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March 24

March 24, 1972 – The Country Bear Jamboree Opens in Disneyland

“Have a knee-slappin’ good time at Country Bear Jamboree!”

On March 24, 1972, the Audio-Animatronic attraction Country Bear Jamboree opened in Disneyland’s Bear Country (now Critter Country). Based on the original Walt Disney World attraction that opened in 1971, the attraction features 18 bears singing and dancing in a country-music themed show. The attraction had been planned since the 1960s, as it was originally intended to be part of the Mineral King Ski Resort. The Disneyland attraction was renamed the Country Bear Playhouse in 1986, but was eventually closed on September 9, 2001; it was replaced with the new Winnie the Pooh attraction.

March 21

March 21, 1975 – The Mission to Mars Attraction Opens in Disneyland

“Welcome to Mission Control, space travelers.”

On March 21, 1975, the Mission to Mars attraction opened in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. An updated version of the Flight to the Moon attraction was required after Americans landed on the moon in 1969, rendering it as obsolescent. The solution was to change the destination to Mars, incorporating clips from the Disneyland anthology episode “Mars and Beyond” from 1957 to give guests an idea of what they could expect from a trip to the red planet. A version of this attraction opened in Walt Disney World on June7, 1975, closing on October 4, 1993. The Disneyland version would itself go on to close on November 2, 1992.

March 16

March 16, 1974 – The Magic Carpet ‘Round the World Film Attraction Opens in Walt Disney World

On March 16, 1974, the film attraction Magic Carpet ‘Round the World opened in Walt Disney World’s Circle-Vision Theatre in Tomorrowland. The film, replacing America the Beautiful, took guests on a 360 degree journey around the world. The film’s run only lasted until March 14, 1975, and was replaced by a revised version of America the Beautiful. The film was also shown in Tokyo Disneyland, opening on April 15, 1983, and closing on May 16, 1986.

January 30

January 30, 1971 – Disneyland Hosts Two-Day Alice in Wonderland Days Event


“Meet Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Walrus and pose for pictures with them at Alpine Gardens…”

On January 30, 1971, Disneyland hosted the two-day event Alice in Wonderland Days. The event was a celebration of all things Alice in Wonderland, complete with two parades that traveled from Main Street U.S.A. to the it’s a small world attraction in Fantasyland. Special photo ops were also available with characters Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Walrus, held in the Alpine Gardens area between Tomorrowland and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

November 18

November 18, 1978 – Mickey Mouse Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


“With his unfailing good cheer, Mickey Mouse appears to be one of the last dependable figures in a world beset by turmoil and confusion.” – Charles Solomon, L.A. Times Reporter

On November 18, 1978, Mickey Mouse was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, becoming the first cartoon character with this distinction. Located on 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Mickey’s star was a culmination of his popularity and his presence as the face of the Walt Disney Company. The honor also coincided with the official announcement from the Disney Archives that November 18, the day that Steamboat Willie first premiered in 1928, would be officially known as Mickey’s birthday.

October 6

October 6, 1971 – The Sunshine Pavilion in Walt Disney World is Officially Dedicated


“Millions in the years ahead will visit the Sunshine Pavilion, and they will appreciate the Citrus Commission for making this moment possible.” – President of Walt Disney Productions Donn B. Tatum

On October 6, 1971, the Adventureland area the Sunshine Pavilion was officially dedicated after being opened on October 1. This area featured the Walt Disney World version of the Enchanted Tiki Room, then known as The Tropical Serenade, and featured its own mascot: the Orange Bird. Singer Anita Bryant was on hand at the dedication to perform two songs especially for the area: “The Orange Bird Song” and “Orange Tree.” Reubin Askew, then-Governor of Florida, was also on hand to press a special button that formally opened the attraction; he was joined by several cabinet officers and members of the Florida Department of Citrus.

April 15

April 15, 1973 – The Attraction The Walt Disney Story Opens on Walt Disney World’s Main Street


On April 15, 1973, the attraction The Walt Disney Story opened on Main Street in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. The attraction was a movie about Walt Disney, narrated by Walt himself through archival footage, and was one of the only free attractions at the park, as coupons were still being used at the time. The queue for the attraction also gave guests a look at some rare Disney memorabilia and collectables. While similar to the original Disneyland attraction, the Walt Disney World version gave guests a look at what was to come, including a look at Epcot, as well as a look at the Disney-MGM Studios. The attraction closed on October 5, 1992.