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April 23

April 23, 2015 – Doc McStuffins Wins Peabody Award

“Charming, sweet and gently humorous, this animated series, featuring an African-American physician’s daughter who attends to damaged stuffed animals and other broken toys, allays children’s fears about doctor visits even as it promotes medicine as a profession.”

On April 23, 2015 ,the 74th Peabody Awards were held, and the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins won the award in the Children/Youth category. The show has won several accolades in addition to this, including an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Children’s Program.


March 4

March 4, 2011 – The Updated Disney Junior – Live on Stage Show Opens in Walt Disney World

“Enchanting puppets, whimsical scenery and catchy songs invite preschoolers to sign, dance and play.”

On March 4, 2011, the updated version of the Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage show, now called Disney Junior – Live on Stage, premiered in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios park within Walt Disney World. The show featured characters from popular Disney Junior Shows, such as Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, and Sofia the First. The 24-minute show features elaborate puppets of the characters, entertaining guests as they try to solve problems and go on adventures.

July 26

July 26, 2013 – The Live Stage Show Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure Begins


“The…Disney Junior Live on Tour show is coming to the stage of a theater near you, and you and your kids won’t want to miss out on the fun!”

On July 26, 2013, the touring live stage show Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure began its run in Savannah, Georgia. The show featured popular Disney Junior shows Sofia the First and Jake and the Never Land Pirates in a musical spectacular. The show featured special appearances by Disney characters Cinderella and Peter Pan. The show is currently touring around the United States.

February 14

February 14, 2011 – The Disney Junior Show Jake and the Never Land Pirates Premieres


“It’s truly a pleasure to make off with your treasure!”

On February 14, 2011, the Disney Junior show Jake and the Never Land Pirates premiered. Based on the story Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, as well as the Disney film version of the story, the series involves three children who form the Never Land Pirates, tasked by Peter Pan to protect Never Land in his absence from Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. The series has received many positive reviews from critics, and the character of Jake has become the breakout character, leading to appearances in the Disney parks among other aspects. The series was created by Bobs Gannaway and is directed by Howy Parkins. It stars Colin Ford, Cameron Boyce, and Sean Ryan Fox as Jake, Madison Pettis and Megan Richie as Izzy, Jonathan Morgan Heit and Jadon Sand as Cubby, David Arquette as Skully, Corey Burton as Hook, and Jeff Bennett as Mr. Smee.

The first segment, “Hide the Hideout,” begins with Jake, Izzy, and Cubby building a sandcastle on the beach, but before long Skully the parrot warns the group that Hook’s ship, the Jolly Roger, is on its way to their shores. Hook has a plan to find where Jake’s hideout is, and will travel the entire island to claim Jake’s hideout for himself. Cubby wants to hide, and Jake declares they need to hide the hideout from Hook. The group readies themselves with their tools: Jake with his sword, Cubby with his map, and Izzy with her pixie dust. The group then runs to a special tiki statue that contains a lever to open the door to the hideout. Inside, the three work hard to seal their hideout away from Captain Hook. Jake is certain that their hideout is sufficiently hidden.

Hook searches everywhere for Jake's hideout, but doesn't realize the door's secret lever is right behind him

Hook searches everywhere for Jake’s hideout, but doesn’t realize the door’s secret lever is right behind him

Hook arrives at the island and searches for the hideout, but is unable to find anything, although he accidentally keeps opening the door to the hideout without noticing. Unfortunately, one of the hatch doors is still open, which could reveal the hideout. Jake decides that they need to distract Hook and close the hatch. Izzy comes up with an idea to distract hook with monkey noises while Cubby crawls up to the hatch. At the top of the hill, Cubby uses a water cannon to push Hook and Smee from the hill and into the ocean. As they try again, Hook falls down a hollow tree and goes through a slide through the hideout, though his hat obstructs his view. Eventually, Hook is able to find a door in the side of a hill, and Cubby decides to stop Hook by pretending to be a fly with the use of Izzy’s pixie dust. Hook is once again sent through the inner workings of the hideout and out into the ocean. In the end, Hook catches a cold from falling in the water, and Smee takes him back to the ship to recover. The group celebrates with a song.

The second segment, “The Old Shell Game,” starts with the group playing a game on the beach, when Izzy finds a beautiful sea shell. Hook, however, also spies the shell and decides to take it for his own collection. Hook manages to steal it from Izzy using a plunger, but Jake vows to steal it back from Hook. The group boards their ship and heads off after Hook, and works on a plan to get it back. They decide to first ask nicely, but Hook tells them that he will never give it back. Smee then notices that the shell is missing, and both groups find that it’s floating on a log in the ocean. As it travels through a group of rocks, both ships have to avoid the rock formations, but Jake’s ship Bucky sets up the raft for the group. Between Hook’s rowboat and Jake’s raft, it’s a race for the shell. Jake and the group manage to beat Hook to the shell, just barely, only to find the seashell has moved to a high cliff. Skully manages to claim the seashell from Hook, but Hook is able to nab it in the end, only to have it pinch him. Izzy finally manages to get her shell from Hook after using some pixie dust to fly, and although she’s happy to have her shell back, she finds that there’s a hermit crab living in the shell. They take the crab back to Pirate Island, and Izzy allows the crab to keep his shell. The episode ends with a musical performance by the Never Land Pirate Band.

January 20

January 20, 2014 – The Computer Animated Series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Premieres on Disney Junior


“Hey! I’m Callie, and I’m the sheriff, got my badge here on my vest. I’m ridin’, I’m ropin’, I’m makin’ friends, some say I’m the best in the West!”

On January 20, 2014, the computer animated preschool series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West premiered on Disney Junior with four segments in two episodes. The series had premiered on the Disney Junior app on November 24, 2013, before being broadcast on the cable channel. The series has received positive reviews, and has been renewed for a second season after receiving fantastic ratings. It was developed by George Evelyn, Holly Huckins, and Denis Morella, and stars Mandy Moore as Sheriff Callie, Lucas Grabeel as Deputy Peck, and Jessica DiCiccio as Toby.

The first segment, “Train Bandits,” begins with the train coming down the tracks and scaring the jackrabbits. Callie is on the train with her friends, ready to compete in the Sheriff’s Contest in Junctionville. Governor Gopher is in charge of the trophy, which Callie admires. Everyone is excited to be on the train, and Callie sings a song for the passengers. Afterwards, she and Peck head to the refreshment car for a drink while Toby watches the scenery out the window. While in the car, a shady gang of cowboys locks them in and heads back to steal the valuables from the other passengers. Callie tries to rush after them, and realizes that the only way she can save everyone is to cross across the top of the train. She and Peck narrowly make it through a tunnel, and manage to make it in to find everyone stuck to the wall with tape. Hearing that they stole the trophy, Callie and Peck head out to rescue the trophy and everyone’s valuables. The bandits manage to disengage the train from its passenger cars, and send the passengers down the track with the broken bridge. Callie has to decide whether to save the passengers or capture the bandit, and decides to save the passengers, but warns the bandits that they haven’t seen the last of her. Callie quickly comes up with a plan, and has the passengers run to one side of the car, making them able to cross over one remaining track and her rope. As the train arrives back on the main track, Callie is also able to capture the bandits and save the trophy. At the contest, Callie is awarded the Golden Star Trophy for her bravery.

Callie has to sit the brothers down to see why they're fighting

Callie has to sit the brothers down to see why they’re fighting

The second segment, “A Dirty Dusty Apology,” takes place in a mine, where two pig brothers named Dirty Dan and Dusty have gotten a lot of silver in their day’s work. As they head out, one brother surprises the other with a special soup. The two play in the mud, until Sheriff Callie comes looking for them. Callie tells them that the town desperately needs iron, and the boys readily agree to help. Unfortunately, the two start arguing over which way to go to find the iron in the mine, and the fight to the point where they decide to separate. The two hurry to the hardware stores to get their own supplies, continuing their fight in front of Uncle Bun. Everyone is upset about the fight, and Peck decides to try and straighten things out between them. After they refuse to talk to Peck, Callie ropes them and tries to help them resolve the situation through the song. Unfortunately, the two are stubborn, and head into the mine separately and mine iron. The two end up breaking their hand cart and are sent hurtling through the tracks and down the dirt road. The two manage to apologize before nearly heading off a cliff, but Callie is able to save them from their wild ride. In the end, the two are able to take their iron to town, and head back home.

The third segment, “Horseshoe Peck,” begins with Callie’s lasso practice, and an exploration of everyone’s special talents. Peck feels like he’s not good at anything, but Callie gets the idea to have Peck try a game of horseshoes. Uncle Bun teaches peck how to play, and he’s a natural at horseshoes, finding his sport. He manages to beat everyone in town, and while he first is very humble, Peck’s confidence grows into outright arrogance. He quickly gets a reputation as a bad sport, with no one wanting to play him. Mr. Dillo, on his way away from Peck, runs into Callie, and tells her of Peck’s bad attitude; as more members of the town complain to Callie, she heads over to see him for herself. Upset at Peck’s attitude, Callie challenges Peck to a game of horseshoes. Peck loses his confidence when he has a bad throw, and Callie ends up winning the game. Peck is crushed, and tells Callie to brag and celebrate, but Callie reminds him that the game is supposed to fun itself. Peck then patches up his friendship with Toby, and the two play a friendly game of horseshoes.

Peck and Toby run into trouble when asked to watch Callie's gold nugget

Peck and Toby run into trouble when asked to watch Callie’s gold nugget

The last segment, “Callie’s Golden Nugget,” finds the trio panning for gold in the river, although Peck finds only horseshoes and Toby finds a goldfish. Callie is able to find a gold nugget, and the three hurry to town to trade it for money. As they cross over the bridge, Toby nearly falls through a rotten plank, and Callie has to help the three get over the bridge with her lasso. She decides to use the money from the nugget to fix the bridge. As she gets ready to head to the bank, Farmer Stinky stops by to ask for her help with his cattle. She asks Toby and Peck to watch over her nugget while she helps the farmer, and the pair readily agree through a song. Peck and Toby struggle to find the safest place to hide the nugget, but accidentally lose the nugget. When Callie returns, the Peck lies to her, as he still can’t find it. Peck and Toby head back to the river to find another nugget like Callie’s. Peck manages to find a rock that looks similar, and decides to paint it gold to replace Callie’s missing nugget. Toby is concerned about the lying to Callie, but Peck convinces him that it’s okay. After Callie announces her intention to fix the bridge, the ruse is soon revealed after the rock falls into a bucket of water and the paint washes off. Peck admits the truth, and Callie forgives them. The three search once again for the nugget, and it’s revealed that it was on Callie’s desk, under Peck’s hat, all along. Callie then gets the money to rebuild the bridge, much to the happiness of the residents.

November 24

November 24, 2013 – The Animated Series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Premieres on the Disney Junior App


“In this, the first Western made just for preschoolers, our audience will not only have a chance to get to know our characters and our stories more quickly…but we are confident they will be delighted with how those stories embrace what has enthralled us for generations in western tales – strong and important role models, high stakes stories, and distinctive music.” – Nancy Katner, Executive VP for Original Programming and General Manager for Disney Junior Worldwide

On November 24, 2013, the first nine episodes of the animated series Sheriff Callie’s Wild West premiered exclusively on the Disney Junior smartphone app, with a television premiere on January 20, 2014. This animated series was the first series in the Disney ABC Television group to premiere on the mobile device platform with multiple episodes. The episodes’ availability also helped place the WATCH Disney Junior app at number one in the iTunes store ranking. The series has since gone on to receive positive reviews. The show was developed by George Evelyn, Holly Huckins, and Denis Morella. It stars Mandy Moore as Sheriff Callie, Lucas Grabeel as Deputy Peck, and Jessica DiCicco as Toby.

November 22

November 22, 2012 – The Animated Movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess Premieres on Disney Junior


“I’m not ready to be a princess, I don’t have what it takes. I’m too short for gowns, I look bad in crowns, and I’m gonna make a bajillion mistakes.”

On November 22, 2012, the animated movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess premiered on Disney Junior after a premiere on Disney Channel on November 18th. It was created as the lead-in to the animated series Sofia the First, which premiered on January 11, 2013. The movie was directed by Jamie Mitchell, and was written by Craig Gerber. It stars Ariel Winter as Sofia, Darcy Rose Byrnes as Amber, Sara Ramirez as Queen Miranda, Wayne Brady as Clover, Travis Willingham as King Roland, Tim Gunn as Baileywick, Russi Taylor as Fauna, Barbara Dirickson as Flora, Tress MacNeille as Merryweather, and Jennifer Hale as Cinderella.

The movie begins in with Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather introducing the story of Sofia, who lives in a kingdom of Enchancia. She lived a simple life with her mother Miranda, a shoemaker, and one day they are summoned to the castle to make shoes for King Roland the Second. The moment Miranda and Roland’s eyes meet, they fell in love, and are soon married. Sofia and her mother are soon taken to live at the castle, and are joined by several woodland creatures, unbeknownst to Sofia. Roland’s children Amber and James are asked to make Sofia feel welcome, but Amber is not quite warm to the idea of a new stepsister. As the crowd cheers for the new additions to the royal family, the Royal Sorcerer Cedric makes a large storm appear, although Roland informs him that he wanted “flowers,” not “showers.”

After the welcoming ceremony, Sofia runs into Cedric, who is less than thrilled with his position in the castle

After the welcoming ceremony, Sofia runs into Cedric, who is less than thrilled with his position in the castle

After the family heads inside, Sofia bumps into Cedric, and she is excited to meet him, although he gets angry about the “parlor tricks” he’s performing for the king before he makes himself disappear. Sofia then meets Baileywick, the Steward of the Castle, and directs her to the banquet hall. During their meal, Roland lets Sofia know that they will be throwing a ball in her honor as a way of welcoming her into the family. She and Roland will be dancing the first waltz, and Sofia is nervous about this. She is then taken to her own room, and she is shocked at how large it is. Although she is grateful for her new life, she’s still nervous about everything and thinks she’s not ready to be a princess. She goes to talk to Miranda, who reassures her that she’ll be fine. Roland then gives Sofia a present of a special amulet, and she must promise to never take it off. Amber sees Sofia receive the gift and storms off in a huff of jealousy. Sofia is once again reassured that everything will be okay, and heads back to her room. She runs into Cedric again, and he is very interested in her amulet. Cedric heads back to his room and reads up on the amulet, known as the Amulet of Avalor, and vows to take it from Sofia so he can take over the kingdom.

The next morning, Sofia is woken up by the woodland creatures that had followed her, but they are soon driven out of the room by Baileywick. Soon after, Sofia heads off to school with Amber and James in a carriage pulled by flying horses. When they arrive at the school, she meets the headmistresses Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. They give her the tour of the school, and take her to her first class. She is greeted by her classmates, including Amber, but drops all of her books when she reciprocates. Amber smirks, but soon her jealousy grows when other students rush over to help Sofia. Amber gets James to take a ride on the enchanted swing set, and everyone watches as the swing throws Sofia into the fountain. Sofia tries to take it in stride, but one of the other students gives James a hard time for tricking his sister in such a mean way. As Sofia walks away, she hears a strange sound, and finds a baby bird that has fallen from its nest. She returns the baby to its mother, and her amulet glows. As she heads back to the school, she hears the mother bird say her thanks, but she thinks she imagined it.

Sofia rushes inside after school, embarrassed and hurt by the prank James pulled

Sofia rushes inside after school, embarrassed and hurt by the prank James pulled

After school, Sofia rushes inside without a word to her siblings, although James wants to apologize. Sofia runs into Cedric again, who offers to give her a private tour of his lair, and she accepts. She discovers the book he has about her amulet, and he explains the powers of the amulet: “with each deed performed for better or worse, a power is granted – a blessing, or a curse.” He tries to take the amulet for her, but she remembers her promise to never take off the amulet, and is quickly shown out. The next morning, the animals wake her up again, and she can hear what the animals are saying. The rabbit, named Clover, explains that the animals always help the princesses, but all they want is a little bit of food for their trouble. Sofia prepares the animals a basket of food, and they set up a picnic outside. Soon, she has to go to school, but Clover reminds her to keep her eye on the ball – the royal ball. She is cheered by his pep talk, and heads to school with renewed enthusiasm. After making several mistakes, she soon masters the skills, and makes several new friends.

Sofia arrives home, exhausted, and is cheered up when she sees her friends Jade and Ruby waiting for her in the garden. While attempting to pour tea, James comes over and assists her as his way of apologizing for the prank. He offers to help train her for the ball, and Sofia accepts. Amber is strolling through the garden and overhears Sofia admitting she can’t dance, and gets a wicked idea in her head on how to embarrass Sofia. The next day at dance class, Sophia is given a special pair of shoes to wear by Amber, and when she dances with the teacher, the shoes start acting up, making Sofia jump around the room like crazy. She realizes that Amber has tricked her, and after she is able to get the shoes off, she heads to the carriage, upset. She goes to see Cedric before the ball, asking for a spell to make her a better dancer. He gives her a spell to say when the waltz starts, but he gives her a spell to put everyone to sleep, and will only reverse the spell if Sofia gives him the amulet. Before the ball begins, James confronts Amber, angry at his sister’s actions, and is hurt when he tells her that everyone likes Sofia more than they like her, especially after her horrible actions.

In the end, Sofia is able to case the counter-spell to save everyone

When Sofia casts the spell, everyone in the palace is put to sleep, leaving Sofia in a panic

Sofia attends the ball and is greeted by Roland, who takes her to the floor for the first dance. Sofia recites the spell, and is shocked when everyone falls asleep. Cedric, excited that his spell worked, didn’t count on the spell working on him as well, and falls to the floor in a sound slumber. Sofia frantically runs around the castle looking for help, and a tear lands on the amulet. She turns around to find Cinderella there waiting to help her. Cinderella can’t undo the spell, but can help her find her way. Cinderella relates her only regret: not making amends with her step-sisters. After her story, she takes her to see Amber, and convinces Sofia to give Amber a second chance. She takes Amber to the ballroom, and explains what happened. Amber apologizes for her prank which caused Sofia to get a spell, and the two make amends, with Amber calling Sofia her sister for the first time. The two head to Cedric’s lair to find a counter-spell, with some assistance from Clover and the other animals. Amber and Sofia find the counter-spell book, and before they wake everyone, Amber helps teach Sofia how to dance. After reciting the counter-spell, Sofia has her first dance with Roland, which goes off successfully, except that Roland admits that he can’t dance very well. During the dance, the whole family dances together, and all is well.


October 9

October 9, 2005 – The Animated Series Little Einsteins Premieres on Disney Junior


“Climb aboard, get ready to explore. There’s so much to find, Little Einsteins.”

On October 9, 2005, the children’s animated series Little Einsteins premiered on Disney Junior. The series, part of the Baby Einstein line of products for infants, features four kids learning about classical music and art while encouraging viewer interaction as they set out to succeed their mission for the day. The first episode segment, “Ring Around the Planet,” features the characters setting off to Saturn to return its ring, with the second episode segment, “I Love to Conduct,” has the characters retrieving their baton from a bald eagle. The series has also been shown in Japan and in England. The series was created by Eric Weiner and Olexa Hewryk, and stars Jesse Schwartz as Leo, Natalia Wojcik as Annie, Erica Huang as June, Aiden Pompey as Quincy.

February 13

February 13, 2012 – The Jake and the Never Land Pirates Special “Peter Pan Returns” Airs on Disney Junior


“When I left to explore the lands beyond the Never Sea, I knew I would need my own crew of pirates to watch over Never Land for me.”

On February 13, 2012, the special primetime episode of the popular children’s show Jake and the Never Land Pirates entitled “Peter Pan Returns” aired for the first time on Disney Junior. The show is based on the Disney animated feature film Peter Pan, with the focus on three children – Jake, Izzy, and Cubby – who are tasked to protect Never Land while Peter Pan is away exploring. This special premiered with over 3 million viewers, becoming Disney Channel’s highest evening telecast ever for a preschool program. The episode was written by Mark Seidenberg, Mark Drop, and Kevin D. Campbell, and stars Colin Ford as Jake, Madison Pettis as Izzy, Jonathan Morgan Heit as Cubby, David Arquette as Scully, Adam Wylie as Peter Pan, Corey Burton as Captain Hook, and Jeff Bennett as Mr. Smee.

As Never Land is fast asleep, a familiar shadow plays among the clouds, and begins to play tricks with the crew of Captain Hook’s ship. The pirates believe it to be a ghost, and begin to panic while the shadow laughs. The shadow then plays pranks on Captain Hook, stealinghis blanket and tickling him. Captain Hook accuses the crew of trying to make a fool of him, but they are just as stumped.

Peter returns to Never Land, asking for his crew's help to get his shadow back

Peter returns to Never Land, asking for his crew’s help to get his shadow back

Jake and his crew are sleeping soundly when they are woken up by a familiar crowing sound, and are excited to see that Peter Pan has returned to Never Land. While Peter is also happy to see them, he admits that he needs their help finding his shadow, who has gotten away from him again during a game of “Catch Me if You Can.” They decide to start looking in Never Land for Peter’s shadow.

Meanwhile, Hook is questioning his crew, and does not believe them when they tell him it was a ghost. They spot the “ghost” behind Hook, who informs them it’s nothing but Peter Pan’s shadow. Hook then realizes that if the shadow is around, then Peter Pan is back in Never Land; he then comes up with a plan to make Peter leave Never Land forever, but they have a terrible time trying to catch Peter’s shadow. Peter’s shadow is able to quickly disable the crew, and they all end up overboard as they try to catch him, with Peter’s shadow making off with the ship, sailing to Never Land. They track him to shore, and Hook is finally able to capture him in a sack.

Peter and the crew arrive in time to find Hook's note detailing where to find Peter's shadow

Peter and the crew arrive in time to find Hook’s note detailing where to find Peter’s shadow

Peter and his gang make it to the shores of Never Land a bit too late, and are greeted by a note from Captain Hook, saying that if Peter wants to see his shadow again, they will need to go to Buccaneer’s Bluff. Peter is angry, but Jake promises that they will retrieve his shadow. They find Peter’s shadow tied in a sack, but as Jake runs to retrieve it, Peter stops him, as the sack is surrounded by booby traps. Jake dismisses Peter’s worries and tries to make it past the trip wires, only to set off one of the traps. Peter luckily catches Jake in time before he is trapped by a cage. They then come up with a plan to have their parrot Scully fly ahead to let the crew know where the trip vines are so they can safely avoid them.

As they pass all the traps, they open the sack to reveal not Peter’s shadow, but Mr. Smee. Peter and Hook then “greet” each other, with Hook informing Peter than he now owns Never Land, and Peter will have to leave. Peter demands the return of his shadow, and they find it on the other side of a cliff. Hook promises to return the shadow only if Peter and the Never Land pirates leave Never Land forever. Peter refuses, and Hook makes a quick getaway with Peter’s shadow in tow. When Peter tries to go after the Captain, he finds that he is no longer able to fly. Hook observes this with glee, knowing he can now defeat Peter, and decides to hide Peter’s shadow in the Valley of Shadows, where Peter will never find it again.

Peter demands his shadow back, but Hook will only agree is Peter leaves Never Land for good

Peter demands his shadow back, but Hook will only agree is Peter leaves Never Land for good

Peter and the gang try to cut Hook off, with Peter’s condition worsening. They realize that since Peter is so upset about the loss of his shadow, his sadness is causing him to be unable to fly. They quickly take a shortcut to catch up with Captain Hook, who has to pass by Crocodile Creek to get to the Valley of Shadows. Captain Hook tries to sneak past the crocodile, but Peter, who is nearby, plays a prank on Hook’s crew, mimicking Hook’s voice. He then trips the Captain, who wakes up the crocodile by accidentally stepping on his tail. The crocodile then decides to hunt Hook and his gang, with Peter and his gang in hot pursuit.

The gang makes it to the Valley of Shadows, and searches for Captain Hook by looking for his shadow. Although they find Hook, the Captain declares that he will sink Peter’s shadow to the bottom of the Never Sea. Peter is discouraged, but Izzy comes up with a plan to retrieve the shadow. Unfortunately, her plan backfires, and she causes Captain Hook to fly by the use of pixie dust. Jake and his friends then realize that they’ve been showing off to Peter all day, and decide to pull together and work as a team. Hook and his team then make it back to the Jolly Roger, and they commence with the plan to sink Peter’s shadow at Skull Rock.

Reunited with his shadow, Peter is ready to give Hook some payback

Reunited with his shadow, Peter is ready to give Hook some payback

Jake and his crew quickly board their ship to cut Hook off around the other side of Skull Rock. Hook then places the shadow in a trunk, ready to throw it overboard. Jake and his crew then board Captain Hook’s ship, but while they are able to avoid the first obstacle, they are quickly caught by the pirates. While Peter is surrounded, Jake manages to break through and rescue the shadow. The shadow quickly reattaches itself to Peter, and Peter sends Hook and his crew flying into the ocean, and are once again chased by the crocodile. With Peter regaining his shadow and happiness, all is well in Never Land once again.