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January 18

January 18, 1999 – The Disney Channel Original Series So Weird Premieres


“In the darkness is the light…”

On January 18, 1999, the Disney Channel Original Series So Weird premiered. The series was a departure for the Disney Channel, as it contained darker fare than usual as it explored the supernatural. The story revolved around Fi Phillips, a girl obsessed with tracking the paranormal as she travels with her singer-songwriter mother Molly, her brother Jack, manager Irene Bell, her husband Dave, and their sons Clu and Carey (Clu was a main character in the first season, with Carey taking Clu’s place in the latter two). After two seasons, Fi was written off the show and replaced with character Annie Thelen; this change also brought a lighter overall tone to the series. The series was created by Tom J. Astle, and starred Cara DeLizia as Fi, Mackenzie Phillips as Molly, Patrick Levis as Jack, Erik von Detten as Clu, Belinda Metz as Irene, Dave “Squatch” Ward as Dave, Eric Lively as Carey, and Alexz Johnson as Annie.


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