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September 23

September 23, 2010 – The Mockumentary Series My Generation Premieres on ABC

“It was the year 2000. Bill Clinton was president, Britney Spears was on top of the charts, and in Austin, Texas, a documentary film crew followed nine students through their senior year at Greenbelt High School.”

On September 23, 2010, the mockumentary series My Generation premiered on ABC. The series followed a group of nine kids graduating in the year 2000, and how their lives were ten years after. The series was cancelled after two episodes due to low ratings, and the final six episodes have since been available online. The series was based on the Swedish series Blomstertid, and was originally known as Generation Y. It was created by Peter Magnusson and Martin Persson, and starred Michael Stahl-David as Steven Foster, Daniella Alonso as Brenda Serrano, Mehcad Brooks as Rolly Marks, Kelli Garner as Dawn Barbuso, Jaime King as Jackie Vachs, Julian Morris as Anders Holt, Keir O’Donnell as Kenneth Finley, Sebastian Sozzi as The Falcon, Anne Son as Caroline Chung, and Elizabeth Keener as the Filmmaker.

The pilot episode begins with a look at the nine students interviewed for the documentary. When asked to describe the future in one word, the answers range from “prosperity” to “discovery” to “victory.” Ten years later, they look at how the kids are doing, especially after so much has changed in the world. Steven Foster, known as “The Overachiever,” lives in Kauai, Hawaii; he didn’t graduate from college, surfs most of the time, and tends bar at a place called “The Last Wave.” He likes his life, although it’s not the success that he’d planned on in high school. Brenda Serrano, known as “The Brain,” lives in DC as a lawyer, working for a congressman from Massachusetts. In high school, she wanted to be a scientist, but went into pre-law after the 2000 election. After her interview, she heads to lunch with Falcon, known as “The Rock Star.” He’s a producer and a DJ, these days. He asks her if she’s still pining over Anders, her high school boyfriend, and although she acts as though she’s not, she’s shocked to find that he’s married.

Anders married Jackie Vachs, “The Beauty Queen.” She dreamed of being an actress, but she was on season 2 of The Bachelor, and refuses to talk more about it. She’s even more touchy when Brenda is brought up, and Anders, “The Rich Kid,” looks uncomfortable being around Jackie. Back in Hawaii, Steven gets a phone call from Caroline Chung, “The Wallflower.” He doesn’t remember who she is, although she reminds him that they slept together on prom night. She then drops the bombshell that she got pregnant from that one night, and they have a nine-year-old son together. The documentary moves on to Kenneth Finley, “The Nerd,” who is now an elementary school teacher. When he was in high school, he wanted to get married and have kids. He dated Dawn Barbuso, “The Punk,” in high school, and although they live together now, she’s actually married to Rolly Marks “The Jock,” and carrying his child, and staying with Ken until Rolly gets back from his tour in Afghanistan. Ken also teaches Caroline’s son Tom, although he doesn’t know that Steven is Tom’s father. Caroline finally admits to Ken who the father is, who was good friends with Ken.

Steven comes back to Greenebelt, but hasn’t talked to Caroline yet. He refuses to talk about his dad, although the audience doesn’t know why. He gets another call from Caroline, but lies and says he isn’t in town yet; as he talks to her, he runs into Jackie, who tells him that Dawn is having a baby shower, and he is surprised to find that she married Rolly. Jackie then tells him she heard about his dad, but Steven swiftly changes the subject. She says that she married Anders, although she and Steven flirt, albeit awkwardly. The documentary turns to Anders, who is still obviously in love with Brenda. His parents didn’t like Brenda, it seems, though he won’t say anything. Back in DC, someone asks Brenda if she wants to be set up on a date, but she refuses initially, although the camera shows that Brenda is also still hung up on Anders; when this is revealed, she changes her mind and decides to go on the date. At Steven’s mom’s house, Falcon arrives to see him. Steven admits to Falcon that Jackie flirted with him. Ken decides to donate his sperm to help women who want to have a baby, although he is very awkward about it. When they ask at the Cyrobank about his family history, he freezes up when he has to explain that his father is dead.

Back at Ken’s house, Dawn prepares for a Skype chat with her husband Rolly, and she tells the camera how she hated high school and its labels, but she loves Rolly to death. Rolly doesn’t like the fact that Dawn lives with Ken, but he allows it because it makes her happy. The love between them is evident, and she worries about him constantly. In Afghanistan, Rolly shows off the sonogram of his baby. They show footage of the friendship between Anders and Rolly, and after graduation, Rolly went to Stanford on a basketball scholarship. The day after 9/11, he joined the Army, feeling like he needed to do something. In the middle of class, Ken gets a call that upsets him. The Cyrobank called to let him know that he’s infertile, and he is devastated. Brenda goes on her date, although it’s not going well, as her date is repulsive, and she walks out. At Dawn’s baby shower, there’s tension between Dawn and Jackie. Caroline comes to the party and greets Dawn; when she runs into Falcon, she asks if he’s talked to Steven. Steven knows about Caroline’s kid, and she’s furious that Steven hasn’t come to see her, and shows a lot more backbone than she had in high school.

Steven is still dragging his feet, and thinks that maybe he should see his dad first, when Caroline runs by him on the street. She is furious that he never called her, and when he scares Tom, Caroline can’t deal with his behavior, and takes off. Back in DC, Brenda gets a call from her father; her mother had a stroke, and she needs to head back to Texas. Ken sits in front of his father’s grave, still deeply depressed, and goes to a bar to drink. At the bar, he runs into Steven, and punches him. It turns out that Steven’s father was arrested in the Enron scandal, and Steven had to drop out of school. Kenneth’s father committed suicide, as the scandal wiped out all of his savings, and Kenneth blames Steven. Later that night, Steven and Jackie meet at a bar, and she tells the camera to back off. When Kenneth gets home, Dawn asks why he missed the shower. He pulls out a present for her, but he soon breaks down as he’s so upset. She thanks him profusely for taking care of her, and calls him Uncle Kenneth, wanting him to be part of her family. At the bar, Steven and Jackie are getting along well, but he interrupts and calls Caroline, as he wants to make it up to her and be a father to their son.

September 22

September 22, 2010 – The Disney X D Comedy Series A Pair of Kings Premieres


“You’re the kings; nobody tells you what to do.”

On September 22, 2010, the Disney X D comedy series A Pair of Kings premiered. The series ran for three seasons on Disney X D, with 67 episodes in total. It was created by Dan Cross and David Hoge. The series starred Mitchel Musso as Brady, Doc Shaw as Boomer, Kelsey Chow as Mikayla, Ryan Ochoa as Lanny, Geno Segers as Mason, and Adam Hicks as Boz.

The first episode begins with the villagers of Kinkow celebrating the soon coming return of the twin kings that will lead them to greatness. The two kings are fraternal twin brothers Boomer and Brady, although most people don’t believe they’re twins, as they look absolutely nothing alike. The two are in gym class, and get the distressing news that they have to play dodgeball. The two are not exactly popular at their school, and they get bullied almost every day. After one bullying incident, the two are hanging from their lockers, when the messengers from Kinkow arrive, informing them of their extraordinary heritage. They head home soon after and discuss this together, although Brady finds this whole thing suspect. They never knew their mom and dad were royalty, as their aunt and uncle never told them. However, their aunt and uncle let them go, as they say that their job was preparing them for their destiny.

The twins travel with Mason in a hot air balloon to reach Kinkow

The twins travel with Mason in a hot air balloon to reach Kinkow

Boomer and Brady enjoy the hot air balloon ride to the island, although they accidentally end up on the dark side of the island. Their advisor, Mason, tries to protect them against a giant mosquito that is attracted the Boomer’s coconut sunblock. Mason is able to beat the mosquito, and advises the two on how to be great, revealing that he was very close to their father. Soon, the boys arrive at the castle and are greeted by the villagers. As they settle in their castle, a girl walks in, and as they remark crudely about how beautiful she is, Mason informs them that she’s his daughter Mikayla, and is very, very protective of her. The boys also have a cousin named Lanny, who was to be king until they found Boomer and Brady. Lanny is awfully jealous of the two, and he will do anything he can to get the throne. Lanny has a magical fish named Yamakoshi, who will help Lanny take down the twins.

Mikayla quickly takes them on a tour as she has to prepare for their coronation, and shows them the vault, where Brady pulls out a cursed medallion. Mikayla quickly pulls it away, and orders them to read a giant book on the superstitions of Kinkow. Mikayla doesn’t have much faith in the pair, and quickly leaves the two to their reading. Their coronation occurs, and the two are not exactly having a fun time, but the coronation goes off without a hitch. Afterwards, they’re given a jeep to ride around in to greet the people. Unfortuantely, they accidentally reverse the jeep, driving it into a sacred statue and smashing the sacred stone. Because of this, the dormant volcano on the island erupts, creating chaos all over the island.

After setting off the volcano, the villagers pack like crazy to flee the island

After setting off the volcano, the villagers pack like crazy to flee the island

The people quickly pack and flee the island, and the two quickly pack to leave. Lanny mocks them, but gives them the chance to redeem themselves by saving the island: find the other ruby on the other side of the island. The two agree to go, unaware of the danger of the Tarantula People in the dark side. The two end up completely lost in Tarantula Territory, and are soon captured. Mikayla suspects something is wrong when she goes to search for them and meets Lanny, who is already preparing for his coronation. The two end up in more danger, as the two are stuck in quicksand. While Lanny takes over the kingdom, Mason believes that the two wouldn’t flee. Brady reveals that he took the cursed amulet, which has a power over the Tarantula People. The tribe takes the two to where the sacred ruby is, and while the temple is booby-trapped, Brady doesn’t want to run anymore. The two agree to go in together to retrieve the stone.

The volcano goes silent, and the islanders believe that the kings are dead, with Lanny triumphantly claiming the crown. Meanwhile, the boys head out of the temple, with Brady not realizing that he dropped the cursed amulet. The two head back and give the ruby back, but also agree to give up the throne. Mason tells them that they already have the makings of great kings, and the islanders agree to keep them as their kings. Mikayla warns the two of all the dangerous things on the island, and the two are a little worried once they find the medallion missing, but they don’t give it another thought. Meanwhile, somewhere on the dark side, evil is stirring…

September 21

September 21, 2001 – The Disney Channel Original Animated Series The Proud Family Premieres


“Stop all that whining, girl! Your name is ‘Proud,’ not ‘Punk!’”

On September 21, 2001, the Disney Channel Original Animated Series The Proud Family premiered. Although the first animated DCOS, it was not animated by Disney Television Animation, but by Jambalaya Studios and Y.R. Studio and distributed by Buena Vista Television. The series garnered good reviews from critics, and won several awards, including an Annie Award in 2004 for Outstanding Character Design in an Animated Television Production. The series ran for 3 seasons with 54 episodes, as well as an animated movie. The series was created by Bruce W. Smith, and the theme song, “Here Comes Penny Proud,” features the talents of Solange Knowles and Destiny’s Child. The series starred Kyla Pratt as Penny, Tommy Davidson as Oscar, Paula Jai Parker as Trudy, Jo Marie Payton as Suga Mama, Karen Malina White as Dijonay, Orlando Brown as Sticky, Alisa Reyes as LaCienega, and Soleil Moon Frye as Zoey.

The first episode, “Bring it On,” starts with cheerleading tryouts, with Penny’s best friend Dijonay as the captain. There’s only one position open, and the candidates are less than stellar. Penny is the shoe-in for the open part, until Dijonay’s old friend LaCienega tries for the role. She impresses everyone with her gymnastic abilities, and it turns out that LaCienega and Penny are tied for the open spot. Torn between the two, Dijonay decides to have a cheer-off. Back at Penny’s house, her father Oscar spies a moving van across the stree and starts spying on the new neighbors, much to the frustration of his wife Trudy. Oscar’s mother Suga Mama has already met the neighbors and invited them over for dinner, and Penny blanches when she finds that LaCienega is the new neighbor. Trudy tells Penny she should try and get to know her better, but Penny doubts it.

The two families meet, although Penny doesn't buy LaCienega's nice act

The two families meet, although Penny doesn’t buy LaCienega’s nice act

As the Boulevardes family comes over for dinner, Oscar and Felix bond over big screen televisions, while LaCienega sucks up to Trudy. Trudy buys into LaCienega’s act, and Penny is told to try and be her friend. When Penny tries again at school the next day, LaCienega snaps at her and tells her to shove off. Penny decides to sit with the Gross Sisters, the bullies of the school. When Penny admits that she wishes that LaCienega would go away, the Gross Sisters decide to help Penny out with her wish. Penny arrives home and complains that she won’t make the squad, as Dijonay is picking LaCienega. Suga Mama advises Penny to get a gimmick. Penny’s friend Sticky warns Penny that the Gross Sisters have rigged the stage to become a giant CD, and will cause LaCienega to fly off the stage. Reluctantly, Penny heads over to the school to stop their plan. Unfortunately, Penny accidentally sets off the trap, and pushes LaCienega out of the way, becoming the victim herself. Everyone watches as Penny is sent flying off the stage.

Later, Penny is seen limping onto the field on crutches, and LaCienega refuses to thank her for rescuing her. Dijonay apologizes to Penny after seeing LaCienega’s true colors, and tells her that Penny will always be her best friend. The episode ends with Oscar and Felix being caught by their wives in Felix’s home theater, as they pretended to be on a camping trip to get away from their “nagging wives.”

September 20

September 20, 1946 – The Donald Duck Short Film Lighthouse Keeping is Released to Theaters


“Hahaha, ain’t I a devil?”

On September 20, 1946, the Donald Duck short film Lighthouse Keeping was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Harry Reeves and Jesse Marsh.

Donald is trying to read his book by the light of the lighthouse, but is having difficulty as the light only passes by so often. After being annoyed by the inability to read properly, he decides to play a prank on a sleeping pelican on a nearby rock, holding the light so it shines directly on the pelican’s face. The pelican grabs his nest and tries to move, but Donald moves the light again, angering the pelican. As Donald laughs, he hears the door knock, and he goes to answer it. The pelican rushes inside and blows out the candle in the lighthouse. The pelican continues to fight Donald over the light, until Donald grabs the pelican to throw him over the railing at the top. The pelican is able to use his beak to swing him back onto the balcony, sending Donald flying over the railing. Fortunately for the duck, a wave brings him right back to the top, and the two resume their fight over the light.


As the pelican has Donald trapped in his bill, he takes Donald to the balcony to drop him off the edge

Donald thinks he gains the advantage hiding in a trunk, not realizing that he’s hiding in the pelican’s beak. The pelican carefully walks to the balcony and sends Donald over the edge, but Donald only pretends to fall, and the fight once again resumes. The pelican then tricks Donadl into running into a glass door, knocking the duck out and giving the pelican a chance to extinguish the flame. The pelican traps Donald in his beak again, and Donald starts hitting the pelican with a mallet. The mallet breaks apart, with the head landing on the top of the pelican’s beak, and he uses this to beat Donald senseless. He soon loses the mallet head, and Donald uses it to light it on fire, making the pelican release him. The fight over the light continues once more, until the sun comes up. Eager to win, Donald closes the blinds, and the two continue their fight over the lighting of the lighthouse candle.

September 19

September 19, 2000 – The Fastball Album The Harsh Light of Day is Released Through Hollywood Records


“I’m an island, but you’re an ocean, it’s a stormy sea of love and emotion.”

On September 19, 2000, the alternative band Fastball released their third album and final album for Hollywood Records, The Harsh Light of Day. They’d signed with the label in 1996, but soon left after this album due to poor sales, barely matching their previous album that grossed over 1 million copies. Though the album had poor sales, it gained generally favorable reviews from critics. The main single from the album was the song “You’re an Ocean,” which was featured in an episode of the television show Charmed. The album sold 85,000 copies.

September 18

September 18, 1986 – The Film Attraction Captain EO Premieres in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland


“We are here to change the world.”

On September 18, 1986, the film attraction Captain EO premiered in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. This was the second opening of the film, as it originally opened in Walt Disney World’s Epcot on September 12 of the same year. This film, a musical science-fiction adventure, replaced the Magic Journeys 3D film, and had a budget of almost $24 million. The film is considered one of the first 4D films, meaning that it not only uses the 3D film technique, but adds another dimension with in-theater effects, including lasers and smoke. The plot involves Captain EO and his crew of space creatures who battle the Supreme Leader and her army of darkness using the power of music and dance. Lead actor Michael Jackson wrote two songs for the film: “Another Part of Me” (which would later appear on the album Bad), and “We Are Here to Change the World.” The movie closed on September 1, 1996; it reopened on July 1, 2010, to honor the legacy of Michael Jackson after his death, and closed again on June 30, 2014. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, written by Rusty Lemorande, and executively produced by George Lucas. The film starred Michael Jackson, Anjelica Huston, and Dick Shawn.

September 17

September 17, 2002 – The Video Game Kingdom Hearts is Released in the United States through Square Enix and Disney Interactive


“You never know who you’ll run into next.”

On September 17, 2002, the action video game Kingdom Hearts was released in the United States, after a release in Japan on March 28th. Created through a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios, the game features the characters from the famous Final Fantasy series of games and The World Ends with You Square Enix game in an elaborate crossover. The game is set in a special Disney universe, where Sora must travel to different character worlds, accompanied by Donald and Goofy, to fight against Ansem and his army of evil beings known as the Heartless. Upon release, the game received positive reviews in the United States and Japan, with over 20 million copies sold. The theme song for the game was “Hikari” by Japanese recording artist Hikaru Utada, with an English version of the song, “Simple and Clean” released for Western Audiences. Other pieces of media, including comic books and a soundtrack album, were also released thanks to the game’s popularity. The game has since spawned a number of sequels, with more titles forthcoming.