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January 14

January 14, 1949 – The Pluto Short Film Pueblo Pluto is Released to Theaters


“What’s the matter, old boy? Didn’t you get any souvenirs?”

On January 14, 1949, the Pluto short film Pueblo Pluto was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Eric Gurney and Milt Schaffer.

Out in the desert, Mickey and Pluto speed up to a small tourist town to check out some souvenirs. Mickey spots some buffalo bones, and decides to get one for Pluto before going shopping. Pluto enjoys his bone, until he spots a puppy also trying to enjoy the bone as well. Pluto chases the puppy away, but the puppy decides to steal the bone by using his tail through the floorboards. Pluto chases after the bone, but loses it to the puppy, who then hides among some clay pots. The puppy manages to roll away, but Pluto refuses to lose, and continues to chase the puppy through the desert, until the puppy squeezes into a cactus patch. All Pluto can do is bark from the top of a rock formation, until it breaks from his jumping, sending him into the center of the patch and retrieving his bone. Unfortunately, Pluto has no safe way of getting out, until the puppy comes along to help him. The puppy manages to snake his way out, and uses a rolling clay pot to break a hole through the cactus patch, allowing Pluto to safely get out. Grateful, Pluto shares his bone with the puppy, and takes him home as a souvenir.


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