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September 26

September 26, 1930 – The Silly Symphony Monkey Melodies is Released to Theaters


On September 26, 1930, the Silly Symphony Monkey Melodies was released to theaters. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

The short begins with monkeys dancing and swinging on vines, with all different kinds moving in their own way. Three chimps start singing and dancing in unison, entertaining the group of chimps on the branch above. A couple of parrots mimic the chimps, dancing hard enough to cause the coconuts above them to fall on their heads. One monkey starts picking the flowers from a nearby tree, and brings them to his sweetheart, and the two shyly interact before dancing together and sharing kisses. He hten starts feeding her bananas, before the two chase each other across the jungle, landing on a log in a river. Further down the river, several large crocodiles have taken up the melody and are dancing. The monkeys continue to sail down the river, unaware of the crocodiles, and not noticing one chasing after them. The crocodile catches up with them and taunts them, but the pair manages to escape before he can chomp down. After the crocodile, they run into a hippo, a snake, and a leopard. Fortunately, they are able to get away from those dangers, and end the short with a kiss.

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