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October 1

October 1, 1982 – The Tea Caddy Opens in Epcot

“Brew the perfect cuppa with Twinings tea and tea accessories, and browse British sweets, cookies and royal memorabilia.”

On October 1, 1982, the specialty shop The Tea Caddy opened in the United Kingdom pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World. The store specializes in tea from the British brand Twinings, which has been selling tea since 1706; the store also sells a variety of tea biscuits and assorted sweets, ranging in brands from McVitie’s to Cadbury, along with everything one would need to brew the perfect cup of tea.


September 24

September 24, 1986 – The Shop La Boutique des Provinces Opens in Epcot

On September 24, 1986, the specialty shop La Boutique des Provinces opened in the Canada Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. It sold special upscale gifts, such as jewelry, perfume, and ornaments, from French Canada. It was located within the Hôtel du Canada, the main structure used to represent the Canadian pavilion. The store closed around 2005.

September 20

September 20, 1986 – The Television Special Disney’s Captain EO Grand Opening Premieres on NBC

“Now, join a galaxy of stars and celebrities as they gather in Disneyland for Disney’s Captain EO Grand Opening!”

On September 20, 1986, the television special Disney’s Captain EO Grand Opening premiered on NBC. It celebrated the new 3D musical attraction featuring Michael Jackson (which opened September 12, 1986), and featured Patrick Duffy and Justine Bateman as hosts. The special also featured performances by Belinda Carlisle, the Moody Blues, Robert Palmer, and Starship.

The special opens with a parade down Main Street before switching to the commentary by Bateman and Duffy, introducing many celebrities that were in attendance for the world premiere of Captain EO, including producer of the film George Lucas. The show then switches to a behind-the-scenes look of the film, along with an introduction of the characters in the film, including the villain played by Academy Award winning actress Anjelica Huston. The show also shows the complex choreography needed for the film, as it was a musical adventure experience.

September 18

September 18, 1986 – The Syndicated Series Siskel & Ebert Premieres

“I’m Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times.” “And I’m Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune.”

On September 18, 1986, the syndicated movie review program Siskel & Ebert premiered on CBS. Produced by Buena Vista Television, the show was originally called Siskel & Ebert & the Movies. The show had hosts Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert reviewing movies; as the two had different tastes, the show mostly featured arguments between the co-hosts, though the two maintained a strong friendship off-screen. Although Siskel passed away from surgery complications in 1999, the show continued with Ebert and a slew of co-hosts, with Richard Roeper taking over co-hosting duties in 2000, and the show was renamed Ebert & Roeper and the Movies.

September 13

September 13, 1988 – The Television Special Roger Rabbit & the Secrets of Toon Town Premieres on CBS

“But now, there’s a new toon in town, and his name is Roger Rabbit.”

On September 13, 1988, the television special Roger Rabbit & the Secrets of Toon Town premiered on CBS. Hosted by Joanna Cassidy, the special took viewers behind the scenes of the hit combination live-action animation film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, featuring interviews with the actors behind the animated characters, the actors in the film, and those involved in creating the special effects, among others. The special also takes viewers behind the backstory of the film’s humble beginnings, and the history of the golden age of animation, ranging from the Walt Disney Studios to MGM Studios. The film also drew inspiration from early short films where animated characters were in the live-action world, and vice-versa. The special was directed by Les Mayfield.

September 7

September 7, 1984 – The Brass Bazaar Opens in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

On September 7, 1984, the Brass Bazaar opened in the Morocco Pavilion, located in Epcot’s World Showcase. The shop features a variety of cookware and glassware from Morocco, mostly made of brass and ceramic. The shop also features delicacies from Morocco, including wine, coffee, spices, and candies.

September 2

September 2, 1987 – The Frontierland Shop Westward Ho Trading Co. Opens in Disneyland

“Wheel your wagon over to this rustic Frontierland trading post where pins are WANTED!”

On September 2, 1987, the specialty store Westward Ho Trading Co. opened in Disneyland’s Frontierland. Replacing the former Frontier Trading Post, this store caters to Disney pin collectors, selling a variety of pins, ranging from general to limited edition, as well as pin accessories, Vinylmation, and other park collectibles.