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September 29

September 29, 1934 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey Plays Papa is Released to Theaters


“The clock struck twelve. A mysterious figure prowled about. It was a perfect night for a murder.”

On September 29, 1934, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey Plays Papa was released to theaters. An edited version of this short was shown on the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, only with Mickey edited out, and retitled Pluto and the Baby. The short was directed by Burt Gillett.

On a windy night, just as the bell tolls midnight, a mysterious figure approaches Mickey’s house. They spy on him reading The Cry in the Night, with him unknowingly describing the scene outside his window. The figure leaves a basket on Mickey’s doorstep, with a baby fast asleep inside, and pins a note: Please give little Elmer a good home He ain’t much trouble Thanks. The figure cries as they give baby Elmer up, and as Mickey reads the part about the murder in his book, they hear a loud scream from the porch. They carefully make their way to the door, but are startled silly from the book at the shaking caused by the wind. The baby and the basket are blown inside, and Mickey carefully takes the baby into his arms. He and Pluto are happy to see baby Elmer, but soon are clueless when it comes to stopping his cries. Mickey decides to cheer Elmer up with his Charlie Chaplin impression, which doesn’t impress Elmer. Mickey finally realizes that Elmer is hungry, and Pluto offers Elmer his bone, which the baby throws back at Pluto’s nose. Pluto then performs a few tricks of his own, but can’t stop the baby from crying. Pluto then gets distracted by a wind-up duck toy, and destroys it after it runs into him.

Mickey ends up getting the top of the bottle stuck on his nose as he prepares Elmer's bottle

Mickey ends up getting the top of the bottle stuck on his nose as he prepares Elmer’s bottle

Mickey finishes making Elmer a bottle, only to get the top stuck on his nose. When he tries to remove it using a drawer, the drawer and all the sharp contents fly out and trap Mickey against the wall. Pluto, meanwhile, accidentally swallows a jumping rabbit toy, and when he hits the pump, the rabbit jumps inside, causing Pluto to fly into the air. As he jumps about, trying to free himself from the toy, he knocks over a table, which knocks the toy out of him, but a fishbowl lands on his behind, and the fish begins to bite him. He is able to free himself after trapping himself in a trunk. Mickey is finally successful in pulling off the top of the bottle, but his nose is elongated in the process. Elmer finally laughs at Mickey’s appearance, and Mickey does an impression of screen actor Jimmy Durante.


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