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January 20

January 20, 2014 – The Computer Animated Series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Premieres on Disney Junior


“Hey! I’m Callie, and I’m the sheriff, got my badge here on my vest. I’m ridin’, I’m ropin’, I’m makin’ friends, some say I’m the best in the West!”

On January 20, 2014, the computer animated preschool series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West premiered on Disney Junior with four segments in two episodes. The series had premiered on the Disney Junior app on November 24, 2013, before being broadcast on the cable channel. The series has received positive reviews, and has been renewed for a second season after receiving fantastic ratings. It was developed by George Evelyn, Holly Huckins, and Denis Morella, and stars Mandy Moore as Sheriff Callie, Lucas Grabeel as Deputy Peck, and Jessica DiCiccio as Toby.

The first segment, “Train Bandits,” begins with the train coming down the tracks and scaring the jackrabbits. Callie is on the train with her friends, ready to compete in the Sheriff’s Contest in Junctionville. Governor Gopher is in charge of the trophy, which Callie admires. Everyone is excited to be on the train, and Callie sings a song for the passengers. Afterwards, she and Peck head to the refreshment car for a drink while Toby watches the scenery out the window. While in the car, a shady gang of cowboys locks them in and heads back to steal the valuables from the other passengers. Callie tries to rush after them, and realizes that the only way she can save everyone is to cross across the top of the train. She and Peck narrowly make it through a tunnel, and manage to make it in to find everyone stuck to the wall with tape. Hearing that they stole the trophy, Callie and Peck head out to rescue the trophy and everyone’s valuables. The bandits manage to disengage the train from its passenger cars, and send the passengers down the track with the broken bridge. Callie has to decide whether to save the passengers or capture the bandit, and decides to save the passengers, but warns the bandits that they haven’t seen the last of her. Callie quickly comes up with a plan, and has the passengers run to one side of the car, making them able to cross over one remaining track and her rope. As the train arrives back on the main track, Callie is also able to capture the bandits and save the trophy. At the contest, Callie is awarded the Golden Star Trophy for her bravery.

Callie has to sit the brothers down to see why they're fighting

Callie has to sit the brothers down to see why they’re fighting

The second segment, “A Dirty Dusty Apology,” takes place in a mine, where two pig brothers named Dirty Dan and Dusty have gotten a lot of silver in their day’s work. As they head out, one brother surprises the other with a special soup. The two play in the mud, until Sheriff Callie comes looking for them. Callie tells them that the town desperately needs iron, and the boys readily agree to help. Unfortunately, the two start arguing over which way to go to find the iron in the mine, and the fight to the point where they decide to separate. The two hurry to the hardware stores to get their own supplies, continuing their fight in front of Uncle Bun. Everyone is upset about the fight, and Peck decides to try and straighten things out between them. After they refuse to talk to Peck, Callie ropes them and tries to help them resolve the situation through the song. Unfortunately, the two are stubborn, and head into the mine separately and mine iron. The two end up breaking their hand cart and are sent hurtling through the tracks and down the dirt road. The two manage to apologize before nearly heading off a cliff, but Callie is able to save them from their wild ride. In the end, the two are able to take their iron to town, and head back home.

The third segment, “Horseshoe Peck,” begins with Callie’s lasso practice, and an exploration of everyone’s special talents. Peck feels like he’s not good at anything, but Callie gets the idea to have Peck try a game of horseshoes. Uncle Bun teaches peck how to play, and he’s a natural at horseshoes, finding his sport. He manages to beat everyone in town, and while he first is very humble, Peck’s confidence grows into outright arrogance. He quickly gets a reputation as a bad sport, with no one wanting to play him. Mr. Dillo, on his way away from Peck, runs into Callie, and tells her of Peck’s bad attitude; as more members of the town complain to Callie, she heads over to see him for herself. Upset at Peck’s attitude, Callie challenges Peck to a game of horseshoes. Peck loses his confidence when he has a bad throw, and Callie ends up winning the game. Peck is crushed, and tells Callie to brag and celebrate, but Callie reminds him that the game is supposed to fun itself. Peck then patches up his friendship with Toby, and the two play a friendly game of horseshoes.

Peck and Toby run into trouble when asked to watch Callie's gold nugget

Peck and Toby run into trouble when asked to watch Callie’s gold nugget

The last segment, “Callie’s Golden Nugget,” finds the trio panning for gold in the river, although Peck finds only horseshoes and Toby finds a goldfish. Callie is able to find a gold nugget, and the three hurry to town to trade it for money. As they cross over the bridge, Toby nearly falls through a rotten plank, and Callie has to help the three get over the bridge with her lasso. She decides to use the money from the nugget to fix the bridge. As she gets ready to head to the bank, Farmer Stinky stops by to ask for her help with his cattle. She asks Toby and Peck to watch over her nugget while she helps the farmer, and the pair readily agree through a song. Peck and Toby struggle to find the safest place to hide the nugget, but accidentally lose the nugget. When Callie returns, the Peck lies to her, as he still can’t find it. Peck and Toby head back to the river to find another nugget like Callie’s. Peck manages to find a rock that looks similar, and decides to paint it gold to replace Callie’s missing nugget. Toby is concerned about the lying to Callie, but Peck convinces him that it’s okay. After Callie announces her intention to fix the bridge, the ruse is soon revealed after the rock falls into a bucket of water and the paint washes off. Peck admits the truth, and Callie forgives them. The three search once again for the nugget, and it’s revealed that it was on Callie’s desk, under Peck’s hat, all along. Callie then gets the money to rebuild the bridge, much to the happiness of the residents.


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