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November 20

November 20, 2017 – The Animated Series Big Hero 6: The Series Premieres on Disney X D

“We didn’t set out to be superheroes, but sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned.”

On November 20, 2017, the animated series Big Hero 6: The Series premiered on Disney X D. The series is based on, and follows, the events of the animated feature film Big Hero 6, and features a majority of the cast reprising their roles, as well as a switch from computer animation to traditional hand-drawn animation. This first episode was a 47-minute episode, entitled “Baymax Returns,” reintroducing the characters to the audience, and introducing a new villain: Obake. This was the only episode to exclusively air on Disney X D, as the program was moved to Disney Channel in 2018 for its formal premiere. The series stars Ryan Potter as Hiro, Scott Adsit as Baymax, Jamie Chung as Go Go, Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, Khary Payton as Wasabi, Brooks Wheelan as Fred, and Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass.


July 7

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July 7, 2014 – The Animated Series The 7D Premieres on Disney X D

“Hi ho, here we go now, hi ho, go with the flow now.”

On July 7, 2014, the animated series The 7D premiered on Disney X D. Based loosely on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the series takes place in the land of Jollywood, where the Seven Dwarfs are tasked with saving the kingdom from the evil and inept villains Grim and Hildy Gloom. The show ran for 44 episodes within two seasons. It starred Billy West as Bashful, Bill Farmer as Doc, Dee Bradley Baker as Dopey, Maurice LaMarche as Grumpy, Kevin Michael Richardson as Happy, Stephen Stanton as Sleepy, and Scott Menville as Sneezy.

February 13

February 13, 2010 – The Animated Series Kick Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil Premieres on Disney X D

KICK BUTTOWSKI - SUBURBAN DAREDEVIL - "If Books Could Kill/There will be Nachos" - Gunther accidently returns Kick's new book signed by his idol Billy Stumps to the library. When the librarian refuses to return it, Kick challenges her no-return policy and vows to get it back by any extreme means necessary. Meanwhile, Brad throws the party of the year while his parents are out of town and does everything in his power to keep Kick out, but Kick is determined to make it into the party and score some of Brad's famous nachos. This episode of "Kick Buttowski - Suburban Daredevil" airs SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 (9:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD. (DISNEY XD) KICK BUTTOWSKI

“It’s show time.”

On February 13, 2010, the animated series Kick Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil premiered on Disney X D. The show was the channel’s fourth original series and first original animated series. The series is centered around kid Clarence “Kick” Buttowski and his aspiration to be the world’s best daredevil with the help of his best friend Gunther, and no help from his older brother Brad Buttowski. The series lasted for two seasons before its cancellation. The series was created by Sandro Corsaro, and starred Charlie Schlatter as Kick Buttowski, Matt L. Jones as Gunther, and Danny Cooksey as Brad Buttowski.

June 7

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June 7, 2012 – The Animated Series Tron: Uprising Premieres on Disney X D

Tron Uprising_1

“You’re more than just a mechanic, Beck. You surpassed your programming. You stood up for what you believed in, all on your own.”

On June 7, 2012, the animated series Tron: Uprising premiered on Disney X D. Based on the cult classic Tron franchise, the series takes place between the 1982 film Tron and the 2010 film Tron: Legacy. The series aired 19 episodes in its total run, and won two Annie Awards and a Primetime Emmy for its distinct artistic style. The series was developed by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and directed by Charlie Bean and Robert Valley. It starred Elijah Wood as Beck, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron, Mandy Moore as Mara, Nate Corddry as Zed, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Paige, Paul Reubens as Pavel, and Lance Henriksen as General Tesler.

The first episode, “The Renegade Pt. 1,” begins with a short overview of the state of the Grid, with a young mechanic named Beck fighting back against Clu in the name of Tron, who is thought to be dead. Tron comes out of hiding to train Beck to be the next Tron, and trains him extensively. Beck is seen training with Tron, although is scared when he comes across a giant chasm, and barely makes it across. Tron has to rescue him from falling, and lectures him on hesitating and having faith in himself. Beck has no faith in himself, however, and wonders if there will be any uprising. On his way back, he is stopped for being in violation of his curfew, and barely manages to sneak back inside, only to find himself part of a group captured and taken to The Games. One of the players blames the Renegade, not knowing that Beck is the Renegade among them. The players are taken to the coliseum, but Beck is certain that they will survive.

Later, at the club, Zed is moping because Mara is getting attention from other programs, but soon gets distracted by new girl Perl. Mara pulls Zed away for a dance, but Zed goes back to Perl when Mara calls him only a friend. Back at the games, Beck watches as his friend is deleted, but can’t afford to lose his focus. The round ends after General Tesler realizes that Beck and his teammate Cutler are too good. Although Beck has lost his confidence again, Cutler bolsters his morale, revealing he fought Clu in the ISO Wars. Cutler came to find the Renegade and fight alongside him. As the two are carried out to the games again, Beck and Cutler manage to break away from the group and make an escape. Meanwhile, Zed takes Perl back to Able’s garage, where she steals Able’s ENCOM 786 lightcycle. Back at the coliseum, Beck and Cutler are caught, and are taken to a lightcycle challenge where they are tethered together. The two make a good team and manage to win the challenge. As the two are taken from the games, but are taken once again to another fight, where they must fight each other to the death.

August 2

August 2, 2010 – The Special Summer Episode “Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!” Premieres on Disney X D


“By busting the boys, I’d be busting myself?”

On August 2, 2010, the special episode of the hit animated series Phineas and Ferb, entitled “Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You,” premiered on Disney X D. This episode was the first one-hour long special for the show, and had almost 4 million viewers on its premiere date. The episode then premiered on the Disney Channel four days later. It was directed by Robert F. Hughes and Dan Povenmire.

The episode begins with Candace calling her boyfriend Jeremy, who is vacationing in Paris. Candace hangs up because Phineas and Ferb’s robot creation is jumping rope in the backyard. In true fashion, the robot disappears when their mother arrives home. Phineas realizes that the summer is half over, and they need a real challenge. Candace is left in charge of the boys while their parents head out of town for two days. Meanwhile, Professor Doofenschmirtz is taking his daughter to Vanessa to Tokyo, though he has an ulterior motive in going to Japan. The next morning, Phineas reveals his plans to take the longest day of the summer and make it even longer: he and Ferb have created a rocket that will fly all the way around the world, following the sun, therefore making it the longest day ever. Buford is unconvinced that this could possibly be done, and bets the two that they can’t do it. Should they lose, they have to announce to everyone that they are governed by the laws of physics, summer’s not whatever they make of it, and they can’t do anything else the rest of the summer. Stunt singers Clay Aiken and Shaka Khan appears to sing a song rousing support for Phineas’ mission.

Vanessa is furious that her father brought work with him on their vacation to Tokyo

Vanessa is furious that her father brought work with him on their vacation to Tokyo

Perry heads down to his secret lair to get his assignment: Dr. Doofenshmirtz is off to Tokyo where the annual Good Guy Convention is being held, with Major Monogram as the keynote speaker. Meanwhile, Stacy is helping Candace through her worries that Jeremy might be seeing other girls while in Paris. Candace reveals that she and Jeremy aren’t officially “boyfriend and girlfriend” yet, and Stacy advises Candace to just call Jeremy her boyfriend first. In Tokyo, Doofenshmirtz has already captured Major Monogram and has taken him with him on vacation, much to Vanessa’s annoyance. Phineas and Ferb sets up their flight, and Candace, while originally wanting to bust the boys, decides to go because they will be heading to Paris. The group heads to Tokyo, where Doofenshmirtz has set up a giant water balloon to fall over the Good Guy Convention, with Monogram to get the blame. The plane crashes in Tokyo, where Stacy’s family has been waiting for them. They help them refuel with a musical number and head off, accidentally catching Vanessa as they go. Vanessa, who had decided to leave her dad and head to Paris on her own, was thrown from the Tokyo Tower by her father’s water balloon crashing into her. Vanessa decides to join Phineas and Ferb. Doofenshmirtz decides to go after them, begging for Monogram and Perry’s help to do so.

The boys’ plane crashes in the Himalayas, as they didn’t account for the weight of an extra person. Luckily, Baljeet’s uncle lives nearby, where he has set up a rubber-making factory. The group is able to borrow some of the rubber, and manage to make it out after a slight mishap. The group bounces around the world thanks to the rubber ball they’ve constructed. The rubber ball deconstructs by the time they reach Paris, so the group stops to get fuel and parts. The group splits up, and Candace finds Jeremy with a group of teenagers, and worries that Jeremy has found another girlfriend. Isabella tries to make her outing with Phineas romantic, but Phineas is more distracted by looking for parts for his plane. Doofenshmirtz arrives in Paris to take Vanessa back, and decides to go after listening to some advice from Ferb. Isabella and Candace are both despondent about their ruined romantic prospects. While Phineas cheers Candace up, Jeremy arrives, and Candace decides to tell him how she feels. Jeremy calls her his girlfriend, and the two establish their relationship.

Candace cries out in anguish as she finds that they are stranded on a desert island

Candace cries out in anguish as she finds that they are stranded on a desert island

The group then sets off home, and are close to making it home, when the rocket completely disintegrates, leaving the group stranded on a deserted island. Candace despairs as she thinks romance is dead, and Buford brags that Phineas and Ferb will lose. Phineas tries to come up with a plan to leave, but realizes that he doesn’t have anything with which they can create anything. Isabella cries as she feels ignored by Phineas, who is frantically trying to come up with a plan. Finally, Isabella gives Phineas the self-esteem boost he needs, and he uses the map to create a special paper airplane to fly the group back home. Candace argues that the plan won’t fly, but the group convinces her to believe thanks to the lure of Jeremy. The group manages to arrive back in Danville, and are able to make it back to the backyard after Buford gives the group their bikes back. The group arrives home to a welcome home party in the backyard, and a musical number.

February 13

February 13, 2009 – Toon Disney is Rebranded as Disney X D

Disney XD

“Be sure to check out all Disney X D has to offer.”

On February 13, 2009, the rebranded channel Disney X D began broadcasting on cable television. Originally Toon Disney, the channel was changed to target 6 to 14-year-olds, with original programming and some reruns of Disney Channel shows. Disney X D’s programming is also seen as more action based than its predecessor, as seen by shows Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil and Kickin’ It, as well as the Marvel-focused programming block.

September 22

September 22, 2010 – The Disney X D Comedy Series A Pair of Kings Premieres


“You’re the kings; nobody tells you what to do.”

On September 22, 2010, the Disney X D comedy series A Pair of Kings premiered. The series ran for three seasons on Disney X D, with 67 episodes in total. It was created by Dan Cross and David Hoge. The series starred Mitchel Musso as Brady, Doc Shaw as Boomer, Kelsey Chow as Mikayla, Ryan Ochoa as Lanny, Geno Segers as Mason, and Adam Hicks as Boz.

The first episode begins with the villagers of Kinkow celebrating the soon coming return of the twin kings that will lead them to greatness. The two kings are fraternal twin brothers Boomer and Brady, although most people don’t believe they’re twins, as they look absolutely nothing alike. The two are in gym class, and get the distressing news that they have to play dodgeball. The two are not exactly popular at their school, and they get bullied almost every day. After one bullying incident, the two are hanging from their lockers, when the messengers from Kinkow arrive, informing them of their extraordinary heritage. They head home soon after and discuss this together, although Brady finds this whole thing suspect. They never knew their mom and dad were royalty, as their aunt and uncle never told them. However, their aunt and uncle let them go, as they say that their job was preparing them for their destiny.

The twins travel with Mason in a hot air balloon to reach Kinkow

The twins travel with Mason in a hot air balloon to reach Kinkow

Boomer and Brady enjoy the hot air balloon ride to the island, although they accidentally end up on the dark side of the island. Their advisor, Mason, tries to protect them against a giant mosquito that is attracted the Boomer’s coconut sunblock. Mason is able to beat the mosquito, and advises the two on how to be great, revealing that he was very close to their father. Soon, the boys arrive at the castle and are greeted by the villagers. As they settle in their castle, a girl walks in, and as they remark crudely about how beautiful she is, Mason informs them that she’s his daughter Mikayla, and is very, very protective of her. The boys also have a cousin named Lanny, who was to be king until they found Boomer and Brady. Lanny is awfully jealous of the two, and he will do anything he can to get the throne. Lanny has a magical fish named Yamakoshi, who will help Lanny take down the twins.

Mikayla quickly takes them on a tour as she has to prepare for their coronation, and shows them the vault, where Brady pulls out a cursed medallion. Mikayla quickly pulls it away, and orders them to read a giant book on the superstitions of Kinkow. Mikayla doesn’t have much faith in the pair, and quickly leaves the two to their reading. Their coronation occurs, and the two are not exactly having a fun time, but the coronation goes off without a hitch. Afterwards, they’re given a jeep to ride around in to greet the people. Unfortuantely, they accidentally reverse the jeep, driving it into a sacred statue and smashing the sacred stone. Because of this, the dormant volcano on the island erupts, creating chaos all over the island.

After setting off the volcano, the villagers pack like crazy to flee the island

After setting off the volcano, the villagers pack like crazy to flee the island

The people quickly pack and flee the island, and the two quickly pack to leave. Lanny mocks them, but gives them the chance to redeem themselves by saving the island: find the other ruby on the other side of the island. The two agree to go, unaware of the danger of the Tarantula People in the dark side. The two end up completely lost in Tarantula Territory, and are soon captured. Mikayla suspects something is wrong when she goes to search for them and meets Lanny, who is already preparing for his coronation. The two end up in more danger, as the two are stuck in quicksand. While Lanny takes over the kingdom, Mason believes that the two wouldn’t flee. Brady reveals that he took the cursed amulet, which has a power over the Tarantula People. The tribe takes the two to where the sacred ruby is, and while the temple is booby-trapped, Brady doesn’t want to run anymore. The two agree to go in together to retrieve the stone.

The volcano goes silent, and the islanders believe that the kings are dead, with Lanny triumphantly claiming the crown. Meanwhile, the boys head out of the temple, with Brady not realizing that he dropped the cursed amulet. The two head back and give the ruby back, but also agree to give up the throne. Mason tells them that they already have the makings of great kings, and the islanders agree to keep them as their kings. Mikayla warns the two of all the dangerous things on the island, and the two are a little worried once they find the medallion missing, but they don’t give it another thought. Meanwhile, somewhere on the dark side, evil is stirring…

August 5

August 5, 2011 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension Premieres


“One minute we were innocently launching ourselves across the city in a badminton platypult. The next thing we know, we’re bouncing on up to the eastside to your deluxe apartment in the sky.”

On August 5, 2011, the Disney Channel Original Movie Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension premiered. The film is the first full-length feature for the series, and the fourth animated DCOM. It averaged 7.6 million viewers on its premiere, as well as garnering many positive reviews from critics. The film was written by Dan Povenmire, Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, and Jon Colton Barry, and was directed by Povenmire and Robert Hughes. It starred Vincent Martella as Phineas, Thomas Sangster as Ferb, Ashley Tisdale as Candace, Dee Bradley Baker as Perry, and Dan Povenmire as Doofenshmirtz.

The movie begins in with Phineas, with Ferb and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, musing about their precarious situation and how their day began so well. The scene then moves to earlier that day, where Ferb and Phineas are waking up on a sunny summer day. Phineas and Ferb begin their day with their pet platypus Perry, with a song celebrating their pet, since it’s been five years since they’ve owned Perry. Meanwhile Candace, having just gotten off the phone with her boyfriend Jeremy, starts lamenting about his going away to college soon. In the backyard, friends Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford arrive and they create two large platypus contraptions before they realize Perry is missing. Perry is off on his secret agent mission, where he is warned that should his cover be blown, he will have to transfer families. His boss, Major Monogram, informs him that they have created several duplicates of Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s inventions, and gives Perry the assignment of destroying the new invention before Doofenshmirtz can finish it. He is given several inventions to help in his mission, including a hologram and a super magnet.

Candace decides to put away her childish things, as she wants to be seen as an adult

Candace decides to put away her childish things, as she wants to be seen as an adult

Candace’s best friend Stacy arrives at the house to find Candace packing away all of her “childish” things, as Candace wants to be seen as more of an adult. She realizes that she doesn’t need to bust her brothers to her parents anymore, as she can, as an adult, bust them herself. The boys’ invention is ready to start, and they are flown across the town in a giant badminton birdie. Candace then heads to the park to bust them, while the boys crash into Doofenshmirtz’s invention, destroying it. When they hear what Doofenshmirtz’s invention was, they offer to help repair the machine. However, when they near completion, Perry appears, but has to pretend he’s not a secret agent once he sees Phineas and Ferb. Although he tries to prevent them from finishing the machine without blowing his cover, he is unsuccessful, and the machine shows another dimension. Once they enter the other dimension, they boys discover that Doofenshmirtz is actually a super-villain in the other dimension, and rules the tri-state area.

Doofenshmirtz is soon whisked away to meet his other-dimensional self, and the two bond rather quickly. Perry is rather worried about this turn of events while exploring the other dimension, especially when 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz reveals that Perry is really a secret agent, and shows off 2nd Dimension Perry, who is Doofenshmirtz’s cyborg servant. To protect the boys, Perry reveals his identity as a secret agent. Phineas is angry about Perry’s deception, even while they are pursued by Cyborg Perry. Perry dukes it out with Cyborg Perry, but the boys and Perry are able to escape. Unable to get back to their dimension, they decide to go find their 2nd dimensional selves. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz learns from his other self about how he was able to take over the tri-state area, and the 2nd Dimensional Doofenshmirtz decides to take over the other dimension’s tri-state area. Candace, in the original dimension, is still trying to find out where her brothers are, and heads back to her backyard.

Phineas and Ferb meet their 2nd Dimension selves, and are surprised to find there is no such thing as summer

Phineas and Ferb meet their 2nd Dimension selves, and are surprised to find there is no such thing as summer

Phineas and Ferb find their other-dimensional house, with the situation still tense between Phineas and Perry. They find their other selves, and find that the other Perry has disappeared. They are also surprised to find that summer has been outlawed, and are ready to explain what the season is. While Phineas explains, Perry rushes off to stop Doofenshmirtz, but is discovered by Phineas, who angrily tells him to go. Both sets of boys are captured by the resistance, which includes Isabella and the Fireside Girls, who attempt to help Phineas and Ferb get back to their dimension. They soon find that the leader of the resistance is none other than Candace. In the first dimension, Candace and Stacy discover the portal to the other dimension, and while Phineas and Ferb attempt to go home, they find that Perry has been captured. They decide to go after Perry instead, but not before Candace enters the 2nd Dimension. They all head to Doofenshmirtz’s lab, and Candace has an interesting conversation with the other Candace, finding that 2nd Dimension Candace had to grow up quickly to protect her brothers.

Unfortunately, the group has stumbled onto a trap, and are captured by the Doofenshmirtz pair. Perry is able to help them escape thanks to a hologram of Major Monocle, who was in the shower at the time. 2nd Dimension Candace fights the following robots with ease, but the real problem occurs when Cyborg Perry appears. In a last ditch effort, 2nd Dimension Candace saves the 2nd Dimension team members, leaving the other dimension Candace, Phineas, Ferb, and Perry to fend for themselves. Captured once again, Phineas is ordered to fix Doofenshmirtz’s dimension machine, but he refuses. However, Doofenshmirtz is able to fix it himself, and the group is given to Cyborg Perry to be destroyed, including the original dimension Doofenshmirtz. As the group is led to their doom, Perry uses his high powered magnet to get the keys to their chains and hijack one of the robots. As they try to escape their doom, they find themselves handing precariously over a pit of lava. More guards are sent to kill them, but they are soon surprised to find themselves saved by 2nd Dimension Candace. She hands Phineas the dimension remote, and he activates it, with the group falling into another dimension.

2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz orders his robots after the original dimension group

2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz orders his robots after the original dimension group

2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz orders his robots to go after the group, but they are still able to capture 2nd Dimension Candace. A chase ensues through dimensions, and they are finally able to find their own dimension. Unfortunately, 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz finds his way into the original dimension as well, and unleashes his robot army across the tri-state area. Phineas and Ferb try to go with Perry to help him save their dimension, but Perry refuses to let them go along. Meanwhile, 2nd Dimension Candace is rescued by 2nd Dimension Jeremy, Phineas, and Ferb, and they realize this is their chance to stop Doofenshmirtz’s evil reign. While they head home, Phineas and Ferb realize that Perry has given them the key they need to access his secret lair and assist him after all. When the lab is activated, all of their old inventions are also replicated, and the two set to work to help Perry. Perry tries to hold off the robots the best he can, and is soon saved by Phineas and Ferb. Phineas and Perry make up, and the gang quickly works together to stop Doofenshmirtz, which is musically accompanied by Love Handel.

Phineas and Perry head off to close the portal, with Perry doing battle with his Cyborg self. Candace gets an idea to get her mom and try and bust her brothers, as she realizes that the trouble will disappear the moment their mom appears. Ferb rushes to help Phineas, and Phineas realizes he just needs to destroy the dish on the machine, as it controls the robots. Perry is able to stop his Cyborg self, and heads off to save Phineas, who is then able to destroy the dish. The robot army is completely disabled, but Doofenshmirtz has one last robot up his sleeve. However, original dimension Doofenshmirtz is able to stop 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz, and all the robots are destroyed. 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz heads back to his dimension, where he is arrested the moment he gets back. Everything goes back to normal, and each group heads back to their proper dimension. Unfortunately, Perry is to be reassigned now that his cover has been blown, but after using one of Doofenshmirtz’s Amnesia-inator, they forget the whole thing every happened so they can keep Perry in the family and forget that he’s a secret agent. The only person that remembers anything is Perry, who keeps a camera full of photos of the day.

June 13

June 13, 2011 – The Disney X D Original Series Kickin’ It Premieres


“That was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in my entire life – and I’ve been to the Ice Capades!”

On June 13, 2011, the Disney X D Original Series Kickin’ It premiered. It was based on creator Jim O’Doherty’s childhood experiences with karate, as well as his daughters’ interest in the martial arts. The show, originally called Wasabi Warriors, was the highest rated series premiere in the channel’s history, and is the first Disney X D series to run past three seasons. As of this date, the show has 73 episodes. It stars Leo Howard as Jack Brewer, Dylan Riley Snyder as Milton Krupnick, Mateo Arias as Jerry Martinez, Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford, Alex Christian Jones as Eddie Jones, and Jason Earles as Rudy Gillespie.

The first episode, “Wasabi Warriors,” begins at Seaford High School, where new student Jack meets student Kim in the cafeteria, and is then invited to sit with a bunch of kids that do karate together after school, and are bullied by kids from another karate dojo. Jack stands up for them with some hidden karate skills of his own, leaving everyone in the cafeteria impressed. He quickly flees the scene after the fight. After school, the kids gather at the Bobby Wasabi martial arts dojo, where owner Rudy is given the bad news that he is in danger of being closed down, unless his students win two belts at the next meet. The kids recommend that Rudy bring Jack in as a member, but Rudy is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Jack heads through the mall on his skateboard, and is chased by mall police, where he ends up crashing into the dojo. As he tries to leave, he is arrested by mall police, but Rudy, who is impressed by Jack’s skills as he tried to escape, makes a deal with the kid: help Bobby Wasabi Dojo win two belts, and he’ll makes sure Jack doesn’t go to juvie. Jack agrees.

After facing trouble with the mall cops, Jack decides to join the Bobby Wasabi dojo

After facing trouble with the mall cops, Jack decides to join the Bobby Wasabi dojo

Later, when Jack is hanging out with the guys from the dojo, Kim stops by and asks to speak with Jack alone. Kim tells him that he should be at the best dojo in town: the Black Dragon dojo. She takes him there and shows off her black belt. The owner of the Black Dragons tries to get Jack to join them, but Jack refuses, as he gave his word already to Bobby Wasabi. When Rudy finds out that Jack even went to the Black Dragons, he gets angry and lets it slip that Jack was never going to go to juvie, but be banned from the mall for two weeks. Jack is furious, and decides to join the Black Dragons. He stops by the next day to pick up his things, and discovers that the dojo is closing. As the students say their farewells, Jack has a change of heart and decides to show the kids that they really can do karate, and will help them keep the gym open.

At the next advancement tournament, the Wasabi Warriors are ready to get their belts, with Eddie going first against a giant of a guy. Jack gives him a pep talk, telling Eddie to use his anger that has built up since Marge the Lunch Lady started kicking him around. Eddie is able to earn his first belt for the gym. Jerry is up next using nun-chucks, but accidentally hits himself in the groin and loses. Milton is up next, and needs to break more boards than his opponent. Milton is able to break two boards at once, and wins the dojo’s second belt, but the belt is taken away from him when he starts beating up a member of the Black Dragons, one of his bullies. It’s then Jack versus Kim, but one of the Black Dragons hurts Jack’s leg to cause him to lose. When Kim finds out that the Black Dragons cheated, she quits. Jack tries to win the belt for the dojo, as he wants to help his friends. Jack is able to win the belt, and Bobby Wasabi Dojo is saved. Later, Kim decides to join the Bobby Wasabi Dojo, telling them they need all the help they can get.

April 30

April 30, 2012 – The Disney XD Original Series Motorcity Premieres


“Down here in Motorcity, we’ve got a motto: Live Fast, Live Free. And my friends and I are gonna fight Kane with everything we’ve got to make sure we can do just that.”

On April 30, 2012, the Disney XD original animated series Motorcity premiered. The series took place in an alternate universe version of Detroit, with a group of rebels known as the Burners fighting billionair Abraham Kane, who built his version of utopia over the old city of Detroit, now known as Motorcity. The series was a co-production between Titmouse, Inc. and Disney Television Animation. The series only lasted for one season, with 20 episodes, and ended its run on January 7, 2013. It was created by Chris Prynoski, and was directed by Prynoski and Juno Lee. It starred Reid Scott as Mike Chilton, Kate Micucci as Julie Kane, Nate Torrence as Chuck, Kel Mitchell as Dutch, Jess Harnell as Texas, Brian Doyle-Murray as Jacob, and Mark Hamill as Abraham Kane.

The first episode, “Battle for Motorcity,” begins with Mike and his friend Chuck attempting to go down in the inner depths of Motorcity to find a fusion battery. While they uncover the jackpot of parts that they need, Julie warns them that Kane’s forces are about to storm the East Gate. The East Gate falls as Julie warns them, and they hurry back with the battery as the place falls apart around them, thanks to Mike pulling some skull decoration lodged in a wall. The two scramble their way back to the surface and back to Mike’s car, where he places the skull on the selection lever and speeds his way out through the wreckage of Motorcity, with Chuck leading his way out. While Julie waits for the battery, Kane makes an appearance on the Easy Gate screen, telling them all that he will take the entire city out, and has sent a “friend” to help him do so: a giant robot. Mike arrives just in time to place the battery close the gate, destroying more of the robot, with Mike taking care of the rest. Kane then calls Mike a coward for “abandoning his post,” as Mike used to be a cadet with Kane’s army.

After Kane's public attack on Mike's character, Julie checks to see if Mike is okay

After Kane’s public attack on Mike’s character, Julie checks to see if Mike is okay

Back in his office, Kane remarks that Mike is giving Motorcity residents hope, and “hope is a dangerous thing.” He then thinks that if he had spotted Mike’s traitorous behavior early enough, all of Detroit would have been his already. Back at the Burners’ garage, everyone is fixing up their cars, while Julie cheers up Mike, who wishes he could fight Kane face to face. Julie then heads off to her internship at Kane Co., as she is the Burners’ inside connection. Kane then announces that he will be appearing at Kane Co. Square, in person, to reveal something new. Mike decides this is the perfect opportunity to take Kane down, although Dutch and Tex are less than thrilled with the idea. Dutch fixes up Mike’s car for the event, though, which Mike is thrilled about. The gang then heads to Detroit Deluxe to take Kane down. Julie tries to figure out what the announcement is, and realizes that she needs to warn the Burners. Her warning comes too late, and she tells them that she needs to turn around, but Mike refuses to listen. When Mike thinks he has Kane cornered, he realizes that he’s been tricked, and the gang is quickly trapped. Kane then sends his robots through the defense matrix to trap them.

As Julie heads off to help the guys, she is stopped by Kane, who wants to give his daughter a hug. Kane is completely unaware of her fight against him. In Motorcity, the residents scramble to survive against the robot attacks, while Julie works on a way to get out of the guys out of their pods. The guys are finally free, and they head back to Motorcity to save the residents. Kane torments Mike, telling him it’s too late to save Motorcity, but Mike refuses to take the bait. The Burners work fast to take down the robots, and Kane arrives in the last robot to fight Mike one on one. Mike declares that his fight is for Motorcity, especially after Kane betrayed him, and wins the battle. The Burners celebrate and fix their cars back at the base after watching Kane announce that he is tripling his efforts to eradicate the Burners.