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April 16

April 16, 2006 – The ABC Drama Series What About Brian Premieres


“I’m going to live my life, I’m doing what I want, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks!”

On April 16, 2006, the ABC drama series What About Brian premiered as a mid-season replacement. The series centers around 32-year-old Brian Davis, navigating life as the last single man in his group of friends, although Brian harbors a secret crush on his best friend, Marjorie. The show also delves into different kinds of love and relationships with the other characters in Brian’s group of friends. The series was the only one renewed for a second season in 2006, but was ultimately cancelled after its second season, ending on March 26, 2007. The series ran for a total of 25 episodes. It was created by Dana Stevens, and starred Barry Watson as Brian, Matthew Davis as Adam, Rick Gomez as Dave, Amanda Detmer as Deena, Rosanna Arquette as Nicole, and Sarah Lancaster as Marjorie.


April 5

April 5, 2012 – The Drama Series Scandal Premieres on ABC


“We’re not a law firm. We’re lawyers, but this is not a law firm…we solve problems.”

On April 5, 2012, the drama series Scandal premiered on ABC. The series premiered as a mid-season replacement, with the first season only running for seven episodes. Nevertheless, the series has garnered high ratings by critics and viewers alike, particularly for actress Kerry Washington’s portrayal of lead Olivia Pope. The series was created by Shonda Rhimes, and stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Henry Ian Cusick as Stephen Finch, Columbus Short as Harrison Wright, Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan, Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins, Guillermo Diaz as Huck, Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene, and Tony Goldwyn as President Grant.

The first episode, “Sweet Baby,” begins with lawyer Quinn Perkins trying to cancel a blind date with a man named Harrison Wright, but he informs her that it’s not a blind date, it’s a job interview. She’s not interested, until she hears that he works for Olivia Pope, and he tells her that Olivia has already given her the job. Meanwhile, Olivia is heading to an important meeting with Stephen Finch, who is rather nervous. Olivia drops off $3 million to Russian mobsters from an ambassador, and Olivia sweet-talks her way out of a situation when she is $3 million dollars short, but still able to take what they paid for. Wright brings Perkins into the office, and she meets the team, and what Olivia had to buy: the ambassador’s baby. As everyone gets ready to head home, someone heads into the office, bloodied, claiming that the police think he killed his girlfriend.

Olivia watches as they start the process of questioning St. James

Olivia watches as they start the process of questioning Sullivan St. James

The client in question, Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan St. James, is a war hero; he is the first living soldier awarded the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. Pope then explains the process of how they work to Perkins, beginning with interviewing him intensely, claiming that they are both the judge and the jury, and decide who he is. Pope has the deciding vote, and then sets the rules and warns them: do not lie, or all bets are off. Pope then begins her work, showing up at Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen’s house in the middle of the night, asking for 48-hours before they charge St. James, but he only gives her 24. Her team sets to work collecting evidence in the little time they have, although most think he’s guilty. In the middle of it, Pope is called to the White House by Cyrus Rutherford Beene, the White House Chief of Staff, because the President needs a favor: an aide is claiming that she is sleeping with the President, and Pope needs to shut her down. She then heads to Camp David to talk to the President, but everyone thinks that the President wants to give Pope her old job at the White House.

The team goes deeper in their investigation, discovering that St. James’ girlfriend was supposed to go to a French Consulate dinner, but cancelled at the last minute. The girlfriend used to be a party girl, and gave it up when she met St. James, but is still holding something back: the girlfriend is sleeping with someone else. Pope talks to the President, and they talk about intern Amanda Tanner, and the President denies ever sleeping with Tanner. Pope agrees to take the case, but turns down going back to the White House. Later, Perkins and Pope meet with Tanner in the park, and warn her about spreading lies, with the added bonus of convincing her to hand in her resignation and leave Washington DC. Later, Perkins is found crying in the bathroom, as she is shocked at how cold Pope is. As Pope continues to work her case, the St. James case is falling apart, as he knew that his girlfriend was sleeping with someone else, but he still claims that he did not kill her.

Sullivan lashes out when confronted with the evidence that he was with his boyfriend at the time of the murder

Sullivan lashes out when confronted with the evidence that he was with his boyfriend at the time of the murder

Time is up when the cops arrive at Pope’s office, but the team gets a lucky break with a security camera outside a bar, and are able to verify his alibi, at a price: St. James is meeting his boyfriend. St. James, however, would rather go to jail than admit that he’s gay. He allows himself to be arrested, much to the sadness of the team. As Pope heads to the police station, tech guy Huck tells Perkins that he got a message from an Amanda Tanner, who was admitted to the hospital for a suicide attempt. Pope still doesn’t believe Tanner’s story, until Perkins drops a supposed “pet name” from the President, and Pope heads straight for the White House. Pope confronts the President, who finally admits the truth: he had an affair because Pope had left him. Pope left him because he is married, revealing that the two also had an affair. While the President kisses Pope, Beene walks in, who never knew about Pope’s real relationship with the President. Pope quickly leaves and heads to a restaurant to meet with Finch, who is nervous about proposing to his girlfriend, as he doesn’t think of himself as a good guy. Pope convinces him to propose, and she watches before she hides and thinks about her own problems.

Pope heads back to the jail to talk to St. James, and convinces him to give her the name of his lover so she can secure his alibi. In the end, St. James gives a speech after getting cleared, and announces that he is gay. The case being over, the team clears up the office, although Perkins isn’t convinced that they are the “good guys.” As Pope works, Beene comes to her office, but Pope refuses to talk to the President again, especially since Tanner has become her client.


June 13

June 13, 2011 – The Disney X D Original Series Kickin’ It Premieres


“That was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in my entire life – and I’ve been to the Ice Capades!”

On June 13, 2011, the Disney X D Original Series Kickin’ It premiered. It was based on creator Jim O’Doherty’s childhood experiences with karate, as well as his daughters’ interest in the martial arts. The show, originally called Wasabi Warriors, was the highest rated series premiere in the channel’s history, and is the first Disney X D series to run past three seasons. As of this date, the show has 73 episodes. It stars Leo Howard as Jack Brewer, Dylan Riley Snyder as Milton Krupnick, Mateo Arias as Jerry Martinez, Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford, Alex Christian Jones as Eddie Jones, and Jason Earles as Rudy Gillespie.

The first episode, “Wasabi Warriors,” begins at Seaford High School, where new student Jack meets student Kim in the cafeteria, and is then invited to sit with a bunch of kids that do karate together after school, and are bullied by kids from another karate dojo. Jack stands up for them with some hidden karate skills of his own, leaving everyone in the cafeteria impressed. He quickly flees the scene after the fight. After school, the kids gather at the Bobby Wasabi martial arts dojo, where owner Rudy is given the bad news that he is in danger of being closed down, unless his students win two belts at the next meet. The kids recommend that Rudy bring Jack in as a member, but Rudy is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Jack heads through the mall on his skateboard, and is chased by mall police, where he ends up crashing into the dojo. As he tries to leave, he is arrested by mall police, but Rudy, who is impressed by Jack’s skills as he tried to escape, makes a deal with the kid: help Bobby Wasabi Dojo win two belts, and he’ll makes sure Jack doesn’t go to juvie. Jack agrees.

After facing trouble with the mall cops, Jack decides to join the Bobby Wasabi dojo

After facing trouble with the mall cops, Jack decides to join the Bobby Wasabi dojo

Later, when Jack is hanging out with the guys from the dojo, Kim stops by and asks to speak with Jack alone. Kim tells him that he should be at the best dojo in town: the Black Dragon dojo. She takes him there and shows off her black belt. The owner of the Black Dragons tries to get Jack to join them, but Jack refuses, as he gave his word already to Bobby Wasabi. When Rudy finds out that Jack even went to the Black Dragons, he gets angry and lets it slip that Jack was never going to go to juvie, but be banned from the mall for two weeks. Jack is furious, and decides to join the Black Dragons. He stops by the next day to pick up his things, and discovers that the dojo is closing. As the students say their farewells, Jack has a change of heart and decides to show the kids that they really can do karate, and will help them keep the gym open.

At the next advancement tournament, the Wasabi Warriors are ready to get their belts, with Eddie going first against a giant of a guy. Jack gives him a pep talk, telling Eddie to use his anger that has built up since Marge the Lunch Lady started kicking him around. Eddie is able to earn his first belt for the gym. Jerry is up next using nun-chucks, but accidentally hits himself in the groin and loses. Milton is up next, and needs to break more boards than his opponent. Milton is able to break two boards at once, and wins the dojo’s second belt, but the belt is taken away from him when he starts beating up a member of the Black Dragons, one of his bullies. It’s then Jack versus Kim, but one of the Black Dragons hurts Jack’s leg to cause him to lose. When Kim finds out that the Black Dragons cheated, she quits. Jack tries to win the belt for the dojo, as he wants to help his friends. Jack is able to win the belt, and Bobby Wasabi Dojo is saved. Later, Kim decides to join the Bobby Wasabi Dojo, telling them they need all the help they can get.

May 6

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May 6, 1985 – The Disney Channel Show Dumbo’s Circus Premieres


“Dumbo’s Circus, flying from town to town, now here’s the part that’s too good to be true: Dumbo’s Circus, Dumbo’s Circus, is coming to visit you!”

On May 6, 1985, the first episode of the combination live action-puppet Disney Channel series Dumbo’s Circus premiered. The premise of the show is that Dumbo has grown up after the events of the film, and now runs his own circus. The circus travels from town to town, flying through the air, thanks to Dumbo. Although the main character was taken from the 1941 film Dumbo, none of the other characters from the film appear in the series. The show used what was called “puppetronics,” which featured cast members in puppet suits with technology by Ken Forsse, the creator of Teddy Ruxpin. The series ran for 120 episodes, and reruns ran until February 28, 1997.

April 24

April 24, 2007 – The Hannah Montana Episode “Cuffs Will Keep Us Together” Airs on the Disney Channel


“Well, you normally don’t introduce “True Friend” as a touching little song about a two-faced backstabber.”

On April 24, the second episode of the second season of the popular Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana, entitled “Cuffs Will Keep Us Together” aired on the Disney Channel. The episode had 3.5 million viewers on its initial airdate. It was directed by Roger S. Christiansen, and written by Steven Peterman.

The episode opens in PE class, where Miley is furious that they have to play flag football again, as she is always the last one picked for a team. When best friend Lilly is picked as a team captain, Miley believes this is her one shot to not be picked last. However, as Lilly is determined to win, Miley is once again picked last for the teams, with Lilly not picking her at all. Later that day, Miley has a concert, but is still upset over the flag football incident, especially with what she perceives as a betrayal by Lilly. Lilly shows up at the concert, and Miley still acts bitter towards her.

Robby looks down at his own Silver Boot award after telling Miley she's won one for best country/pop crossover

Robby looks down at his own Silver Boot award after telling Miley she’s won one for best country/pop crossover

Meanwhile, Jackson and Robby being arguing over Jackson’s inability to listen to his father and do his chores, so Robby decides to give Jackson the silent treatment. At first, Jackson is thrilled that Robby won’t be nagging him anymore, but it quickly gets on his nerves. Robby gets a phone call and tells Miley that she just won an award called a Silver Boot for Best Country/Pop Crossover for her song “True Friend.” Miley is excited, and begins to say that she needs to tell Lilly, but remembers that she doesn’t want to talk to her best friend, as she’s still mad.

Miley runs to tell her friend Oliver about the award, but he tells her she needs to make up with Lilly, although she refuses. Meanwhile, Jackson has resorted to getting a tattoo to get Robby to speak to him again, but chickens out before he can get anything done, with Robby still keeping firm to the silent treatment. As Miley and Oliver sit together on the beach, Lilly walks by and asks Oliver to go surfing with her. The two begin to fight over Oliver, and he is so fed up with their fighting that he takes his mother’s old handcuffs and handcuffs them together. Miley panics, as she has to get ready for the awards ceremony in two hours, but Oliver has misplaced the key.

Oliver tries to unlock the handcuffs while Miley prepares for her award acceptance speech

Oliver tries to unlock the handcuffs while Miley prepares for her award acceptance speech

Jackson, desperate to have his father talk to him again, cleans the entire house and bakes Robby a cake. Robby starts talking again, and Jackson is relieved. Miley and Lilly continue fighting, but Miley needs to get ready for the show. The two struggle to get ready, and when they arrive at the studio, they are still fighting. When Oliver retrieves the key, it breaks, and is unable to take the handcuffs off. Miley has to give a speech about the song, and realizes the true meaning of friends. Lilly and Miley finally make up. At school the next day, they have to play flag football in PE again, and as they are still handcuffed together, Miley is picked second, along with Lilly.

March 29

March 29, 2011 – Body of Proof Premieres on ABC


 “The answers are all here. Because that’s what we do. I honor the body for what it tells me about Angela Swanson’s life, and how that life came to an end. The body is the proof, and will tell you everything you need to know, if you just have the patience to look.”

On March 29, 2011, the new medical series Body of Proof premiered on March 29, 2011, with its pilot episode. The series is about Dr. Megan Hunt, a talented medical examiner, who tries to juggle her personal life with her new job after a serious car accident forced her out of her old position as a neurosurgeon. The series currently is on its third season, and has been met with mixed reviews. It was created by Christopher Murphey, and stars Dana Delany as Megan Hunt, Jeri Ryan as Kate Murphy, John Carroll Lynch as Detective Bud Morris, Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop, Sonja Sohn as Samantha Baker, Mark Valley as Tommy Sullivan, and Elyes Gabel as Adam Lucas.

The episode begins with Dr. Megan Hunt getting a CAT scan, who has been pressuring people for more medical tests for her condition, but the doctors inform her that they can’t find anything wrong with her. Megan had been in a horrible car accident four years prior, and her career as a neurosurgeon is over. She has a new career as a medical examiner, and is soon called to a crime scene, as a body of a female jogger is pulled out of a river. Her partner, medical investigator Peter Dunlop, helps her with the scene, and she meets Detectives Bud Morris (with whom Megan does not get along) and Samantha Baker, who seems impressed at Megan’s skill from the initial meeting.

Many members of the medical center ask Megan for her advice with their cases

Many members of the medical center ask Megan for her advice with their cases

Megan arrives back at the Philadelphia County Medical Center, where she is highly regarded by the staff for her expertise. She calls her daughter’s cell phone, and it is revealed that she is estranged from her daughter and ex-husband, and is not even invited to attend her daughter’s birthday party. She then heads to the autopsy on the runner, where she frustrates Detective Morris again. Detective Baker then questions Megan as to why, if she used to be a big-shot neurosurgeon, is she working as a medical examiner. Megan replies simply that you can’t kill someone if they’re already dead.

Megan and Peter head to see the study of the brain samples, and finds that Angela has been hit on the head before, which could lead to several conclusions. It turns out that Angela had been pushed down a flight of stairs by her ex-boyfriend and put her in a coma a couple of years ago. When questioning the ex-boyfriend, Megan determines that the ex-boyfriend didn’t do it, once again annoying Morris. Megan and Peter head to Angela’s parents house, and find that her personality did change after her coma. Hearing about how Angela became loving to her family as she had been when she was younger makes Megan miss her daughter all the more, and reveals to Peter that everything spiraled out of control after her accident. Peter advises her to try and have some fun with her daughter rather buy her love, but Megan gets angry and dismisses Peter’s advice. Megan continues to study the body, looking for clues, and finds finger impressions on Angela’s neck. The also find that Angela did have sex before she died, and that the man in question had to have been married.

Morris is annoyed at Megan questioning the suspect, particularly because they don't have any proof about the suspect's alleged affair

Morris is annoyed at Megan questioning the suspect, particularly because they don’t have any proof about the suspect’s alleged affair

Megan has lunch with a friend an colleague, asking for his help to find the identity of the mystery lover. He then asks her if this “New Megan” that cares for the dead is for real, or is she just trying to work off the guilt of accidentally killing someone on the operating table. Megan responds weakly that it’s both, and he agrees to help without breaking doctor-patient confidentiality. When they question the man Bradford Paige, Megan jumps into the question of if he slept with Angela. Paige is furious and Megan is thrown out of his office. The case takes a turn when it is revealed that Angela had recently made partner in the law firm after a high-profile case, and Angela had given her client privileged information, which ties in with the personality change from after the coma.

Back at the medical center, Megan is pulled into the chief’s office, where her methods of asking for expensive medical tests are called into question, but Megan once again proves her worth and that she was right. Late at night, Peter finds her still in the lab, and he once again tries to help her see how to reach her daughter. However, the conversation is cut short by a phone call informing the two that Angela’s ex-boyfriend has been taken into custody for Angela’s murder. While he admits that he was in the park at the same time Angela was there, he says he only wanted to confront her about the incident that landed him in jail. Detective Morris, however, thinks he’s guilty. When Megan tells Morris that he has the wrong guy, he angrily suggests that Megan return to her old profession, and the truth of why Megan quit neurosurgery is revealed. When Peter asks her about it, she tells him she learned more about the woman she’d killed on the autopsy table than she ever did while she was alive, and that means a lot to her.

Megan heads to her ex-husband's to give her daughter a special birthday present

Megan heads to her ex-husband’s to give her daughter a special birthday present

Once more at the medical center, Megan works on a hunch and asks some tests be done on Angela’s stomach contents for prescription drugs, and then attends her daughter’s birthday party, invited or not. The present she gives her daughter was a key to Megan’s apartment, telling her daughter she’ll always be welcome there if she just wants to escape from the world. Without really waiting for a response, Megan walks away and heads back to work. The tox screen reveals that Angela has ingested amoxicillin, when she was supposed to be taking another drug. The detectives, Megan, and Peter head to Paige’s house to test Megan’s theory. While Paige finally admits that he did have an affair with Angela, Megan reveals that it was Paige’s wife that killed Angela, who found out about Paige’s affair thanks to Paige passing on strep throat to Angela after catching it from his son. She poisoned Angela’s sports drink with amoxicillin, which Angela was deathly allergic to, causing Angela to go into anaphylactic shock and drown in the river. Detective Morris begrudgingly acknowledges that she was right. Back at the morgue, she is met by Kate, Megan’s boss, who is impressed with Megan’s dedication, but warns her that if she lets every case get too personal, she’ll burn out quickly. Megan then heads home, and finds that her daughter left her some birthday cake on the kitchen counter. Megan samples the cake with a smile.

November 7

November 7, 2010 – The Disney Channel Original Series Shake It Up Premieres

“Make a scene, make a scene nobody can ignore, don’t knock it ’til you rock it, we can’t take it no more!”

On November 7, 2010, the Disney Channel Original Series Shake It Up premiered on the Disney Channel. The show is a buddy comedy about two girls, CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, who are background dancers on a local show called Shake It Up, Chicago, and land in a series of misadventures on and off the set. It is Disney’s third original series to use the “show-within-a-show” format, the other two being The Famous Jett Jackson and Sonny with a Chance. The series has earned mixed reviews. The show was created by Chris Thompson, and stars Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones, Zendaya as Rocky Blue, Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones, Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue, and Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez. The theme song “Shake It Up” is performed by Selena Gomez and the Scene.

The first episode, entitled “Start It Up!” begins with CeCe and Rocky dancing on a subway platform and passing around a hat for tips. Unfortunately, they don’t receive any tips for their performance. At home, CeCe gets ready for school, while her police officer mother heads to work. Joined by Rocky, the two rush to school, where their friend Deuce lets them know that their favorite show “Shake It Up, Chicago” is having auditions that weekend. As CeCe plans for the audition, Rocky begins to have second thoughts, fearing the competition.

While CeCe arrives excited for the audition, Rocky lets her nerves get the best of her

The two arrive at the audition, and Rocky’s nerves get the best of her. But the two do audition, and make it to the spotlight dance round. Rocky gets up on the stage, and finally breaks through her nerves, and it’s announced that she’s on the show. CeCe gets up on the stage, but is suddenly overcome by nerves and is frozen on stage. Rocky attempts to help her friend, but is unsuccessful. CeCe is disappointed that she blew it, and runs off stage. Rocky finds her later at the subway and tries to cheer her up.

The next day, Rocky decides that she doesn’t want to be on the show if CeCe isn’t on the show, but CeCe refuses to let her back out. The two arrive at the show just in time, and Rocky handcuffs herself to CeCe, claiming that she won’t dance without her friend (unfortunately for CeCe’s mom, Rocky stole her handcuffs, and she is unable to arrest a criminal). The two perform a standout dance on the stage while handcuffed. They impress the network enough to get CeCe on the show, although Rocky misplaced the key to the handcuffs (which was in fact stolen by CeCe’s brother Flynn).

October 27

October 27, 1954 – The Television Series Disneyland Premieres on ABC

“…this year, we want you to see and share with us the experience of building this dream into a reality.”

On October 27, 1954, the first episode of the Disney anthology series Disneyland premiered on ABC. The show, named after the theme park Walt Disney was planning to build, gave audiences glimpses of the dream that would become the California theme park. The first episode was entitled “The Disneyland Story,” and was directed by Robert Florey.

When Walt Disney was in the midst of creating his theme park, he realized that the only way he could secure enough funding was to embrace the new medium of television. He struck a deal with the then-fledgling ABC network, which agreed to help provide financing if he created a weekly hour-long television show for them, with Walt as host. This show made Walt Disney a familiar figure in households nationwide, and created several staples in popular culture, including the Davy Crockett craze of the 1950s.

“The Disneyland Story” begins with an aerial view of the Walt Disney Studio in Burbank, California. There is then a behind the scenes view at what is going on at the studios, including a look at the upcoming film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a live-action model stage for Sleeping Beauty, and some strange music being composed in the music department. The narrator takes us to a place called the Disneyland Plans Room, where “something unusual is going on in the studio today, something that never happened before.” Walt then takes over as host, introducing his vision of Disneyland, the four worlds of the park, and the format of the four worlds of the television show. Introducing Frontierland, he then presents a segment about the Davy Crockett serial that will soon begin filming, and introduces Fess Parker, who sings the theme song.

Going to Adventureland, Walt presents producer Ben Sharpsteen, who talks about the planned area and shows some films they’ve done of the Galapagos Islands, the Falkland Islands, Lapland, Morocco, and Portugal. Walt introduces Tomorrowland, and director and animator Ward Kimball explains the plans and ideas for the Tomorrowland segments, including designing and building the first passenger-carrying rocket. The last realm Disney introduces is Fantasyland, where “in this land, hopes and dreams are all that matter.” He then says that Uncle Remus would have called it a “laughing place,” which leads into the “laughing place” segment from Song of the South.

Walt Disney pulls down a book from his shelves that chronicles the life of his greatest star, Mickey Mouse

To remind everyone that “it all started with a mouse,” Walt then presents the story of Mickey Mouse, starting with his humble beginnings in the short film Plane Crazy. He introduces Mickey’s friends and fellow stars – Pluto, Goofy, and Donald – before presenting one of the most important roles in Mickey’s career: the role of the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia. After exploring Mickey’s career, clips are shown of the next week’s episode, a presentation of the Disney film Alice in Wonderland.

October 3

October 3, 1955 – The First Episode of The Mickey Mouse Club Premieres on ABC

“We are the Merry Mousketeers, Mouseketeers! We’ve got a lot above our ears, above our ears!”

On October 3, 1955, the first episode of The Mickey Mouse Club premiered on ABC. The series was a part of Walt Disney’s contract with ABC, which gave him the money needed to finance the building of Disneyland. The series was the second television series for Disney, and has become one of the most beloved television series ever released. The show was known for its animated opening and theme song, with Donald Duck having varying misfortunes as he struck a gong at the end. The show usually featured about 24 different Mouseketeers, with as many as 39 at one point. This series ran from 1955 to 1959.

The first episode, “Fun With Music Day,” begins with the Mickey Mouse Club Newsreel, which gives kids an idea of kids’ lives across the world. It starts in the Florida Everglades, where kids are on an airboat ride exploring the Everglades, the home of the Seminole Indians. The news then travels to Rome, where the Italians are celebrating Carnival. As they ride a merry-go-round, the kids play the song “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” from Cinderella on instruments. A world report follows, starting in London, where television star Sooty joins the Mickey Mouse Club. In Tokyo, veteran cameraman Henry Kotani brings the news of the Tokyo swim meet. Golden Oak Ranch is then shown, on location during the filming of The Adventures of Spin and Marty, then it’s going back to Burbank, where the camera shows the filming of Davy Crockett, following the cast on location to Kentucky. The camera then goes back to the Disney Studios, introducing the Mouseketeers.

The first showing of the Mousketeers, with hosts Jimmie and Roy

After a quick commercial break, the show returns, with host Jimmie Dodd introducing a tap dance routine by Mousketeers Don, Doreen, Darlene, Bobby, Annette, Lonnie, and Nancy. They are soon joined by Sharon, Mike, Karen, Cubby, Johnny, and Jimmie. Roy jumps in at the end before they sing an introduction song and the roll call. After this, the Mouseketeers present “A Mousekartoon Special” called The Friendly Farmers. They perform a song about farmers owning some animals, while a special guest acts out the animals.

The Mouseketeers then perform “The Shoe Song” with Roy drawing as they sing. Jimmie announces the Musketeers as they come in, performing in costumes ranging from clowns, to cowboys, to ballerinas. It ends with a “wedding” between Cubby and Karen, with several shoes tied to the back of their kart. This is then followed with a serial known as “What I Want To Be,” which explores the careers of a pilot and an airline hostess, as hosted by Alvy Moore. A young girl named Pat and a young boy named Duncan are taken to see what being a hostess and a pilot is really like, with the promise that the segment will continue the next day.

The title for the Mousekartoon, with one being shown every day

Following that is the Mousekartoon, presented by Karen. She lets the audience know that the cartoon that day is Pueblo Pluto, a short film originally released on January 14, 1949, with Jimmy MacDonald voicing Mickey. After the Mousekartoon, Jimmie steps on camera, introducing how the show will be set up from that episode forward, including the themes of the days of the week. After this, the Mouseketeers and Jimmie sing goodbye, and Mickey gives a goodbye as well.

September 10

September 10, 1993 – The Television Series Bill Nye the Science Guy Premieres

Image credit: wikipedia

“Bill Nye the Science Guy: brought to you by air. Without air, you ain’t flying.”

On September 10, 1993, the educational show Bill Nye the Science Guy premiered on PBS. The show was hosted by noted scientist Bill Nye, and was produced by Disney Educational Productions, with distribution by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. The show would present a topic, which Nye would explain with visuals in his lab. For instance, the first episode, Flight, explained to the audience how air pressure makes things fly. Most episodes would feature a parody of a pop song, with the song’s lyrics summarizing the lesson learned in the episode. The show was very popular among children, and ran until June 1998, winning several Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Children’s Series in 1999 and 2000.