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July 29

July 29, 1933 – The Silly Symphony Old King Cole is Released to Theaters

“Once upon a time in Storybook Land, Old King Cole sent out a royal command calling his subjects to the castle hall: everyone’s invited to the royal ball!”

On July 29, 1933, the Silly Symphony Old King Cole was released to theaters. It was directed by Dave Hand.

The short begins with Old King Cole announcing that he’s having a ball, and all of his subjects are invited. The trumpets sound, announcing the start, and the Pied Piper comes out of his storybook, bringing the rats with him to the castle. He’s followed by Little Boy Blue, who sounds his horn, followed by the Crooked Man and his crooked cat and crooked mouse. Mother Hubbard attends as well, with her dog, as they pop out of their cupboards from their storybook. The kids of the old woman that lived in a shoe start cheering a skipping to the party, along with other famous storybook characters. Old King Cole welcomes them to the party, but warns them that they must go home when the clock strikes midnight. The first act begins, as a dance done by Mary Mary Quite Contrary and her flowers. More storybook acts follow, popping out of Pandora’s Box in rapid succession, ending with Ten Little Indians, who dance around Old King Cole. The dancing continues around the castle in a merry fashion. Suddenly, Hickory, Dickory, and Dock announce that it’s midnight, and everyone rushes back to their storybooks as fast as they can. Old King Cole wishes them goodnight, and leaves a bottle of milk out for the next morning before his storybook closes.

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