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May 26

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May 26, 2006 – The Tony Danza Show Ends

“I’m Tony Danza and I’m in New York City, live!”

On May 26, 2006, the daytime talk show The Tony Danza Show ended its run on television. Beginning on September 13, 2004, and distributed by Buena Vista Television, the show was hosted by actor Tony Danza and recorded at the ABC studio complex. Its most well-known gimmick was a game called “Extravadanza,” which was a Plinko-style game that was played with a home viewer. The series ran for only two seasons before it was cancelled due to low ratings.


February 19

February 19, 2010 – The Alice in Wonderland Great Big Ultimate Fan Event is Held at Hollywood & Highland Center

“How is it you’re being so great big? ~ Tweedledee to Alice—she’s eaten far too much cake and grown to enormous heights”

On February 19, 2010, to promote the concept album inspired by the upcoming live action film Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Records, in conjunction with Hot Topic, KIIS-FM, and MySpace, hosted the Great Big Ultimate Fan Event. Four musical artists featured on the album were on hand to perform, including 3OH!3, Metro Station, Kerli, and Never Shout Never. Actors from the film were also available for special meet-and-greets with fans, including Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter. Other special surprises were planned for guests, including a Wonderland-style makeover for the Hollywood Hot Topic store inside the facility where the event was held.

September 3

September 3, 1990 – The Challengers Premieres on Television

On September 3, 1990, the syndicated game show The Challengers premiered on television. A joint production between Rob Greenberg Productions, Dick Clark Productions, and Disney’s Buena Vista Television. Presented by Dick Clark, the show featured three contestants – one being a returning champion – competing in a sprint round, two rounds of questions, a final challenge, and a bonus ultimate challenge. One of the things that made this show unique is the tie to current events, which necessitated the show being filmed shortly before their airdate. The show was cancelled on August 30, 1991.

April 3

April 3, 1953 – Walt Disney Signs Legal License for Use of His Name

“Disney’s name as used herein, includes all forms and variations of his name…”

On April 3, 1953, Walt Disney signed a legal license that would grant him all commercial uses of his name to Walt Disney, Incorporated; this was the first step in ensuring that Disney would be able to control his films, televisions shows, and eventually the parks. This was a historic event in entertainment history, as this contract paved the way for Disney to become the global empire it is today. This agreement also helped pave the way for Disney to create his own distribution company, Buena Vista Distribution, as RKO was crumbling quickly after being acquired by Howard Hughes.

September 11

September 11, 2000 – The Reality Series House Calls Premieres on UPN


“Buena Vista is thrilled to be the distribution arm for this innovative reality show.”

On September 11, 2000, the new reality series from Buena Vista Television, entitled House Calls, premiered on UPN. The series, created through a distribution deal with Chris-Craft/United TV, features psychiatrist Dr. Irvin Wolkoff, who visits patients in their homes and counsels them on a variety of issues, with Wolkoff guiding them to a solution by the end of the episode. The series ran until 2001, with 88 episodes in total produced.

July 19

July 19, 2011 – The Soundtrack for Captain America: The First Avenger is Released


“Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American way?”

On July 19, 2011, the soundtrack for the Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger was released through Buena Vista Records and Marvel Music. The soundtrack features the score by Alan Silvestri, as well as the song “Star Spangled Man” by David Zippel and Alan Menken. The soundtrack was well-received by critics and fans alike, with “Captain America” being used in other Marvel films as the official Captain America theme within the film score.

December 18

December 18, 1991 – Jim Henson Productions Signs Distribution Deal with Buena Vista Home Video


“This is our most significant distribution agreement to date and we are pleased to be able to present this entire gold mine of product to consumers worldwide.” – President of International Theatrical Distribution for Disney Bill Mechanic

On December 18, 1991, one year after merger negotiations broke down between The Walt Disney Company and Jim Henson Productions, a distribution deal was reached with Disney’s Buena Vista Home Video. Buena Vista was given 30 years’ worth of the Henson library for the following five to six years, excluding Sesame Street. This stand-alone agreement worked as it was based on Disney’s track record of marketing and distributing tapes to consumers; this track record was also seen as the main reason merger talks began.

March 6

March 6, 1992 – The Live Action Feature Film Blame it on the Bellboy is Released to Theaters


“They don’t ask questions in my job.” “Well, I think it’s time you started!”

On March 6, 1992, the live-action feature film Blame it on the Bellboy was released to theaters. The film was released through Hollywood Pictures, and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. It was critically panned on release, and was a box office flop. It was written and directed by Mark Herman, and starred Dudley Moore as Melvyn Orton, Bryan Brown as Mike Lorton, Richard Griffiths as Maurice Horton, Patsy Kensit as Caroline Wright, Penelope Wilton as Patricia Fulford, and Bronson Pinchot as the Bellboy.

Set in Venice, the film begins in a back alley under the canals, where a man is strung up and is getting beaten for information by mobsters. The mobsters then leave the man behind when they realize he doesn’t know anything other than the person who will be coming to kill the mob boss will be coming from London. Soon after, a British Airways flight soon takes off, heading to Venice with three different men on board: with one man being a very nervous flier looking to buy property named Melvyn Orton, one large man looking for a date named Maurice Horton, and a hit man looking for his next job named Mike Lorton. All three are staying at the Hotel Gabrielli, home to a very incompetent bellboy. The three men share similar last names, and as the bellboy’s grasp of English is shaky, he ends up sending the messages each needs to receive to the wrong person: Lorton receives a love letter, Orton receives the hit man’s instructions, and Horton receives the invite to meet the development property manager.

The three men set out on their missions for the day, unaware of the mix up

The three men set out on their missions for the day, unaware of the mix up

The next day, the three men head to what they believe to be their respective meetings. Horton meets Caroline Wright, who manages a property that she’s trying to sell by Wednesday. He can’t believe his good fortune, as he believes her to be the date he was set up with through an online dating service. Orton is believed to be the hit man, and is held at gunpoint by the members of the mob boss. Lorton, who believes Horton’s original date is actually his mark, attempts to shoot her, but finds he is unable to. Orton is threatened by the mob boss, who demands to know who sent him. Horton finds himself increasingly uncomfortable, Caroline is hitting on him. Lorton continues to follow his “mark,” but she believes him to be her date, and introduces himself as Patricia Fulford. Lorton and Patricia head for a stroll, and he once again attempts to take her out. The mobsters have Orton call his boss to prove that he’s who he says he is, and start to give him advice on how to stand up for himself. As he is close to getting dangerously hurt, Orton blurts out that there’s a man at the hotel with a similar last name – Horton – who must be the assassin they’re looking for.

The police fish a man out of the water, who is revealed to be the man the mobsters had killed earlier. Horton and Christine pass by in a gondola, and after he tries to make a move, she gets angry and asks to be let off on the sidewalk. Orton is taken by the mobsters to his hotel, but he manages to accidentally knock a mobster into the canal and make a break for it. Christine finally realizes what Horton’s intentions actually are, and she almost walks away, until a speedboat – the one thing she’s always wanted – passes by. Realizing her commission would pay for the boat of her dreams, she hesitates. Patricia walks with Lorton, although not willingly, as he holds her hostage. She explains the dating situation and, although he understands, will not let her go until he is able to actually make his hit. Caroline is taken back to Horton’s room, although both are unaware that Horton’s wife is there to make a surprise visit. After meeting Lorton and Orton, she is finally taken to see her husband. Horton’s wife is sure is that he’s having an affair, and Caroline, who feels cheated by the situation, decides to play the situation to her advantage, and forces him to buy the villa.

Patricia asks Lorton several questions about his line of work, including why he would want to kill her

Patricia asks Lorton several questions about his line of work, including why he would want to kill her

Patricia questions Lorton about his job and why he would want to kill her, while the mobsters, who now think Horton is their hitman, make Orton an offer he can’t refuse: if he wants to live, he will have to kill Horton. Lorton and Patricia think that Horton was the one that got Lorton’s instructions, while Orton is told to kill Horton with a bomb. Patricia helps Lorton break into Horton’s room to get the instructions, and find the invitation from Caroline; Lorton once again assumes that the target was a woman. Patricia and Lorton share a moment on the balcony of his hotel room, and he admits all of his feelings of loneliness, and his true dream of owning a flower shop. Patricia convinces him to get his money from the hit back from Horton so he can pursue his dream. The next morning, Horton waits for the money he owes Caroline, Lorton and Patricia watch Horton to get the money, and Orton waits with the mob to blow up Horton. When Horton has the briefcase, he decides to put the money in the hotel safe. Orton is given an identical briefcase to give the bellboy, as the mob switches the tags and steals the money after creating a distraction. Patricia and Lorton seem to be growing closer, as she tries to cure his loneliness with understanding. Horton gets a call from Caroline to take the money to the villa, and takes the briefcase he placed in the hotel safe.

The mob forces Orton to blow up Horton, but every time he presses the button, nothing happens, so they send Horton in a small rowboat to blow him up. Horton and Lorton scuffle over the money, and as Orton presses the button again, the briefcase continues to not detonate. However, the mobsters realize that the tags were switched twice, and the briefcase finally detonates – the briefcase on the mobster’s boat. Patricia takes Lorton’s gun to threaten Horton, but Lorton finally realizes there’s been a misunderstanding, and quickly takes the gun and Patricia away back to the hotel, where Lorton packs quickly, thinking he needs to run away as fast as he can. Lorton receives a note saying that he’s not only accomplished the mission, but killed three at the same time, and is given a generous bonus. Orton heads back to the hotel, and finds that Mr. Marshall called. He manages to make the situation better, as he convinces Marshall to buy the now-vacant property once owned by the mob boss, allowing him to keep his job. However, Orton takes the money from Marshall and decides to move to the Bahamas instead. Lorton and Patricia head back together, and he proposes to her on the way home. She accepts. Horton finally realizes he’s bought a dump of a property. And Caroline’s dream of owning a speedboat is not as wonderful as she hoped.

March 6

March 6, 1981 – The Live-Action Feature Film The Devil and Max Devlin is Released to Theaters


“Fair? Are you forgetting where you are?”

On March 6, 1981, the live-action feature film The Devil and Max Devlin was released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution. The movie was filmed at Universal Studios and around Los Angeles. It was written by Mary Rogers and Jimmy Sangster, and directed by Steven Hillard Stern; the film stars Elliot Gould as Max Devlin, Bill Cosby as Barney Satin, Susan Anspach as Penny Hart, Adam Rich as Toby Hart, Julie Budd as Stella, and David Knell as Nerve. The film was considered rather controversial on its release, due to its subject matter and Bill Cosby playing an evil character. Cosby’s makeup for his final scene was done by Bob Schiffer, and comprised a wig with ears and horns sewn inside, a thick mauve color base, and red water-soluble make-up specially ordered from Germany. The set for Hell included 150 gallons of butane fuel and 36,000 pounds of dry ice.

Max Devlin, the landlord of a tenement in Los Angeles called The Whitsett Riviera, arrives at work to hear his tenants loudly complaining. He listens to their demands, but has a quick answer for each of them (including that cockroaches only live in New York, and that all decisions are up to the owner). Their anger explodes when they find out that he is the owner, and as he evades the mob, he begins to chase after a tenant who hasn’t paid his rent in two months. He trips over a blind lady’s cane and falls into the street, where he is promptly hit by a bus of Hare Krishnas. Devlin finds himself falling into Hell, which he believes is only a bad dream, and meets the Devil’s chief henchman, Barney Satin. When Devlin proclaims that he hasn’t done anything wrong, his sins are called out. He is then condemned to Level 4, but Satin tells him that there is another way: he will be sent back to Earth for two months, but he must find three innocent souls to take his place. Devlin has a few reservations about having to corrupt children, but quickly decides to take the deal.

Devlin returns to Earth and stops by a café, where he is greeted by Satin, whom only Devlin can see. Things become more strange for Devlin when he realizes that he has no reflection; Satin says that Devlin is now an inhabitant of Hell, and therefore unable to cast a reflection. Satin then takes Devlin to a phone booth to concentrate on his task of collecting the three souls, and when Devlin finds the location of the first soul, he is transported there, finding her in the women’s bathroom. Satin retrieves him, and they head back to the Whitsett Riviera. Satin explains that Devlin now has special powers known as “magic property” that he can use to collect the souls, but they last only when Devlin and the subjects are within sight of each other.

Stella Summers, one of Devlin's targets, is an aspiring singer who wins a contract thanks to Devlin's magical property

Stella Summers, one of Devlin’s targets, is an aspiring singer who wins a contract thanks to Devlin’s magical property

Devlin’s first target is Stella Summers, a high-school dropout who has dreams of stardom. He shows up at her first gig and guarantees that she will not fail, calling himself her good luck. Stella’s gig falls flat, but she suddenly sounds wonderful, thanks to Devlin’s help, and the audience applauds wildly. Stella is then offered a recording contract, and believes that Devlin really is good luck. After this success, Devlin moves to bait his next target, Nelson “Nerve” Nordlinger, who wants to find popularity through becoming a motocross racer. Devlin pretends to be an instructor, and takes Nerve to an empty field to practice. Just as Nerve rides away, Satin rides up and reminds Devlin that the “magic property” works only if the innocent is within Devlin’s sight, and quickly yells at Nerve to come back, but the poor kid falls from his bike as he races another guy. Luckily, the other guy offers to help Nerve out with training, and Nerve agrees. Devlin then moves on to his third victim, an eleven-year-old named Toby, and pretends to be the kid’s uncle to help him get on rides at a carnival. Devlin hangs out with Toby all day, trying to figure out what Toby wants more than anything in the world. Toby then admits he wants Devlin to be his father, since his own father had recently passed away. Toby’s mother, Penny, is wary of her son hanging around with an older man, and tells Toby sharply that she will not be getting married again for a long time, but Toby tries to tell her that Devlin is a wonderful man, and even shows her how well he gets along with the children in the day care center she runs.

Stella heads to the recording studio, but without Devlin there, she can’t perform well. He quickly leaves Toby and heads to the studio, where Stella is finally able to perform on take 43. Her record sells out quickly, hitting number 48 on the Billboard charts. Devlin then calls Toby’s household, trying to get Penny’s attention, but she’s not falling for it. He then attends a party for Stella’s album, and tries to get her to sign away her soul, but finds it nearly impossible to hold her attention. Meanwhile, Nerve is preparing for his first motocross race, with Devlin signing him up as an expert. Nerve is rather nervous, but with Devlin using his “magic property,” Nerve ends up winning. Immediately after, he heads to where Toby is, but Toby is worried that Penny will marry her tennis instructor. When Toby and his mother get home, they find that Devlin has paid for all new playground equipment and grass for the daycare, and wins a date with Penny. They begin to get closer, and when Devlin realizes that he really is falling for her, the two share a kiss.

Devlin scrambles to get the contracts signed, but each soul has their own reason to avoid signing, with Toby refusing until Devlin has married his mother

Devlin scrambles to get the contracts signed, but each soul has their own reason to avoid signing, with Toby refusing until Devlin has married his mother

Time is running out for Devlin, and he has to keep quickly moving from one soul to another. Satin appears again, asking for the contracts, but Devlin assures him that he needs a little more time to get them hooked. He tries to get the three to sign, but it proves to be more difficult than he thought, as the three are all caught up in getting what they want, with Stella focusing on her career, Nerve preparing for a race, and Toby only signing once Devlin gets married to Penny. One night, Devlin finds the truth about Stella: her real name is Stephanie Pepper, and she’s a runaway from Brooklyn, New York. After finding the truth, he realizes that he can’t get them to sign the contracts because he’s starting to care for them, which is especially evident when he asks Penny to marry him. When he meets with Satin again, it’s revealed that his wedding, Nerve’s race, and Stella’s concert are all on the same day: Devlin’s final day on Earth. Using a few tricks, Devlin finally gets the three to sign their contracts, but their personalities drastically change from their usual pleasant, innocent selves into angry, spiteful versions. Soon after, Satin informs Devlin that the three are to die at midnight rather than the natural ends of their lives as promised. Devlin rushes in to burn the contracts, and Satin appears in full devil form, cursing Devlin with eternal damnation should he destroy the contracts. However, Devlin is willing to risk his life to save the three of them, and burns the contracts.

Realizing that he has only a few hours left, Devlin rushes to help Nerve and Stella, and finds that Nerve tripped over a little blind lady, but as she is from Heaven, she has actually saved him from dying. Devlin is reassured that the three are saved, but is worried that they won’t be able to do the things they wanted to do without his help anymore. When Penny tells him that he has no self-image, he thinks she’s finally noticed his lack of reflection. He then looks into the mirror and sees his reflection, and realizes that his good deed has allowed him to escape the clutches of Hell once and for all. As a farewell, Devlin, Toby, and Penny go to Stella’s farewell concert, and she is able to sing beautifully without any help from Devlin. Devlin looks up at the sky and mouths his thanks to Heaven.