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January 21

January 21, 2005 – The Animated Series American Dragon: Jake Long Premieres on Disney Channel


“He’s young, he’s fast, he’s the chosen one.”

On January 21, 2005, the animated series American Dragon: Jake Long premiered on the Disney Channel. The series revolved around character Jake Long, who is secretly from a long line of dragons, and must train to become the American Dragon, defender of all mythical creatures hidden in New York City. It lasted for 52 episodes in two seasons. The series was created by Jeff Goode, and stars Dante Basco as Jake, Keone Young as Lao Shi, John DiMaggio as Fu Dog, Mae Whitman as Rose/Huntsgirl, and Jeff Bennett as Huntsman.

The series’ first episode, “Old School Training,” starts off with an explanation from Lao Shi, Jake’s grandfather, laying out the responsibility Jake has in protecting all the mystical creatures hidden within New York City. Jake needs to master his training, but Jake seems more preoccupied with the cool side of being a dragon rather than honing his skills. Lao Shi tries to get Jake to understand that he must pay attention, when Lao Shi’s companion Fu Dog discovers the tracks of the Huntsman. The Huntsman is out tracking unicorns, and it’s up to Jake to stop him. Jake is worried about going after the Huntsman alone, and while he gets the courage to attack, he messes up. When Jake finally gets his act together, he gets knocked out by the Huntsgirl. Jake is saved by Lao Shi, and Lao Shi announces that they will be upping his training. At school the next day, Jake’s teacher Professor Rotwood starts lecturing his students on dragons but Jake is not paying attention. Rotwood is bitter because his fervor for mythological creatures has made him a laughingstock in the educational community.

Jake bumps into new girl Rose, and it's love at first sight

Jake bumps into new girl Rose, and it’s love at first sight

After class, Jake’s friends Trixie and Spud invite him to skateboard in the park, but Jake heads off to work in his grandfather’s shop. As he leaves, he bumps into a girl, and he is immediately smitten with her. As Jake arrives to training, he is unaware that he is being watched by the Huntsman and Huntsgirl. The training Jake has, however, is less than ideal, with Lao Shi having Jake clean the toilet with his dragon tongue. Jake then has to continue doing more “old school” training, as Lao Shi puts it, but it’s more like chores that Jake doesn’t want to do. He heads home and complains to his mom, wishing that he was just a normal kid, like his dad. His dad is unaware that he’s married into a family of mythical dragons, and his mom won’t tell him. Jake is still upset that he’s got a whole city to protect, but Jake’s mom reassures him that all he needs to do is trust his grandfather. At school the next day, Jake spies the new girl, who is named Rose, and as he starts dreaming about her, he is interrupted by Trixie and Spud. They invite him out again, but Jake has to turn them down and head to his training. Angered by the chores he has to do, Jake decides to ditch training and head off with his friends.

At the shop, Lao Shi is worried as Jake is an hour late, and the Huntsman and Huntsgirl arrive to attack Lao Shi. Lao Shi attacks at first, but is soon captured. Fu Dog manages to escape by flushing himself down the toilet, and goes to look for Jake. In the sewers, he comes across an old friend of his, a one-eyed sewer troll, who helps him get to the East Side. Fu Dog finds Jake, and explains that Lao Shi has been kidnapped. While Fu Dog thinks they should get help, Jake believes he can handle it alone and save his grandfather. Unfortunately, Jake’s antics nearly ruin his father’s dinner with his clients, though his father conveniently misses Jake’s dragon form appearance. Jake arrives and battles the Huntsgirl. As the Huntsman takes over, Lao Shi calls out a few commands from the chores, and Jake realizes that he really was being trained all along. Jake manages to defeat the Huntsman with an unconventional method, and saves his grandfather; he then promises to go to training on time from now on.


January 20

January 20, 2014 – The Computer Animated Series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Premieres on Disney Junior


“Hey! I’m Callie, and I’m the sheriff, got my badge here on my vest. I’m ridin’, I’m ropin’, I’m makin’ friends, some say I’m the best in the West!”

On January 20, 2014, the computer animated preschool series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West premiered on Disney Junior with four segments in two episodes. The series had premiered on the Disney Junior app on November 24, 2013, before being broadcast on the cable channel. The series has received positive reviews, and has been renewed for a second season after receiving fantastic ratings. It was developed by George Evelyn, Holly Huckins, and Denis Morella, and stars Mandy Moore as Sheriff Callie, Lucas Grabeel as Deputy Peck, and Jessica DiCiccio as Toby.

The first segment, “Train Bandits,” begins with the train coming down the tracks and scaring the jackrabbits. Callie is on the train with her friends, ready to compete in the Sheriff’s Contest in Junctionville. Governor Gopher is in charge of the trophy, which Callie admires. Everyone is excited to be on the train, and Callie sings a song for the passengers. Afterwards, she and Peck head to the refreshment car for a drink while Toby watches the scenery out the window. While in the car, a shady gang of cowboys locks them in and heads back to steal the valuables from the other passengers. Callie tries to rush after them, and realizes that the only way she can save everyone is to cross across the top of the train. She and Peck narrowly make it through a tunnel, and manage to make it in to find everyone stuck to the wall with tape. Hearing that they stole the trophy, Callie and Peck head out to rescue the trophy and everyone’s valuables. The bandits manage to disengage the train from its passenger cars, and send the passengers down the track with the broken bridge. Callie has to decide whether to save the passengers or capture the bandit, and decides to save the passengers, but warns the bandits that they haven’t seen the last of her. Callie quickly comes up with a plan, and has the passengers run to one side of the car, making them able to cross over one remaining track and her rope. As the train arrives back on the main track, Callie is also able to capture the bandits and save the trophy. At the contest, Callie is awarded the Golden Star Trophy for her bravery.

Callie has to sit the brothers down to see why they're fighting

Callie has to sit the brothers down to see why they’re fighting

The second segment, “A Dirty Dusty Apology,” takes place in a mine, where two pig brothers named Dirty Dan and Dusty have gotten a lot of silver in their day’s work. As they head out, one brother surprises the other with a special soup. The two play in the mud, until Sheriff Callie comes looking for them. Callie tells them that the town desperately needs iron, and the boys readily agree to help. Unfortunately, the two start arguing over which way to go to find the iron in the mine, and the fight to the point where they decide to separate. The two hurry to the hardware stores to get their own supplies, continuing their fight in front of Uncle Bun. Everyone is upset about the fight, and Peck decides to try and straighten things out between them. After they refuse to talk to Peck, Callie ropes them and tries to help them resolve the situation through the song. Unfortunately, the two are stubborn, and head into the mine separately and mine iron. The two end up breaking their hand cart and are sent hurtling through the tracks and down the dirt road. The two manage to apologize before nearly heading off a cliff, but Callie is able to save them from their wild ride. In the end, the two are able to take their iron to town, and head back home.

The third segment, “Horseshoe Peck,” begins with Callie’s lasso practice, and an exploration of everyone’s special talents. Peck feels like he’s not good at anything, but Callie gets the idea to have Peck try a game of horseshoes. Uncle Bun teaches peck how to play, and he’s a natural at horseshoes, finding his sport. He manages to beat everyone in town, and while he first is very humble, Peck’s confidence grows into outright arrogance. He quickly gets a reputation as a bad sport, with no one wanting to play him. Mr. Dillo, on his way away from Peck, runs into Callie, and tells her of Peck’s bad attitude; as more members of the town complain to Callie, she heads over to see him for herself. Upset at Peck’s attitude, Callie challenges Peck to a game of horseshoes. Peck loses his confidence when he has a bad throw, and Callie ends up winning the game. Peck is crushed, and tells Callie to brag and celebrate, but Callie reminds him that the game is supposed to fun itself. Peck then patches up his friendship with Toby, and the two play a friendly game of horseshoes.

Peck and Toby run into trouble when asked to watch Callie's gold nugget

Peck and Toby run into trouble when asked to watch Callie’s gold nugget

The last segment, “Callie’s Golden Nugget,” finds the trio panning for gold in the river, although Peck finds only horseshoes and Toby finds a goldfish. Callie is able to find a gold nugget, and the three hurry to town to trade it for money. As they cross over the bridge, Toby nearly falls through a rotten plank, and Callie has to help the three get over the bridge with her lasso. She decides to use the money from the nugget to fix the bridge. As she gets ready to head to the bank, Farmer Stinky stops by to ask for her help with his cattle. She asks Toby and Peck to watch over her nugget while she helps the farmer, and the pair readily agree through a song. Peck and Toby struggle to find the safest place to hide the nugget, but accidentally lose the nugget. When Callie returns, the Peck lies to her, as he still can’t find it. Peck and Toby head back to the river to find another nugget like Callie’s. Peck manages to find a rock that looks similar, and decides to paint it gold to replace Callie’s missing nugget. Toby is concerned about the lying to Callie, but Peck convinces him that it’s okay. After Callie announces her intention to fix the bridge, the ruse is soon revealed after the rock falls into a bucket of water and the paint washes off. Peck admits the truth, and Callie forgives them. The three search once again for the nugget, and it’s revealed that it was on Callie’s desk, under Peck’s hat, all along. Callie then gets the money to rebuild the bridge, much to the happiness of the residents.

January 19

January 19, 1951 – The Chip ‘n’ Dale Short Film Chicken in the Rough is Released to Theaters


“Hey, hurry up and come with me – I found something terrific!”

On January 19, 1951, the Chip ‘n’ Dale short film Chicken in the Rough was released to theaters. This was the first short in the short-lived series featuring just the classic duo. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Bill Berg.

The short begins on an early morning at a farm, where Chip and Dale quickly are busy collecting acorns. A rooster looks inside the hen house, waking up the sleeping chickens before tending to his hen, whose eggs still aren’t hatching. Poor papa rooster walks around nervously, before being accidentally pelted with acorns when Dale trips in the tree. Chip and Dale hurry to the ground to retrieve their acorns, when Dale ends up inside the hen house. Spotting the eggs, he thinks that walnuts are hidden inside, and goes to fetch Dale. Chip tells him that they’re nothing but eggs and hurries back to his acorns, leaving Dale to pout as he sits on top of an egg. As soon as Dale perches on the egg, the egg hatches, and the chick inside takes to Dale, with Dale taking the chick as his own. Chip has Dale take the chick back, but the chick won’t leave Dale. Dale hides inside the pieces of the egg shell, hoping the chick will imitate him, but the chick sneaks away just as the hen returns and nests. Finding it too hot inside the egg, Dale tries to make his way out, with the hen thinking one of her eggs is hatching. She calls out for the rooster and sprints outside, giving Dale only a few moments to hide back inside the egg. Dale manages to sneak outside in the egg shell, but the ruse is soon up, and Dale has to pretend to be a chick. The rooster tries to force Dale to eat a worm, and both Dale and the worm hide together. Dale convinces the worm to pretend it’s being eaten, but the rooster is too smart for the pair. As the hen rescues Dale from the rooster, Dale realizes that he’s completely trapped, and Chip laughs at him from a tall perch.

January 18

January 18, 1999 – The Disney Channel Original Series So Weird Premieres


“In the darkness is the light…”

On January 18, 1999, the Disney Channel Original Series So Weird premiered. The series was a departure for the Disney Channel, as it contained darker fare than usual as it explored the supernatural. The story revolved around Fi Phillips, a girl obsessed with tracking the paranormal as she travels with her singer-songwriter mother Molly, her brother Jack, manager Irene Bell, her husband Dave, and their sons Clu and Carey (Clu was a main character in the first season, with Carey taking Clu’s place in the latter two). After two seasons, Fi was written off the show and replaced with character Annie Thelen; this change also brought a lighter overall tone to the series. The series was created by Tom J. Astle, and starred Cara DeLizia as Fi, Mackenzie Phillips as Molly, Patrick Levis as Jack, Erik von Detten as Clu, Belinda Metz as Irene, Dave “Squatch” Ward as Dave, Eric Lively as Carey, and Alexz Johnson as Annie.

January 17

January 17, 2014 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9 Premieres


“Now this is what I call fashionably late.”

On January 17, 2014, the Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9 premiered. It was written by Justin Ware, Don D. Scott, and Katie Wech, and directed by Paul Hoen. It starred Dove Cameron as Kayla, Luke Benward as Will, Mike C. Manning as Nick Swift, and Kiersey Clemmons as Skye Sailor.

The movie begins with Kayla Morgan, a spoiled teenager, arriving home to find a present from her father before remembering that she’s late to arrive at her snowboarding competition. Kayla is a snowboarding champion, and although she manages to score well, her prima donna behavior frustrates her teammates and her coach. Meanwhile, Will Cloud is working in his family’s kennel, wishing to put his snowboarding past behind him. He runs into Kayla and her boyfriend Nick on the slopes, with Kayla revealing that Will was a legend in the making, but had to leave it all behind after an accident. Will’s friends try to convince him to snowboard again, but he still refuses. That night, Kayla and Nick arrive at a special party for the team, and Nick’s father, Coach Swift, thinks that Nick’s best isn’t good enough. But the excitement still rises when Coach Swift reveals that the upcoming Fire & Ice competition will be broadcast on national television, but Kayla soon finds Nick being berated by his father.

Kayla and Nick head out after the party, with Nick admitting he wants to try the dangerous move, the "Cloud 9"

Kayla and Nick head out after the party, with Nick admitting he wants to try the dangerous move, the “Cloud 9”

Later that night, Kayla and Nick talk more about the competition, with Nick wanting to do the “Cloud 9” – the move that cost Will his snowboarding career. They find Will’s sled behind the sign for the resort and decide to take it for a ride, which ends with Kayla crashing through the sign and destroying Will’s sled. Nick and the rest of the team abandon Kayla, leaving Kayla to take the blame. To pay for Will’s sled, her parents decide that Kayla’s punishment is to work at Will’s family kennel every day after school. Will isn’t happy about the arrangement, and tells Kayla that she’s not good at anything except shopping; furthermore, she’s decent but lazy on the slopes, and only made the Swift team because her father owns the resort. The next day, Kayla heads into the kennel, but argues with Will from the beginning. Things get worse for Kayla when Coach Swift kicks her off the team for her antics, even though the boys on the team were also guilty, and Nick tells her that she’s only a champion because the competition was fixed so her father would keep financing the team. Kayla is crushed, as she feels she’s a fake.

Kayla continues to work at the kennel, but runs into trouble every which way, especially as one of the dogs manages to free the others and they all escape. Kayla chases them to the nearby hangout, and finds her boyfriend with his friends. At her low point, he decides to dump her, as he says he needs to focus on her training. She arrives back with all the dogs and starts to cry about her misfortune, and is even more crushed when she is not fired from the kennel job. She confides in her friends that she really liked Nick, but Pia reassures Kayla that this can only mean that something incredible could come out of all of this. Inspired, Kayla strikes up a deal with Will: she’ll help fix up the kennel if he’ll train her for Fire & Ice. Will refuses, however, as the injury the other year nearly cost him his life. Kayla continues to badger him, although he doesn’t think she’s serious enough to compete. Kayla is even more determined to win when she finds that she’s already been replaced on her old team. Will finally decides to help her, and she joins his old team.

Kayla's world collides with Will's after she joins his old team

Kayla’s world collides with Will’s after she joins his old team

Kayla’s friends are surprised to hear of Kayla’s plans, but Kayla is ready to take on her old team and their new teammate, Skye Sailor. Kayla and Skye have a confrontation at the resort lodge, with Kayla challenging her. Kayla decides, with Will’s lecturing, that she needs to show Skye what she’s made of on the slopes, and starts practicing. Kayla gets better and better, much to Will’s surprise. Kayla also renovates the kennel, with Will and his mother loving the change. Will’s mom thanks Kayla for making Will happy again, as it was thought that he’d never be the same after his accident. Later, Will and Kayla get ice cream, with Will admitting that Kayla looks like a real threat. Kayla tries to convince Will to try boarding again and competing in Fire & Ice, and he promises that he’ll think about it. The next morning, Kayla overhears her father saying that there’s no way that Kayla can win against Team Swift, but that only makes Kayla want to win more, and asks Will to teach her the Cloud 9. Will refuses, and tells her that she doesn’t believe in herself enough. She then decides to head up to the top of the tallest peak so she can snowboard down and prove that she has no fear.

Kayla is nervous when she reaches the top of the peak, but keeps telling herself that nothing’s impossible. The helicopter films her performance, sending the feed live back to the resort, with everyone watching as she makes her way down. She does well for the first part, until an avalanche basically follows her down the peak, and she wipes out. Will hurriedly makes his way up the resort to save her with one of the dogs from the kennel, and manages to pull her out unharmed. She once again tries to convince Will to teach her the Cloud 9, and he reluctantly agrees. Will also agrees to get back on the board, and heads out on a practice run. Kayla gets slightly distracted when she finds her old boyfriend Nick dating Skye, but realizes that she may have feelings for Will. Will begins teaching her the Cloud 9, which is a move with three rotations in the air. Kayla tries again and again to get the move, but continues to fall. She continues to practice into the night, with Skye and Coach Swift watching. Skye tells Coach Swift that Kayla isn’t the pampered princess he made her out to be, but can actually ride.

Will is afraid of Kayla getting hurt, and decides to stop teaching her the Cloud 9

Will is afraid of Kayla getting hurt, and decides to stop teaching her the Cloud 9

Will decides not to let Kayla practice the Cloud 9 anymore, as he’s afraid that she’ll get injured the way he did. The two finally share a kiss, and Kayla reassures him that she’s all in, and needs him to believe in her. She runs into Coach Swift on her way home, and he apologizes to her for kicking her off the team and asks her for another chance, inviting her back on the team before Fire & Ice. Although it looks like Kayla is rejoining Team Swift, she decides to stay with Team Hotdoggers. The Fire & Ice competition begins, and the teams are doing really well. Finally, it’s time for Kayla’s competition, and Kayla has an incredible first run, beating Skye Sailor. For the second run, Skye takes the lead, with Kayla needed a near perfect score to beat her. Before Kayla heads up, her father finds her to apologize for not believing in her. Coach Swift berates the scene between Kayla and her father, and Nick loses it, as he’s tired of his dad not giving him any praise, and tells her the truth: on Coach Swift’s orders, Nick steered the sled into the sign so there was a reason to kick Kayla off the team. This news makes Kayla all the more determined to win the competition with the Cloud 9. She heads out on her run, and nails the Cloud 9, achieving the perfect score necessary to win not only the women’s division, but the overall competition for her team.

January 16

January 16, 1932 – The Silly Symphony The Bird Store is Released to Theaters


On January 16, 1932, the Silly Symphony The Bird Store was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson. Caricatures of the Marx Brothers are also found in this short film

The short begins with the birds in the store all chirping at once, but slowly turning into a beautiful melody by two canaries. Other birds are seen singing in their own ways, including two sets of doves that find their mates flirting with others. A parrot chases a flea to a typewriter, and flicks it away, but scares itself in the process and runs into the phone. Outside the window of the shop, a hungry cat licks its lips, watching as a baby canary is taught how to sign by its parents. While celebrating, the baby falls out into a bag of seed, and does not see the cat enter the shop and attack. All the birds in the shop notice the attack, and in an attempt to save the baby, they all spring into action, using a blowtorch to trap the cat in a cage. They then send his cage flying so he lands in the city dog pound after reuniting the baby with its parents.

January 15

January 15, 1975 – The Thrill Ride Attraction Space Mountain Opens in Walt Disney World


“Hurtle through the cosmos to the edge of the galaxy and back!”

On January 15, 1975, the Tomorrowland thrill ride attraction Space Mountain opened in Walt Disney World. The attraction traces its creation to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, with its popularity proving to Walt and WED that thrill attractions did have their place in Disneyland. Space Mountain was then conceived, but forced aside when Imagineers ran into problems of design and space, but was brought back and built for Walt Disney World. RCA was contacted to sponsor the attraction, which provided additional funding to complete the attraction. The attraction is an indoor rollercoaster set in the dark, with a space theme to add to the interest. The popularity of the attraction has seen versions built in other Disney parks: Disneyland (opening May 4, 1977), Tokyo Disneyland (opening April 15, 1983), Hong Kong Disneyland (opening September 12, 2005), and Disneyland Paris (opening June 1, 1995).

January 14

January 14, 1949 – The Pluto Short Film Pueblo Pluto is Released to Theaters


“What’s the matter, old boy? Didn’t you get any souvenirs?”

On January 14, 1949, the Pluto short film Pueblo Pluto was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Eric Gurney and Milt Schaffer.

Out in the desert, Mickey and Pluto speed up to a small tourist town to check out some souvenirs. Mickey spots some buffalo bones, and decides to get one for Pluto before going shopping. Pluto enjoys his bone, until he spots a puppy also trying to enjoy the bone as well. Pluto chases the puppy away, but the puppy decides to steal the bone by using his tail through the floorboards. Pluto chases after the bone, but loses it to the puppy, who then hides among some clay pots. The puppy manages to roll away, but Pluto refuses to lose, and continues to chase the puppy through the desert, until the puppy squeezes into a cactus patch. All Pluto can do is bark from the top of a rock formation, until it breaks from his jumping, sending him into the center of the patch and retrieving his bone. Unfortunately, Pluto has no safe way of getting out, until the puppy comes along to help him. The puppy manages to snake his way out, and uses a rolling clay pot to break a hole through the cactus patch, allowing Pluto to safely get out. Grateful, Pluto shares his bone with the puppy, and takes him home as a souvenir.

January 13

January 13, 2012 – The Special Short Film Tangled Ever After is Released to Theaters


“Oh, come on! They still can’t get my nose right!!”

On January 13, 2012, the special short film Tangled Ever After was released to theaters as the short before the 3D version of Beauty and the Beast. The short is a continuation after the final events of the animated feature film Tangled. It was written and directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, and stars Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi as Flynn, Alan Dale as the Priest, and Kari Wahlgren as the Queen.

The short is set on Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding day, and everyone in the entire kingdom is excited about the day’s events. Hook-Hand Thug is playing the organ at the ceremony, while Maximus is the ring bearer and Pascal is the flower chameleon. Rapunzel appears to walk down the aisle, and everyone is awed by how beautiful she looks. As Pascal and Maximus watch, one of the flowers from Pascal’s basket falls, and Maximus accidentally breathes it in. The flower causes him to sneeze, and the sneeze sends the rings flying off the pillow and rolling out the side door of the church. When asked for the rings, the kingdom falls apart into chaos – but only in the pair’s imaginations. To save the wedding, the two sneak out and chase after the rings around the kingdom. The pair separate after the rings fly in different directions, with Pascal ending up with his tongue stuck to an ice sculpture in his pursuit, and Maximus being flown past the windows of a church thanks to a catapult effect from a wagon.

Maximus is able to retrieve his ring after several mishaps, but has more misfortune in store

Maximus is able to retrieve his ring after several mishaps, but has more misfortune in store

Pascal runs into a bigger problem when his ring ends up attached to a floating lantern, which ends up amongst hundreds of other lanterns. Maximus chases after his ring in a carriage, and while he is able to grab it with his teeth, he is knocked out by several commemorative frying pans. The lanterns are released early, but Pascal is able to find the ring, only to find himself thousands of feet up in the air. In the end, after several chaotic events, the pair are able to retrieve the rings and end up back at the church just in time to the shock of the guests as the pair looks a complete mess, covered in tar and strange clothing. Although they save the wedding, the troubles are far from over for the pair, as they accidentally push the wedding cake out the same side door.

January 12

January 12, 2001 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: The Zequel Premieres


“However, Zenon is also 15-years-old, and everything in her stellanarious life is about to change forever…”

On January 12, 2001, the Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: The Zequel premiered. It was a sequel to the highly successful Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, both of which were based on the book by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen. This film was written by Stu Kreiger and directed by Manny Coto. It starred Kristen Storms as Zenon Kar, Shadia Simmons as Nebula, Lauren Maltby as Margie, Philip Rhys as Proto Zoa, and Stuart Pankin as Commander Plank.

Zenon is walking along the corridor of the space station with her friend Nebula, still able to cash in on her status as a hero and enter restricted zones. Zenon thinks she’s discovered a new game, but doesn’t realize that she’s actually managed to destroy the office of Commander Plank by opening and closing the emergency airlock doors, sending everything out into space. Plank manages to see the remnants of his office float past the space station doors, landing Zenon in a world of trouble. Things get worse when Zenon’s boyfriend Greg dumps her, and she believes that her old enemy Margie had something to do with it. Zenon is called to Plank’s new office, and punishes her by making her work in the Alien Patrol Lab. Lab Worker Orion has been working there for five years, and had no signals from aliens the entire time. Zenon doesn’t want to work with Orion, as she finds the task pointless, but Plank gives her no other option.

Zenon is startled her first night in the lab, thinking an alarm clock was contact from aliens

Zenon is startled her first night in the lab, thinking an alarm clock noise was contact from aliens

Zenon begins her first night in the lab, bored out of her mind, when the alarms go off. She panics, thinking she’s found an alien signal, only to find that the sound was an alarm clock to wake her up. She heads home and vents to her mom about the downturn in her life, which gets worse when her favorite singer Proto Zoa hasn’t been since the concert at the space station. The entire space station is soon called to an emergency meeting, with everyone finding out that the US Military will now take over the station. Everyone panics, as they think this means the end of the space station. Zenon is soon called to meet General Hammond, who is leading the space station project, and is tasked to take care of his daughter: Zenon’s enemy, Margie. Margie threatens Zenon that, should Zenon not bend to every whim of Margie’s, she’ll ask her father to throw Zenon and her family off the station and back to Earth. Zenon plays along at first, but then decides to get even after she’s had enough.

Zenon continues her work in the lab, when one night she observes some signals spiking the meter. She calls Commander Plank, but everyone thinks that she has just heard a satellite from another country. Zenon gets more dejected when she finds her friends hanging out with Margie while Zenon has to work in the lab. Back in the lab, she sees another spike, bigger than the one before. She calls Commander Plank again, and General Hammond shows up with him. Not only does Hammond not believe Zenon, but he thinks that the lab should be considered for deactivation. Zenon’s world seems to be crashing around her, with everyone mocking her and losing her best friend to Margie. Later, she gets a message on her phone about the spikes, and realizes that the sound she’s been hearing is reminiscent of the famous Proto Zoa song “Supernova Girl.” After talking it over with Orion, both realize that the aliens want to meet the missing rocker. While trying to solve this mystery, Zenon finds out that Nebula and her family are about to be sent back to Earth. Zenon ups her plan to save the station so she can save her best friend. As the two set up their plan, Margie is seen spying on them.

Nebula and her family say their goodbyes, although Zenon is suspiciously nowhere in sight

Nebula and her family say their goodbyes, although Zenon is suspiciously nowhere in sight

The next morning, Nebula and her family are saying their goodbyes, while Zenon is off setting their plan into action: stowing away and heading to Earth. Zenon breaks out of her crate, only to find Margie there waiting for her. Zenon is furious that Margie followed her, but nevertheless they continue to Zenon’s aunt’s house. While there, they come up with a game plan to find Proto Zoa and bring him back to the space station, after using his lyrics to track down his location. Proto Zoa has been in recluse mode since the space station concert, as he believes that he’s reached the peak of his career and can’t go any further. Back at the space station, Margie has left a message for her father saying that Zenon kidnapped her, and the General is furious enough to go confront Zenon’s parents. Zenon’s aunt calls, revealing the truth. Margie and Zenon finally find Proto Zoa’s house, and they explain to him what they’d heard. He doesn’t want to go as he thinks that there’s no challenge in heading back to space, but is convinced when she tells him he will be the first singer to perform before aliens. Zenon checks the message she received from the aliens again, and finds that they had sent her a map as well, which she quickly sends to Orion. Things hit a snag when Zenon finds that Margie set her up to look like a kidnapper, but Zenon convinces Margie to call her father, tell him the truth, and send a shuttle to take all three back to the space station. When Margie calls, however, she ends up watching her father in a meeting, relaying the true intention of the military’s presence on the shuttle: destroy the entire space station and scrap the entire mission.

Aunt Judy relays all of the news back to Commander Plank, and finally convinces him to believe in Zenon’s story. Orion is able to decipher the map, and Plank convinces Hammond to let him pilot the shuttle that will be used to pick up the trio. Zenon and Margie finally have it out with each other, with Margie admitting that after moving around so much due to her father’s job, she doesn’t know how to fit in. Zenon chastises Margie, telling her to consider that other people have problems as well. Margie, Zenon, and Proto Zoa head to the rendezvous point at Carlson Beach, although they are warned to stay out of sight, as Hammond’s men are looking for them. Unfortunately, as Plank prepares to go, Hammond overhears his plans, and places him under full military arrest. Zenon is undeterred by this setback, and asks the only other person who can fly a shuttle to help: her mother, who ironically has a great fear of flying. After much deliberation, she agrees to fly, picking up Judy, Zenon, Nebula, Margie, and Proto Zoa, and heading to the spot on the map to meet the aliens.

The group waits at the rendezvous point, with Zenon confident that the aliens will show

The group waits at the rendezvous point, with Zenon confident that the aliens will show

The group arrives at the rendezvous point, but there are no aliens around. Zenon is a little worried, but has a strong feeling that they will find them. Unfortunately, they completely run out of fuel, as Orion forgot to fill the auxiliary tanks, leaving them floating around in space to get pulled in by the moon’s gravitational field to crash. As they speed towards the moon’s surface, Zenon spots something in the sky, and the aliens pull the ship out of danger to bring them back to the space station in exchange for their navigational information. One of the aliens materializes into the ship and greets Zenon. Zenon is able to understand them for some reason, and they thank her for her help in getting them home. Everyone on the space station is stunned by the view of the aliens, although Hammond is still bent on dismantling the space station. Fortunately for the space station residents, the aliens put the space station back together again and move it back into orbit, disrupting Hammond’s plans and reasons for tearing the station apart. The story ends with Proto Zoa giving another concert in space and dedicating his new song to her, Commander Plank marries Aunt Judy, and Zenon has a new best friend in Margie.