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April 30

April 30, 2012 – The Disney XD Original Series Motorcity Premieres


“Down here in Motorcity, we’ve got a motto: Live Fast, Live Free. And my friends and I are gonna fight Kane with everything we’ve got to make sure we can do just that.”

On April 30, 2012, the Disney XD original animated series Motorcity premiered. The series took place in an alternate universe version of Detroit, with a group of rebels known as the Burners fighting billionair Abraham Kane, who built his version of utopia over the old city of Detroit, now known as Motorcity. The series was a co-production between Titmouse, Inc. and Disney Television Animation. The series only lasted for one season, with 20 episodes, and ended its run on January 7, 2013. It was created by Chris Prynoski, and was directed by Prynoski and Juno Lee. It starred Reid Scott as Mike Chilton, Kate Micucci as Julie Kane, Nate Torrence as Chuck, Kel Mitchell as Dutch, Jess Harnell as Texas, Brian Doyle-Murray as Jacob, and Mark Hamill as Abraham Kane.

The first episode, “Battle for Motorcity,” begins with Mike and his friend Chuck attempting to go down in the inner depths of Motorcity to find a fusion battery. While they uncover the jackpot of parts that they need, Julie warns them that Kane’s forces are about to storm the East Gate. The East Gate falls as Julie warns them, and they hurry back with the battery as the place falls apart around them, thanks to Mike pulling some skull decoration lodged in a wall. The two scramble their way back to the surface and back to Mike’s car, where he places the skull on the selection lever and speeds his way out through the wreckage of Motorcity, with Chuck leading his way out. While Julie waits for the battery, Kane makes an appearance on the Easy Gate screen, telling them all that he will take the entire city out, and has sent a “friend” to help him do so: a giant robot. Mike arrives just in time to place the battery close the gate, destroying more of the robot, with Mike taking care of the rest. Kane then calls Mike a coward for “abandoning his post,” as Mike used to be a cadet with Kane’s army.

After Kane's public attack on Mike's character, Julie checks to see if Mike is okay

After Kane’s public attack on Mike’s character, Julie checks to see if Mike is okay

Back in his office, Kane remarks that Mike is giving Motorcity residents hope, and “hope is a dangerous thing.” He then thinks that if he had spotted Mike’s traitorous behavior early enough, all of Detroit would have been his already. Back at the Burners’ garage, everyone is fixing up their cars, while Julie cheers up Mike, who wishes he could fight Kane face to face. Julie then heads off to her internship at Kane Co., as she is the Burners’ inside connection. Kane then announces that he will be appearing at Kane Co. Square, in person, to reveal something new. Mike decides this is the perfect opportunity to take Kane down, although Dutch and Tex are less than thrilled with the idea. Dutch fixes up Mike’s car for the event, though, which Mike is thrilled about. The gang then heads to Detroit Deluxe to take Kane down. Julie tries to figure out what the announcement is, and realizes that she needs to warn the Burners. Her warning comes too late, and she tells them that she needs to turn around, but Mike refuses to listen. When Mike thinks he has Kane cornered, he realizes that he’s been tricked, and the gang is quickly trapped. Kane then sends his robots through the defense matrix to trap them.

As Julie heads off to help the guys, she is stopped by Kane, who wants to give his daughter a hug. Kane is completely unaware of her fight against him. In Motorcity, the residents scramble to survive against the robot attacks, while Julie works on a way to get out of the guys out of their pods. The guys are finally free, and they head back to Motorcity to save the residents. Kane torments Mike, telling him it’s too late to save Motorcity, but Mike refuses to take the bait. The Burners work fast to take down the robots, and Kane arrives in the last robot to fight Mike one on one. Mike declares that his fight is for Motorcity, especially after Kane betrayed him, and wins the battle. The Burners celebrate and fix their cars back at the base after watching Kane announce that he is tripling his efforts to eradicate the Burners.


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