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January 6

January 6, 1997 – The Attraction Rocket Jets Closes

On January 6, 1997, the long-lasting attraction Rocket Jets closed in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. Replacing the Astro-Jets in 1967, the attraction allowed guests to soar over the park as they circled around a towering rocket; the attraction was similar to the popular Dumbo, the Flying Elephant attraction. When Tomorrowland underwent a renovation in 1997, the Rocket Jets were closed, and were replaced with the Astro Orbiter in 1998.


December 30

December 30, 1980 – The Selective Service System Contacts Mickey Mouse

“It may be that somebody is pulling our leg, but it was released on official stationary.” – Bob Roth, Disneyland Spokesperson

On December 30, 1980, senior Disneyland officials were amused when they received a letter from the Selective Service System regarding Mickey Mouse. The service was reminding 18-year-olds that they had to register for the draft, and wrote that Mickey had “not responded to our initial request for necessary date of birth information,” seemingly unaware that Mickey was a 52-year-old fictional mouse.

December 22

December 22, 1982 – Power Goes Out in Disneyland

On December 22, 1982, hurricane-force winds continued to blast through the West Coast, and at 4:34 pm, the power goes out in Anaheim, including Disneyland Park; the force winds had knocked over a Northern California powerline. Almost 8,000 guests were escorted from the park by cast members with flashlights, with many guests having been stranded on rides. The power returned to the park almost a few hours later, but the park had been safely evacuated and closed at that point.

December 18

December 18, 1992 – The It’s a Small World Toy Shoppe Opens in Disneyland

On December 18, 1992, the specialty shop It’s a Small World Toy Shoppe opened in Disneyland’s Fantasyland. The shop, sponsored by Mattel, was opened at the exit of the famous it’s a small world attraction and features several toys and games, along with attraction-themed merchandise such as apparel and cell-phone cases.

December 17

December 17, 1961 – The Babes in Toyland Exhibit Opens in Disneyland

On December 17, 1961, the Babes in Toyland exhibit attraction opened in Disneyland’s Opera House. It was a similar concept to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea exhibit, where elaborate sets from the live-action feature were put on display for guests to walk through and experience. The Babes in Toyland exhibit, however, did not match the previous success of its predecessor. It was closed on September 30, 1963. Although the attraction closed and the sets were removed, thenmovie, however, did contain an element that would become a lasting part of Disney Parks: the toy soldiers from the film would eventually become the toy soldiers in the Disney Park holiday parades.

December 14

December 14, 1986 – Big Thunder Barbecue Opens in Disneyland

“All-you-can-eat barbecue & live country music are the draws to this cowboy-style spot in Disneyland.”

On December 14, 1986, the Big Thunder Barbecue outdoor restaurant opened in Disneyland’s Big Thunder Ranch. The restaurant added to the ranch’s overall feel of being a working horse ranch from the 1880s, serving barbecue chicken and beef from chuck wagons. On June 20, 1996, to help promote the then-newest animated feature The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Big Thunder Barbecue, along with Big Thunder Ranch, was transformed into a medieval French village, with Big Thunder Barbecue becoming the Festival of Fools; this closed on April 18, 1998, and the property was used simply for corporate gatherings. Both the ranch and Big Thunder Barbecue were brought back on April 2, 2004, originally to promote Home on the Range. Both the area and restaurant were closed on January 10, 2016 to make way for the new Star Wars area.

December 13

December 13, 2015 – Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke Celebrates 90th Birthday in Disneyland

“This is the cherry on top of my entire life.”

On December 13, 2015, a special celebration was held for actor and Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke, who was in the park to celebrate his 90th birthday. Best known for his role as Bert in the live-action feature film Mary Poppins, a special parade was held down Main Street featuring a troupe of chimney sweeps and penguins, along with a dedication of his silhouette in the Jolly Holiday Bakery Café, with Mary Poppins by his side.