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January 19

January 19, 1951 – The Chip ‘n’ Dale Short Film Chicken in the Rough is Released to Theaters


“Hey, hurry up and come with me – I found something terrific!”

On January 19, 1951, the Chip ‘n’ Dale short film Chicken in the Rough was released to theaters. This was the first short in the short-lived series featuring just the classic duo. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Bill Berg.

The short begins on an early morning at a farm, where Chip and Dale quickly are busy collecting acorns. A rooster looks inside the hen house, waking up the sleeping chickens before tending to his hen, whose eggs still aren’t hatching. Poor papa rooster walks around nervously, before being accidentally pelted with acorns when Dale trips in the tree. Chip and Dale hurry to the ground to retrieve their acorns, when Dale ends up inside the hen house. Spotting the eggs, he thinks that walnuts are hidden inside, and goes to fetch Dale. Chip tells him that they’re nothing but eggs and hurries back to his acorns, leaving Dale to pout as he sits on top of an egg. As soon as Dale perches on the egg, the egg hatches, and the chick inside takes to Dale, with Dale taking the chick as his own. Chip has Dale take the chick back, but the chick won’t leave Dale. Dale hides inside the pieces of the egg shell, hoping the chick will imitate him, but the chick sneaks away just as the hen returns and nests. Finding it too hot inside the egg, Dale tries to make his way out, with the hen thinking one of her eggs is hatching. She calls out for the rooster and sprints outside, giving Dale only a few moments to hide back inside the egg. Dale manages to sneak outside in the egg shell, but the ruse is soon up, and Dale has to pretend to be a chick. The rooster tries to force Dale to eat a worm, and both Dale and the worm hide together. Dale convinces the worm to pretend it’s being eaten, but the rooster is too smart for the pair. As the hen rescues Dale from the rooster, Dale realizes that he’s completely trapped, and Chip laughs at him from a tall perch.


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