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June 13

June 13, 2011 – The Disney X D Original Series Kickin’ It Premieres


“That was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in my entire life – and I’ve been to the Ice Capades!”

On June 13, 2011, the Disney X D Original Series Kickin’ It premiered. It was based on creator Jim O’Doherty’s childhood experiences with karate, as well as his daughters’ interest in the martial arts. The show, originally called Wasabi Warriors, was the highest rated series premiere in the channel’s history, and is the first Disney X D series to run past three seasons. As of this date, the show has 73 episodes. It stars Leo Howard as Jack Brewer, Dylan Riley Snyder as Milton Krupnick, Mateo Arias as Jerry Martinez, Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford, Alex Christian Jones as Eddie Jones, and Jason Earles as Rudy Gillespie.

The first episode, “Wasabi Warriors,” begins at Seaford High School, where new student Jack meets student Kim in the cafeteria, and is then invited to sit with a bunch of kids that do karate together after school, and are bullied by kids from another karate dojo. Jack stands up for them with some hidden karate skills of his own, leaving everyone in the cafeteria impressed. He quickly flees the scene after the fight. After school, the kids gather at the Bobby Wasabi martial arts dojo, where owner Rudy is given the bad news that he is in danger of being closed down, unless his students win two belts at the next meet. The kids recommend that Rudy bring Jack in as a member, but Rudy is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Jack heads through the mall on his skateboard, and is chased by mall police, where he ends up crashing into the dojo. As he tries to leave, he is arrested by mall police, but Rudy, who is impressed by Jack’s skills as he tried to escape, makes a deal with the kid: help Bobby Wasabi Dojo win two belts, and he’ll makes sure Jack doesn’t go to juvie. Jack agrees.

After facing trouble with the mall cops, Jack decides to join the Bobby Wasabi dojo

After facing trouble with the mall cops, Jack decides to join the Bobby Wasabi dojo

Later, when Jack is hanging out with the guys from the dojo, Kim stops by and asks to speak with Jack alone. Kim tells him that he should be at the best dojo in town: the Black Dragon dojo. She takes him there and shows off her black belt. The owner of the Black Dragons tries to get Jack to join them, but Jack refuses, as he gave his word already to Bobby Wasabi. When Rudy finds out that Jack even went to the Black Dragons, he gets angry and lets it slip that Jack was never going to go to juvie, but be banned from the mall for two weeks. Jack is furious, and decides to join the Black Dragons. He stops by the next day to pick up his things, and discovers that the dojo is closing. As the students say their farewells, Jack has a change of heart and decides to show the kids that they really can do karate, and will help them keep the gym open.

At the next advancement tournament, the Wasabi Warriors are ready to get their belts, with Eddie going first against a giant of a guy. Jack gives him a pep talk, telling Eddie to use his anger that has built up since Marge the Lunch Lady started kicking him around. Eddie is able to earn his first belt for the gym. Jerry is up next using nun-chucks, but accidentally hits himself in the groin and loses. Milton is up next, and needs to break more boards than his opponent. Milton is able to break two boards at once, and wins the dojo’s second belt, but the belt is taken away from him when he starts beating up a member of the Black Dragons, one of his bullies. It’s then Jack versus Kim, but one of the Black Dragons hurts Jack’s leg to cause him to lose. When Kim finds out that the Black Dragons cheated, she quits. Jack tries to win the belt for the dojo, as he wants to help his friends. Jack is able to win the belt, and Bobby Wasabi Dojo is saved. Later, Kim decides to join the Bobby Wasabi Dojo, telling them they need all the help they can get.


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