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July 30

July 30, 1942 – The World War II Educational Short Out of the Frying Pan into the Firing Line is Delivered


“Your pound of waste fat will give some boy at the front an extra clip of cartridges.”

On July 30, 1942, the World War II educational short film Out of the Frying Pan into the Firing Line was delivered to the U.S. government. The short was sponsored by the Conversation Division and the War Production Board, and distributed by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Pictures Industry. It was directed by Ben Sharpsteen.

Minnie is cooking bacon and eggs in a pan on the stove, and the smell attracts Pluto, who is eating his dinner nearby. He scoffs at his dinner, but Minnie offers to give him some leftover bacon grease. As she gets ready to pour it in his bowl, they hear a voice telling them not to throw away the grease. They both turn to the radio, where an announcer informs them that the fats are needed to help win the war, much to Pluto’s annoyance. The fats are used to make glycerin, which is then used to make explosives. Every year, the announcer continues, two billion pounds of waste animal fats are thrown away, which is equivalent to enough glycerin to make 10 billion rapid-fire cannon shells. He continues to give examples about how a little grease goes a long way to helping the war effort. Hearing this, Pluto looks to a picture of solider Mickey on the wall and gives him a salute. Minnie asks Pluto again if he still wants the bacon grease, and Pluto declines. The announcer then instructs Minnie how to store her fats before donating them to the war effort. Pluto donates the fats at the butcher shop, and is rewarded with a string of sausages.


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