered on the Disney Channel. The series became the channel’s most watched premiere on its broadcast night, with a total of 4.6 million viewers. As of the time of this post, the series is still running on Disney Channel, entering its fourth season. The show was created by Pamela Eells O’Connell, and stars Debby Ryan as Jessie, Kevin Chamberlain as Bertram, Peyton List as Emma, Karan Brar as Ravi, Cameron Boyce as Luke, Skai Jackson as Zuri, and Chris Galya as Tony.

The first episode, “New York, New Nanny,” begins with Jessie Prescott riding in an NYC cab, boring the cab driver with her life story about her overbearing Marine father and her life back in Texas. She realizes that she’s lost her wallet and is thrown out of the cab, landing at the front of the Fairfield Hotel, and meets the doorman Tony. A woman runs out of the building screaming, and a little girl asks Jessie to be her new nanny. The girl doesn’t take no for an answer, and drags Jessie inside the building. She is taken to the girl’s house, and introduces her to Bertram, the family butler, whose only requirement for a nanny is that she doesn’t “poop on the floor.” She is soon introduced to the three other kids in the family, whom Bertram calls “The Nanny Killers.” The three kids are fighting, and Jessie breaks up the fight. The parents finally arrive, and Jessie is surprised to find that they are none other than Morgan and Christina Ross, a supermodel turned mogul and a movie director. Jessie speaks one-on-one with Christina, who hires Jessie.

Jessie has her hands full with the Ross kids, including Luke, who thinks of himself as a "ladies man"

Jessie has her hands full with the Ross kids, including Luke, who thinks of himself as a “ladies man”

Jessie quickly moves in and gets to know the kids, starting with eldest son Luke, who has a crush on Jessie and does very little to hide it. She turns down Luke’s date, and decides to have everyone eat as a family, but has her hands full: eldest daughter Emma doesn’t like her little brothers; Luke continuously tries to get Jessie alone; youngest sibling Zuri would rather spend time with her imaginary friends; and third-eldest sibling Ravi’s pet lizard Mr. Kipling scares Jessie to death. However, Jessie is successful at getting the family around the table, but the siblings have nothing to say to each other, and leave the table one by one. Jessie tries to make up for the disastrous dinner by making cookies, and finds that the kids have run away because they dislike her. With the help of Tony, she finds that the kids are on the roof, ready to take off in their dad’s helicopter. As they berate her, Jessie fights back with some tactics she learned from her father, and makes them do push-ups. One by one, she tries to connect with the kids starting with playing video games with Ravi and feeding Mr. Kipling. While helping Emma with her science fair project, she finds that the Ross’ aren’t going to be able to attend Emma’s science fair. Jessie decides to fly their helicopter to the movie set to retrieve them. Unfortunately, they decide to fire her instead.

Jessie heads to Emma’s science fair, and while Emma is visibly disappointed that her parents couldn’t make it, Jessie reminds her that while they aren’t there with her in person, they will always be with her. Encouraged, she heads up to do her presentation, and is surprised to find her parents, who came in at the last minute. As Emma talks about gravity, Christina calls Jessie the gravity of the Ross family, keeping her as the nanny, and Jessie is overjoyed that they made it. Emma is announced as the winner of the science fair, and everyone heads off to celebrate at a family dinner.

September 29

September 29, 1934 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey Plays Papa is Released to Theaters


“The clock struck twelve. A mysterious figure prowled about. It was a perfect night for a murder.”

On September 29, 1934, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey Plays Papa was released to theaters. An edited version of this short was shown on the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, only with Mickey edited out, and retitled Pluto and the Baby. The short was directed by Burt Gillett.

On a windy night, just as the bell tolls midnight, a mysterious figure approaches Mickey’s house. They spy on him reading The Cry in the Night, with him unknowingly describing the scene outside his window. The figure leaves a basket on Mickey’s doorstep, with a baby fast asleep inside, and pins a note: Please give little Elmer a good home He ain’t much trouble Thanks. The figure cries as they give baby Elmer up, and as Mickey reads the part about the murder in his book, they hear a loud scream from the porch. They carefully make their way to the door, but are startled silly from the book at the shaking caused by the wind. The baby and the basket are blown inside, and Mickey carefully takes the baby into his arms. He and Pluto are happy to see baby Elmer, but soon are clueless when it comes to stopping his cries. Mickey decides to cheer Elmer up with his Charlie Chaplin impression, which doesn’t impress Elmer. Mickey finally realizes that Elmer is hungry, and Pluto offers Elmer his bone, which the baby throws back at Pluto’s nose. Pluto then performs a few tricks of his own, but can’t stop the baby from crying. Pluto then gets distracted by a wind-up duck toy, and destroys it after it runs into him.

Mickey ends up getting the top of the bottle stuck on his nose as he prepares Elmer's bottle

Mickey ends up getting the top of the bottle stuck on his nose as he prepares Elmer’s bottle

Mickey finishes making Elmer a bottle, only to get the top stuck on his nose. When he tries to remove it using a drawer, the drawer and all the sharp contents fly out and trap Mickey against the wall. Pluto, meanwhile, accidentally swallows a jumping rabbit toy, and when he hits the pump, the rabbit jumps inside, causing Pluto to fly into the air. As he jumps about, trying to free himself from the toy, he knocks over a table, which knocks the toy out of him, but a fishbowl lands on his behind, and the fish begins to bite him. He is able to free himself after trapping himself in a trunk. Mickey is finally successful in pulling off the top of the bottle, but his nose is elongated in the process. Elmer finally laughs at Mickey’s appearance, and Mickey does an impression of screen actor Jimmy Durante.

September 28

September 28, 2006 – The Comedy Series Ugly Betty Premieres on ABC


“This is what you wanted, isn’t it: to humiliate me and make me quit? God forbid you had to work with the ugly girl your dad forced you to hire.”

On September 28, 2006, the comedy series Ugly Betty premiered on ABC. It was based on a telenova called Yo soy Betty, la fea, created by Fernando Gaitan. The first three seasons of the show were a hit for ABC, but loss of viewership and lack of a stable timeslot lead to the shows cancellation at the end of its fourth season, with 85 episodes in total. The series overall was awarded with 62 awards, including 3 Emmys and 2 Golden Globes. Ugly Betty was developed by Silvio Horta, and starred America Ferrera as Betty Suarez, Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade, Vanessa L. Williams as Wilhelmina Slater, Michael Urie as Marc St. James, Tonly Plana as Ignacio Suarez, Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez, Becki Newton as Amanda Tanen, and Mark Indelicato as Justin Suarez.

The pilot episode begins with Betty Suarez at an interview at Meade Publications, but based on her look, she is rejected before she can even enter. She follows the interviewer, trying to convince him, unaware that she’s being watched. At home, she takes care of her family, and lies to them about her interview, but her sister Hilda sees straight through her and tells her she might want to start looking at other options. Her father Ignacio supports Betty wholeheartedly, wanting her to chase after her dreams. Hilda then tells her that her boyfriend Walter wants to marry her, which surprises her. Walter soon stops by, and the two head outside. Hilda’s son Justin turns on the fashion channel, to find that the editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Mode, Fey Sommers, has passed away, and the son of the head of Meade Publications has been named as the new editor-in-chief. At Meade, Daniel Meade is seen doing more womanizing than running the publication, a fact not unnoticed by his father Bradford.

Just as things couldn't get worse for Betty, her boyfriend Walter breaks up with her

Just as things couldn’t get worse for Betty, her boyfriend Walter breaks up with her

Unfortunately for Betty, Walter is breaking up with her, as he has fallen for someone else. He leaves and she heads home, drowning her sorrows in flan. Suddenly, the phone rings, and Meade Publications is asking for her. She is given a job as the assistant to the editor-in-chief at Mode, and will be there first thing in the more. Justin asks her to dress fashionably, which the unfashionable Betty interprets as wearing a poncho she got from Guadalajara. When Betty tries to enter the meeting room for the staff meeting, she runs into a glass door, making an impression of the worst kind. Also making a late entrance is Wilhelmina Slater, the creative director who was passed over for editor-in-chief. Wilhelmina makes a scene, and ruins the meeting out of spite. Afterwards, Betty introduces herself to Daniel, who is shocked to find that she will be his new assistant. Betty starts her new assignment, researching Fabia Cosmetics, and Amanda assists Betty with gathering information, more on the office gossip side. Daniel reveals to his photographer friend Phillippe Michel that his father made him hire Betty, and Phillippe tells him that he needs to hire someone with a better image, and tells Daniel to make sure Betty quits within a week.

Betty’s first day doesn’t go very well, but she does make a friend named Christina, who works as a seamstress and manages the clothing owned by the magazine. Meanwhile, Bradford is feeding pigeons in the park, and is worried that Fey Sommers isn’t actually dead. Throughout the week, Daniel tortures Betty, making her do almost impossible tasks. Thanks to this, she misses her father’s birthday, and is unaware that Amanda is angling for her position by sleeping with Daniel. Late one night, she finally makes it home, and passes by Walter with his new girlfriend, further upsetting her. However, she channels her frustrations into a new idea for work. She tries to broach it with Daniel, but he ignores her. He sends her to “The Closet” to get one of the forgotten outfits for the shoot. While there, Betty admits to Christina that she doesn’t like her job, and Christina admits that Betty was hired to stop Daniel from sleeping with his assistants. Betty is heartbroken, but takes the outfit and heads to the shoot, accidentally leaving her idea behind.

Betty decides to help Daniel by stepping in for the photo shoot, knowing full well the only reason she was hired

Betty decides to help Daniel by stepping in for the photo shoot, knowing full well the only reason she was hired

Betty arrives at the photo shoot, and Phillippe gets the idea to have her stand in for the test shots, which he thinks will speed up the process of Betty quitting. Daniel asks her, and Betty reluctantly agrees, much to the surprise of everyone. Everyone laughs at Betty, and Daniel finally defends her, telling Phillippe to stop. Betty grabs her bag and vacates, and when Daniel rushes after her, she tells him that she knows why she was hired before quitting, giving him what he wanted. The next day, Betty is home, drinking tea with her nephew, and finds out that her sister doesn’t believe in her. Meanwhile, Daniel presents the photo campaign for Fabia, who hates it. It turns out everyone was working against Daniel as they support Wilhelmina, but Bradford reluctantly gives Daniel one more chance to prove himself. Walter comes crawling back to Betty at the same time that Daniel stops by. Walter leaves, and Daniel apologizes to her, but she won’t hear it, as she feels his problems are never going to be as complicated as hers. Daniel admits that his brother passed away, and he couldn’t compare to his brother. He then says that he saw the layout she made, and wants to take her idea to Fabia and make her his assistant again. He gives her the night to think about it.

The next morning, Daniel is late to the meeting with Fabia, and Wilhelmina tries to take over the meeting before Daniel and Betty arrive. They show the rough version of Betty’s idea, a concept involving mothers and daughters. Betty has done her research, and  after giving statistics to convince Fabia, Daniel is given free reign over the campaign. Daniel tries to give Betty credit in front of Bradford, but Betty makes it look like it was Daniel’s. Afterwards, Betty meets with Daniel, and she is back at work. The episode ends with the beginning of a beautiful working relationship between the two.

September 27

September 27, 2005 – The drama series Commander-in-Chief Premieres on ABC


“Wife. Mother. Leader of the Free World.”

On September 27, 2005, the drama series Commander-in-Chief premiered on ABC. The series focuses on the character of Vice President Mackenzie Allen, who becomes the President of the United States after the President died from a cerebral aneurysm. The show was highly successful on its premiere, but soon after, ratings began to steadily decline, leading to the show’s cancellation after its first season, with 18 episodes in total. Geena Davis, however, won a Golden Globe for Best Actress – Television Series Drama for her work as Mackenzie. The series was created by Rod Lurie, and starred Geena Davis as Mackenzie Allen, Kyle Secor as Rod Calloway, Donald Sutherland as Nathan Templeton, Harry Lennix as Jim Gardner, Ever Carradine as Kelly Ludlow, Matt Lanter as Horace Calloway, Caitlin Wachs as Rebecca Calloway, and Jasmine Jessica Anthony as Amy Calloway.

The pilot episode begins in Paris, where Vice President Mackenzie “Mac” Allen is pulled out of an event by the White House Chief of Staff Jim Gardner, and is informed that the President of the United States suffered a massive stroke due to a cerebral aneurysm. He is in surgery, and it might be months before he is able to be back in office. While Mac is willing to step forward and assume the presidency, she is told by Gardner and U.S. Attorney General Melanie Blackston that she needs to resign so Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton will move into office. The President and his advisors doesn’t want to bring Mac into office as she’s an Independent, and a woman. Mac soon heads back to Washington, but wishes to speak to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Back in the states, her kids are pulled from school and taken back home, although they are not told why. Back on Air Force II, Mac talks to the Chairman, and starts making her move, putting the Navy on high alert and placing several forces in place. Gardner warns Rod Calloway, Mac’s vice presidential chief of staff and husband, about Mac’s taking control, but Calloway won’t hear of it.

At home, Mac tells her kids the news, and her daughter Becca tells Mac that if she can’t deliver the previous President’s promises, then she should step aside. She heads back to work, and works on focusing on Nigeria, as they have a woman hostage. Calloway gets a call that the President is awake and wants to see her, so she heads to the hospital. President Bridges isn’t going very well, as he’s going to need at least a year of rehab to recover. He then tells her that he needs her to resign, we they share different views on the country, and he will not resign until she does. Afterwards, she goes to pick up Kelly Ludlow, her head of communications, who needs to write a resignation speech for Mac. Mac isn’t happy about doing this, but is only resigning because Bridges asked her. Later that evening, Bridges passes away from complications due to his stroke. When Mac is delivered the news, Nathan Templeton also stops by. Technically, Mac is now the President, and Templeton is lying in wait to take the role of the President.

Templeton doesn’t believe in her ability, saying that her role as Vice President was a publicity stunt. He lectures her on her work with rescuing a woman in Nigeria, revealing his heavy prejudices against several groups; this lecture only pushes her to take the office of the presidency, and she soon takes the oath. The next day, Mac is taken to the White House, and steps into her new office. In a private moment with Calloway, she admits that she’s afraid. She tries to keep several people from Bridges’ office with her, but many refuse, as they know Bridges wished for her to resign. Mac soon heads to her cabinet meeting, and closes it to everyone but the cabinet members. The Secretary of Labor has resigned, and she offers the chance for anyone else to resign now, or never. Calloway heads to his office as the First Gentleman with the head of the “First Lady’s” staff, only to find that the role is somewhat lacking. After the meeting, Mac asks that Gardner be her Chief of Staff, much to his surprise, but he accepts. Mac is soon greeted by Bridges’ widow, and she is happy that Mac agreed to be President rather than resign. Mac offers to let her stay in the White House as long as she needs. Soon after, the Nigerian Ambassador tries to stop Mac’s rescue attempt, but he soon hears the Generals’ plan to save the woman. She refuses to let a woman be stoned to death for having sex, and the Ambassador reluctantly accepts her decision.

Later, Calloway is angry that Mac doesn’t choose him as the Chief of Staff, but he decides to get over it for the sake of appearances. Becca refuses to go to her mother’s speech, as she doesn’t believe in her mother’s decision to be the President, but her brother Horace tells her that she needs to go to be there for her mother. Mac prepares for her speech, and Calloway tells her to “go win the country.” With confidence, Mac enters the room to give her address to Congress, but soon loses it when her teleprompter goes out, no doubt an act of malice by Templeton. However, she is able to continue her speech, and she promises to continue the legacy of a nation, not the legacy of a man. While she gives her speech, the American troops head in to rescue the woman from Nigeria, and successfully get her out.

September 26

September 26, 1930 – The Silly Symphony Monkey Melodies is Released to Theaters


On September 26, 1930, the Silly Symphony Monkey Melodies was released to theaters. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

The short begins with monkeys dancing and swinging on vines, with all different kinds moving in their own way. Three chimps start singing and dancing in unison, entertaining the group of chimps on the branch above. A couple of parrots mimic the chimps, dancing hard enough to cause the coconuts above them to fall on their heads. One monkey starts picking the flowers from a nearby tree, and brings them to his sweetheart, and the two shyly interact before dancing together and sharing kisses. He hten starts feeding her bananas, before the two chase each other across the jungle, landing on a log in a river. Further down the river, several large crocodiles have taken up the melody and are dancing. The monkeys continue to sail down the river, unaware of the crocodiles, and not noticing one chasing after them. The crocodile catches up with them and taunts them, but the pair manages to escape before he can chomp down. After the crocodile, they run into a hippo, a snake, and a leopard. Fortunately, they are able to get away from those dangers, and end the short with a kiss.

September 25

September 25, 2007 – The Television Series Reaper Premieres on CW


“Sam, I’m not a carjacker. I’m the Devil!”

On September 25, 2007, the television series Reaper premiered on CW. Produced by ABC Studios, the series was put on pause due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America Strike after its tenth episode. Although receiving great reviews from critics, the series was cancelled after its second season, for a total of 31 episodes. It was created by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, and starred Bret Harrison as Sam Oliver, Tyler Labine as Sock Wysocki, Missy Peregrym as Andi Prendergast, Rick Gonzalez as Ben Gonzalez, and Ray Wise as The Devil.

The pilot episode begins on Sam’s birthday, where he is preparing for his long, boring job at the Work Bench. His parents are acting rather suspiciously, wishing him a wonderful birthday “no matter what happens.” His friend Sock arrives at Sam’s birthday, and the two head to their job, which they both hate. Sock plans on taking Sam out to get completely wasted at their usual bar, but Sam isn’t really in the mood, as his parents are acting more weird than usual. Sam also notices other strange occurrences, including oddly behaving dogs, and a string of arsons reported on the news. Sam works with Andi, whom he has a crush on. Although they are good friends, he still can’t get the courage to ask her out. While working, a giant air conditioner falls from a ledge right above Andi, and Sam is somehow miraculously able to push it away. Sock is excited about Sam’s moment of being a superhero, when Sam admits that he didn’t touch it, but was somehow able to move it with his mind.

The Devil appears in Sam's car, although Sam thinks he's a carjacker

The Devil appears in Sam’s car, although Sam thinks he’s a carjacker

Andi finds him later and thanks him for saving her life. He then attempts to ask her out again, when a pack of dogs appears, snarling at the pair of them. Sam sends Andi away before the dogs attack, and Sam flees through the aisles of the Work Bench. Having has enough, Sam heads home, when a mysterious person appears in his car, telling him that the saving Andi from the air conditioner event was a gift from him to Sam. He then tells Sam that he is the Devil, and Sam crashes his car into a large trash container. Later that night, Sam gets home to find his dad in the living room, waiting for him. Sam thinks he’s going insane, and his father asks him to sit down to explain everything: before Sam was born, his soul was sold to the Devil, to be taken when Sam turned 21. His parents tried to not have kids, but the Devil was able to trick them. Sam then goes out to meet his friends, although he is not in a party mood. He pulls Sock aside to explain what happened, and at first, Sock thinks he’s drunk.

Sam then tells Sock that he’s going home, and once he gets there, he pulls out a present from Andi from his coat pocket. It’s a special bracelet, and Sam thinks about her when he is surprised by the Devil. The Devil makes a chicken-fried steak in the kitchen while he explains what Sam will be doing for him. Sam is to work for the Devil, capturing escaped souls from Hell, “like a bounty hunter,” and take them to a portal, like the DMV. In the end, Sam will more than likely go to Heaven, and helping do the world some good. The arsons are actually caused by an escaped soul that is now a firefighter, and the Devil provides Sam with a vessel to help him capture the souls. When Sam refuses, the Devil tells him that he’ll take his mother. He explains it to Ben and Sock, bringing the vessel to work with him. The vessel provided is a Dirt Devil, and while Ben and Sock mock him, they realize after they turn it on and it nearly sucks up a truck, that maybe Sam is telling the truth.

Sam has Sock and Ben help him to capture the escaped soul with the Dirt Devil vessel

Sam has Sock and Ben help him to capture the escaped soul with the Dirt Devil vessel

That night, the guys go hunt the soul, who turns into flames and attacks them, with the vessel not working. Ben gets hurt in the process, and the three speed off. Ben is taken to the hospital to recover, and Sam feels incredibly guilty for bringing the two along. Andi shows up at the hospital, and Sam refuses to tell Andi how Ben got hurt, as he’s unable to tell her the truth about the Devil. He decides to continue this alone, and finds that there’s been a huge explosion, caused by the Soul. He feels more guilt about the victims, and comes home to find his mother drinking on the porch. She offers to give her life for Sam’s, and he lies to her, saying that everything’s back to normal. He heads to his room, and the Devil transports him to a hockey arena. Sam tells him that he has the wrong guy, and wants to go to Hell. The Devil tells Sam that he gives up too easily, and tells him to investigate first, and find out why the soul is burning things again. The Devil then kills the Zamboni driver to make a point to Sam that he never accepts failure.

Sam heads back to the Work Bench to get Sock, asking for help. Sam thinks that the soul is burning down the same places he did when he was alive, and they head to Sock’s ex-girlfriend’s workplace to find some criminal records. Josie reluctantly agrees, and they find that the soul, Ned Schmecker, died setting fire to his parents’ house. Sam and Sock head back to the Work Bench to stock up on supplies, and wait for the vessel to recharge. They head to the location of Schmecker’s parents’ house, now an elementary school, and find the soul starting his work on setting the place on fire. Although they initially stop him, he gets the upper hand. Sam is able to use his mind to send the attack back on Schmecker, and is able to capture him with the vessel. They take the vessel the next day to the DMV, where the portal is. They head to the portal and drop off the vessel, where he is mocked by the demon there. Sam heads back to the Work Bench and apologizes to Andi, and they make up. The bracelet she gave him is a charm with the Sanskrit word for strength, and when she saw it, she thought of him. The two share a moment before it’s interrupted by the Devil. Sam pulls him aside to talk to him, and the Devil congratulates him on a job well done, giving him another vessel. Sam realizes that he wants to continue the job, helping people, and Ben and Sock promise to be there to help him.

September 24

September 24, 1937 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Hawaiian Holiday is Released to Theaters


“On the beach at Waikiki~!”

On September 24, 1937, the Mickey Mouse short film Hawaiian Holiday was released to theaters. Although labeled as a Mickey Mouse short, it features Goofy, Donald, Pluto, and Minnie. The short was directed by Ben Sharpsteen.

It’s a sunny day on the beaches of Hawaii, and Mickey and Donald play music to accompany Minnie’s hulu dancing. Goofy in the meantime is preparing to go surfing, although the waves run away from him, before picking him up and bounce him around like a doll. Minnie takes over Donald’s ukulele while Donald dons the hulu skirt and begins to dance. Unfortunately, his tail catches on fire from the nearby campfire, but he continues to dance, unaware. When he finally realizes he’s on fire, he runs as fast as he can to extinguish himself in a nearby pond area, only to get a starfish stuck to his rear. Donald throws the starfish away to where Pluto is, and Pluto chases the starfish back into the ocean. When a wave comes in, it buries Pluto in the sand; the starfish flicks the dog on the nose before jumping back into the ocean.

At one point, Goofy gets his surfboard stuck in his swimming outfit, and can't figure out how to get it out

At one point, Goofy gets his surfboard stuck in his swimming outfit, and can’t figure out how to get it out

Goofy continues to try and surf, with minor success, until he loses his surfboard. As he looks for it, it ends up in his bathing suit, and he ends up hitting his head. He tries to push it out, but the results are even more disastrous. Meanwhile, Pluto is free from the sand and exploring the beach, when another wave comes in and causes his head to get stuck in a shell. While he manages to get it off his head, it gets stuck on his rear. After finally ridding himself of the shell, he is unaware that a crab that was inside the shell has attached itself to his tail. The crab tries to pinch Pluto, but is unable to as Pluto looks around for the strange sound behind him. When he finds the crab, it pinches him on the nose, and the dog lets out a yelp of pain and surprise. The two study each other, and end up shuffling sideways across the beach, not losing eye contact until Pluto is buried in the sand again due to a wave. Goofy tries his third attempt at surfing, and announces to his friends that he’s made it, until the wave grabs his board and slaps him with it, sending him flying into the sand, with his surfboard sticking out of the sand. Mickey, Minnie, and Donald laugh, and Minnie throws him a lei. Goofy shoots out of the sand and gives everyone a sheepish smile.