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August 22

August 22, 2008 – The Disney Channel Original Movie The Cheetah Girls: One World Premieres


“Don’t miss where you are now because you are anxious for the future.”

On August 22, 2008, the Disney Channel Original Movie The Cheetah Girls: One World premiered. The film is the third and final film in the Cheetah Girls film series, and the first film not to feature Raven-Symone as the character Galleria. The film was filmed on location in India, and Disney Channel viewers were given the chance to choose elements of the film. A soundtrack to the film was released on August 19, 2008. The film was written by Nisha Ganatra and directed by Paul Hoen. It starred Adrienne Bailon as Chanel, Sabrina Bryan as Dorinda, Kiely Williams as Aqua, Michael Steger as Vik, Kunal Sharma as Amar, Deepti Darayanani as Gita, Rupak Ginn as Rahim, and Roshan Seth as Uncle Kamal.

The film begins in New York City, where the girls are auditioning a song for an agent, but unfortunately don’t get the deal. The group is no longer a foursome, as Galleria got accepted to Cambridge. The group discusses how things have changed before heading to get something to eat. They head to an Indian restaurant, where Dorinda is fixated on the statue of Ganesh, the “remover of obstacles.” They continue talking about everything that is going on, and realize that maybe they don’t have the time to work as the group anymore. Suddenly, Chanel gets a phone call asking them to audition for a film, and the three readily accept. They head to the audition a few days later, and meet the director named Vik, who falls for Chanel at first sight. Unfortunately, the three realize that they’re on their way to India – it’s a Bollywood movie, not a Hollywood movie. Aqua refuses to go, as goes Dorinda, but Chanel convinces them that this is the biggest chance they’ll have. Unfortunately, there’s another snag: Vik was only supposed to bring one girl, not three, to star in the film, but he keeps this information from the girls.

The girls' first activity in India is a crazy cab ride through the streets

The girls’ first activity in India is a crazy cab ride through the streets

The girls arrive in India, not knowing what to expect. While out shopping, Dorinda is called over by a priest, and is asked to tie a ribbon to the tree and make a wish. All three decide to participate, and make their wishes quickly. The next day, the three get ready for their first day of filming. Vik explains that the film is a modern day remake of the Bollywood classic Namaste Bombay, with Americans to make it more marketable. They meet their costar Rahim, who is considered Bollywood royalty, and their choreographer, Gita, who are dorky and clumsy when the two are together as they have feelings for each other. Gita, however, is mean to the girls, which makes Dorinda angry, and the three challenge her to a dance-off. The dance-off ends well, though, although when they meet Vik’s uncle Kamal, the good mood disappears fast. Kamal decides that he will choose one Cheetah to be the lead of the film, and the three will have to audition against each other.

The Cheetahs walk off the set, with Dorinda and Aqua furious that they gave up their summer plans for this film, and tell Chanel that maybe the Cheetah Girls are over. Chanel apologizes to her friends for dragging them into this, and they finally decide to audition, with everyone deciding to go for it fair and square. After they agree, Aqua gets a phone call from Kevin, a tech support guy she’s been flirting with for weeks. After finding out that they’re in the same city, the two meet and start talking, with Kevin revealing that his real name is Amar. Dorinda tries to talk Aqua out of her burgeoning romance, thanks to her own experience with a long-distance relationship, but Chanel tells her to let Aqua have some fun. Later, Dorinda runs across the same priest again, who tells her to focus on the present. She admits that she’s afraid of change, and he tells her that the important things will always remain with her, regardless of change, and gives her a Ganesh charm. Chanel goes on a date with Amar, while Dorinda heads to the set. She tells Rahim that he acts like a dork around Gita, and he admits he’d never kissed a girl for real before, and he has real feelings for Gita. He asks for Dorinda’s help to be less of a dork in front of Gita, and he’ll help her with her audition.

Vik confides in Chanel that this is his one chance to be a filmmaker, and he can't blow it

Vik confides in Chanel that this is his one chance to be a filmmaker, and he can’t blow it

Chanel talks with Vik, who is rewriting the script again, explaining how this is his one shot to reach his dream. Chanel feels conflicted, as this is also her one chance, and feels she wants it more than the others, but doesn’t want to lose her friends. The movie runs into more problems, as Vik’s uncle is spending as little as possible on the film, since Vik is over-budget and behind schedule. His solution comes in the form of Aqua’s friend Amar, who will take them to his parents’ village to hold the auditions and keep filming during the Festival of Colors. Amar reveals that he’s actually semi-royalty, and his parents own a palace, where they can film for free, on one condition: Aqua gets the lead. Aqua is less than thrilled about this news, however. Dorinda sees Chanel hanging out with Vik, and believes that Chanel is using the relationship to get the lead part. All of the Cheetahs are led to believe that the others are not playing fair with the auditions, using every advantage they can: Chanel with Vik, Aqua with Amar, and Dorinda with Rahim.

Finally, the auditions arrive, and while everyone tries to convince Kamal who is the best, Kamal makes the final decision: Chanel. Although Chanel is happy, Dorinda and Aqua are furious. After thinking about it, the girls talk and decide their friendship is too important to lose over this, and Chanel decides to refuse the part. Dorinda finally pushes Rahim to confess his love to Gita, and he is thrilled when she reciprocates. While happy for them, Dorinda is still heartbroken over her failed romance, and decides to call her ex-boyfriend, asking if they can be friends instead. The girls get an idea to have Gita play the star of the film, and Vik finally stands up to his uncle with his decision. Kamal agrees, and everyone helps to put together the film, with the girls staring in a scene, singing the song “One World.”

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