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“I believe in being an innovator.”

– Walt Disney

Kim. Disney fanatic – specifically Disney history. D23 Charter Member. Loves the WWII propaganda shorts and the music of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. Favorite Disney film is Peter Pan, and favorite Disney character is Donald Duck. I’m the girl that watches the special features on the DVD/Blu-ray before watching the film. I’m also the girl who spent her first paycheck on the Walt Disney Treasures D23 set, but that may say more about me than you need to know.

Disney Detail is here to provide a look at what happened in Disney history day by day, as well as to provide those who seek it more information on the little known aspects of the company as a whole. I also hope to dispel any myths that still make their way around the internet. All aspects of history are important, and I will present the history as it is, no sugar-coating. The good and the bad are what make history; to completely ignore one for the sake of the other does a disservice to all involved. All facts are taken from reliable sources, found on my bibliography page.

I also provide my own commentary on the fact of the day, whether it’s to explain my personal feelings on a certain short or character, or to provide some insight as to why I disagree with some opinions floating around on the internet. These are my own personal opinions, and not meant to be taken as a statement from the Walt Disney corporation. I like to encourage discussion on Disney history, and find other people’s thoughts on certain aspects, whether one loves Mickey Mouse more than Donald Duck, or believes the Disney Renaissance films are better than the Golden Age of Animation films.

One day, I’d love to write a book about an aspect of Disney history that hasn’t been written about yet, or at least find myself one day walking in the Disney Archives.

Keep moving forward,



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