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September 22

September 22, 2010 – The Disney X D Comedy Series A Pair of Kings Premieres


“You’re the kings; nobody tells you what to do.”

On September 22, 2010, the Disney X D comedy series A Pair of Kings premiered. The series ran for three seasons on Disney X D, with 67 episodes in total. It was created by Dan Cross and David Hoge. The series starred Mitchel Musso as Brady, Doc Shaw as Boomer, Kelsey Chow as Mikayla, Ryan Ochoa as Lanny, Geno Segers as Mason, and Adam Hicks as Boz.

The first episode begins with the villagers of Kinkow celebrating the soon coming return of the twin kings that will lead them to greatness. The two kings are fraternal twin brothers Boomer and Brady, although most people don’t believe they’re twins, as they look absolutely nothing alike. The two are in gym class, and get the distressing news that they have to play dodgeball. The two are not exactly popular at their school, and they get bullied almost every day. After one bullying incident, the two are hanging from their lockers, when the messengers from Kinkow arrive, informing them of their extraordinary heritage. They head home soon after and discuss this together, although Brady finds this whole thing suspect. They never knew their mom and dad were royalty, as their aunt and uncle never told them. However, their aunt and uncle let them go, as they say that their job was preparing them for their destiny.

The twins travel with Mason in a hot air balloon to reach Kinkow

The twins travel with Mason in a hot air balloon to reach Kinkow

Boomer and Brady enjoy the hot air balloon ride to the island, although they accidentally end up on the dark side of the island. Their advisor, Mason, tries to protect them against a giant mosquito that is attracted the Boomer’s coconut sunblock. Mason is able to beat the mosquito, and advises the two on how to be great, revealing that he was very close to their father. Soon, the boys arrive at the castle and are greeted by the villagers. As they settle in their castle, a girl walks in, and as they remark crudely about how beautiful she is, Mason informs them that she’s his daughter Mikayla, and is very, very protective of her. The boys also have a cousin named Lanny, who was to be king until they found Boomer and Brady. Lanny is awfully jealous of the two, and he will do anything he can to get the throne. Lanny has a magical fish named Yamakoshi, who will help Lanny take down the twins.

Mikayla quickly takes them on a tour as she has to prepare for their coronation, and shows them the vault, where Brady pulls out a cursed medallion. Mikayla quickly pulls it away, and orders them to read a giant book on the superstitions of Kinkow. Mikayla doesn’t have much faith in the pair, and quickly leaves the two to their reading. Their coronation occurs, and the two are not exactly having a fun time, but the coronation goes off without a hitch. Afterwards, they’re given a jeep to ride around in to greet the people. Unfortuantely, they accidentally reverse the jeep, driving it into a sacred statue and smashing the sacred stone. Because of this, the dormant volcano on the island erupts, creating chaos all over the island.

After setting off the volcano, the villagers pack like crazy to flee the island

After setting off the volcano, the villagers pack like crazy to flee the island

The people quickly pack and flee the island, and the two quickly pack to leave. Lanny mocks them, but gives them the chance to redeem themselves by saving the island: find the other ruby on the other side of the island. The two agree to go, unaware of the danger of the Tarantula People in the dark side. The two end up completely lost in Tarantula Territory, and are soon captured. Mikayla suspects something is wrong when she goes to search for them and meets Lanny, who is already preparing for his coronation. The two end up in more danger, as the two are stuck in quicksand. While Lanny takes over the kingdom, Mason believes that the two wouldn’t flee. Brady reveals that he took the cursed amulet, which has a power over the Tarantula People. The tribe takes the two to where the sacred ruby is, and while the temple is booby-trapped, Brady doesn’t want to run anymore. The two agree to go in together to retrieve the stone.

The volcano goes silent, and the islanders believe that the kings are dead, with Lanny triumphantly claiming the crown. Meanwhile, the boys head out of the temple, with Brady not realizing that he dropped the cursed amulet. The two head back and give the ruby back, but also agree to give up the throne. Mason tells them that they already have the makings of great kings, and the islanders agree to keep them as their kings. Mikayla warns the two of all the dangerous things on the island, and the two are a little worried once they find the medallion missing, but they don’t give it another thought. Meanwhile, somewhere on the dark side, evil is stirring…


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