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September 18

September 18, 1986 – The Film Attraction Captain EO Premieres in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland


“We are here to change the world.”

On September 18, 1986, the film attraction Captain EO premiered in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. This was the second opening of the film, as it originally opened in Walt Disney World’s Epcot on September 12 of the same year. This film, a musical science-fiction adventure, replaced the Magic Journeys 3D film, and had a budget of almost $24 million. The film is considered one of the first 4D films, meaning that it not only uses the 3D film technique, but adds another dimension with in-theater effects, including lasers and smoke. The plot involves Captain EO and his crew of space creatures who battle the Supreme Leader and her army of darkness using the power of music and dance. Lead actor Michael Jackson wrote two songs for the film: “Another Part of Me” (which would later appear on the album Bad), and “We Are Here to Change the World.” The movie closed on September 1, 1996; it reopened on July 1, 2010, to honor the legacy of Michael Jackson after his death, and closed again on June 30, 2014. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, written by Rusty Lemorande, and executively produced by George Lucas. The film starred Michael Jackson, Anjelica Huston, and Dick Shawn.


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