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January 16

January 16, 1932 – The Silly Symphony The Bird Store is Released to Theaters


On January 16, 1932, the Silly Symphony The Bird Store was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson. Caricatures of the Marx Brothers are also found in this short film

The short begins with the birds in the store all chirping at once, but slowly turning into a beautiful melody by two canaries. Other birds are seen singing in their own ways, including two sets of doves that find their mates flirting with others. A parrot chases a flea to a typewriter, and flicks it away, but scares itself in the process and runs into the phone. Outside the window of the shop, a hungry cat licks its lips, watching as a baby canary is taught how to sign by its parents. While celebrating, the baby falls out into a bag of seed, and does not see the cat enter the shop and attack. All the birds in the shop notice the attack, and in an attempt to save the baby, they all spring into action, using a blowtorch to trap the cat in a cage. They then send his cage flying so he lands in the city dog pound after reuniting the baby with its parents.


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