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August 27

August 27, 1931 – The Silly Symphony Egyptian Melodies is Released to Theaters



On August 27, 1931, the Silly Symphony Egyptian Melodies was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

The short begins at the Sphinx, where a spider is playing in his web on the front, when the door mysteriously opens. Curious, the spider decides to head inside, beckoning the audience to follow him in. He carefully makes his way inside, but is nearly crushed by a block and falls down some stairs. He finally finds an hourglass, which sets off like an alarm, waking some nearby mummies. The mummies step out of their sarcophagi and start to dance, scaring the spider enough to make him hide inside a pot. He then looks to see some markings on the wall start to march and dance across the walls inside. The pharaoh in the drawings is entertained by a chariot race in the wall above him, and everyone cheers on their favorite racer. Fighting ensues between the soldiers watching the race, and the spider can only watch as the walls continue dancing and spinning. The spider soon flees the Sphinx, and is seen running across the desert wildly.

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