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November 20

November 20, 1999 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Horse Sense Premieres


“What has gotten into you? It’s as if you dropped any sense of responsibility.”

On November 20, 1999, the Disney Channel Original Movie Horse Sense premiered. It was followed by a sequel in 2001 called Jumping Ship. The film was directed by Greg Beeman, and written by Chad Hayes. It starred Andy Lawrence as Tommy, Joey Lawrence as Michael, Susan Walters as Jules, M.C. Gainey as Twister, Steve Reevis as Mule, and Freda Foh Shen as Arlene.

The film begins with life on Tommy Biggs’s family ranch, where his mom is making a hearty breakfast. He’s seen carving a whistle for his cousin Michael, and quickly heads with him mom to the kitchen, and admits that maybe he shouldn’t go as there’s a lot to worry about. His mom convinces him to go, although she’s hesitant to describe what Beverly Hills is really like. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, Michael Woods is only getting up from bed after noon, and heads to the kitchen where he grabs a wheat grass from his housekeeper Arlene. His mom reminds him that he needs to pick up his cousin, but he has a date with his new girlfriend. She reminds him that Tommy’s had a hard time after losing his father. He finally gets to class, and gets a poor score on his exam about land trusts. Unfortunately, after spending time with his girlfriend, he’s over 30 minutes late in picking up his cousin. While he does pick up Tommy, he spends most of his time flirting with his girlfriend on the phone and shopping. Michael’s parents are heading out of town, leaving the two of them alone. Once again, however, Michael blows Tommy off to spend time with his girlfriend. Tommy bonds with Arlene while Michael continuously blows him off. Arlene then lets him have it when Michael enters the kitchen one morning, but Michael promises to take Tommy to Disneyland that day. On the way out, Michael apologizes for bailing so many times, but soon gets a call from his girlfriend, and once again bails on Tommy, dropping him off at a toddler day care.

Michael arrives home to find Tommy watching television, and they get into a huge argument

Michael arrives home to find Tommy watching television, and they get into a huge argument

When he rushes away from meeting Gina, he ends up crashing his car; after this, he gets stuck in the kids’ playground looking for Tommy. Tommy in the end called Arlene to pick him up, and Michael arrives home to find a very hurt Tommy. The two have a huge fight, although Tommy covers for him in front of Michael’s parents. After Tommy goes to the airport, Michael arrives home that night to meet his very angry parents, as they found out the truth from Tommy’s mom. The situation gets worse when the cops show up, and his parents are sorely disappointed in him. The punishment they decide for him, however, is for him to grow up: work on Tommy’s ranch for the next month, and he will lose his trip to Europe if he slacks off just a little bit. Michael soon arrives in Montana, wearing a gaudy “western” outfit, much to the amusement of Tommy and his Aunt Jules. Tommy has more important things on his mind, however, when his mom gives him a sad look after her meeting at the bank. Arriving at the ranch, Michael meets Mule and Twister, two farmhands on the ranch; Mule is pretty easy-going, but Twister is much more critical of Michael. Tommy starts exacting his revenge on Michael the first night by telling him to stay up as late as he wants. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize he needs to get up at 4:30 in the morning, and is given a wake-up call in the form of a triangle. He blackmails Michael into getting up to work, much to Michael’s dismay.

Michael begins his first day on the ranch with no breakfast, as he’s not used to breakfast like Jules makes. Tommy then gives Michael some impossible chores to do, starting with shoveling manure from one area to another with nothing but a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Michael ends up falling into the manure at one point, and is embarrassed when he finds he could have used a tractor to move the pile. Later that evening, Tommy and Jules talk, and it is clear that their farm will be foreclosed, with everything sold at auction in four weeks. Jules thinks they should keep it from Michael, which Tommy agrees. Jules and Michael talk, and he asks about the treehouse in the corner, and Jules reveals that it was a project Tommy and his father started before he got sick. She gets visibly upset thinking about her husband, but Michael falls asleep before he can notice. The next day, Michael helps with the branding of the cattle, and Tommy gives Michael a horse called Slingshot, although Michael picks another horse, simply called Black. Black, however, is rather temperamental, and does not like to be kicked; after Michael kicks him, Black bucks him off into the pen with Goliath, the bull, who attacks him. Finally, Tommy, Michael, Mule, and Twister, and Jules head out to herd the cattle, with Michael having obvious trouble. That night, as they set up camp, Michael is given more tasks, including being on first watch for wolves. He is warned not to spook the cattle, and is given jerky and a flashlight for his trouble.

While on watch for wolves, Michael talks to his girlfriend, complaining about everything once again

While on watch for wolves, Michael talks to his girlfriend, complaining about everything once again

Michael calls his girlfriend while on watch, and ignores the sound of a wolf. He gets a call on his cell phone, which spooks his horse and the cattle, and they stampede. Michael gets stuck in a tree, and when the group finds him, they are all but disappointed in his antics. The next day, Michael is told that he has to repair all the fences that were destroyed in the stampede. Tommy tricks Michael into loading the poles for the fence into a broken down truck, and after learning the truth, he heads out to where Tommy is to confront him; he makes the situation much worse when he tells Tommy that he never cared about him, and that at the reunion he had no choice but to hang out with a “snot-nosed seven-year-old,” as he was so bored. As Michael lays about, he is confronted by Twister, who informs him that Tommy and Jules are going to lose their ranch, and no one told him because he wouldn’t give a damn anyway. Troubled by the news about the farm, Michael can’t sleep, and decides to try and take things a little more seriously, starting with riding Black and fixing the entire fence. One evening, he sees Tommy watching a herd of wild horses, and he apologizes for the cruel things he said, as they weren’t true. The two bond over talking about the wild horses, and Michael asks he never said anything about the ranch. Tommy admits that one by one bad things happened, and so they’re moving into one of his uncle’s old trailers, but why would Michael care, as he’s soon heading to Europe with his girlfriend. Michael rushes back home to call his father, asking for advice. Michael’s father admits that he knew and offered to help, but Tommy and Jules refused, as they didn’t want to take the easy way out, believing that rewards should come from their hard work.

The next day, Michael tries to convince Twister to start a pyramid scheme to save the ranch, although Twister sees right through the plan. Michael doesn’t understand the pride that Jules and Tommy have, and Twister explains that this situation happens to a lot of ranchers and farmers. Michael and Jules see Tommy working on the treehouse, and Michael decides to help finish it while Tommy is away at a family gathering. When Tommy gets home, he’s furious, as it was Tommy’s and his dad’s, not for Michael to touch, and starts to disassemble it. When Michael talks to his girlfriend, she is horrified to hear of all the things he has to do, and he is frustrated with her shallow personality. The next day as he works, he sees the wild horses run past, and Tommy runs to get him, as one of the wild horses, named Tommy Boy, is stuck in the mud, and is going to die if they don’t help. Michael helps Tommy get close to Tommy Boy, and Tommy helps guide the horse out, keeping him calm. After this, Michael quickly packs to head back to Beverly Hills, and apologizes once again for his poor behavior when Tommy visited. As Jules drives Michael to the airport, they are followed by Tommy on his horse, and he gives Michael a hand-carved whistle. Back in Beverly Hills, Michael heads to the race track again with his girlfriend and her father, and is reminded of all the wild horses on Tommy’s ranch. As they try to get a picture with the horse, it gets spooked, and Michael steps in to calm it down. Later, as they arrive at his house to take him to Europe, he hesitates, as he’s no longer convinced that he should go. He tells his girlfriend he’s not going, sells his car, and liquidates some of the assets in his trust fund.

Thinking that there's nothing else they can do, Jules and Tommy start packing up their home

Thinking that there’s nothing else they can do, Jules and Tommy start packing up their home

Back in Montana, Tommy and Jules are packing up the house, when Michael arrives, giving them a check to help them save the ranch, but Jules turns him down. Michael claims that it’s an investment, but Jules thinks that it’s time to move on. She reassures him that they will be fine, but Michael isn’t convinced. The auction for the items in the house begins the next day, and everyone is depressed. As he helps Tommy pull out a trunk, they talk about school, and Michael realizes that his class on land trusts could help save the farm. Michael talks with his father, then heads into town on Black, stopping by the bank. He convinces the bank that Jules’ ranch qualifies for a land trust, and heads back to the ranch. He ends the auction, and tells Jules that he got them a 30-day extension, as they can be certified as a land trust, and their debt will be cleared. They won’t own the land, but they will be paid to stay on the land and manage it. Jules and Tommy let Michael stay with them as long as he would like, and the film ends with Tommy asking Michael to work on the treehouse.


November 19

November 19, 1932 – The Silly Symphony Babes in the Woods is Released to Theaters


“Once upon a time a story was told about fairies and goblins and witches who are bold…”

On November 19, 1932, the Silly Symphony Babes in the Woods was released to theaters. It was based on the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. The short was directed by Burt Gillett.

The short begins with two children wander into the woods on a summer’s day, and are terrified by the strange sights they see. As they hurry along, they hear a strange noise, and look through the trees to find where the elves live. The children are welcomes with open arms, and the elves begin to play a merry song and dance around the children. Just as the celebration begins, the shadow of the Witch circles overhead, and the elves try to hide the children in their home. However, the witch offers the children a ride on her broom, and they accept without knowing the danger. They head to her candy house and start eating as much as they can, but once she gets them inside, she traps them in with the other children she had turned into lizards and bats. The two get caught in a spider web, and she turns the boy into a spider before she chains him up. She prepares to change the girl into rat when an arrow knocks the bottle of potion out of her hand. As the witch goes to see who fired the arrow, she traps the girl in a compartment under the floor. The elves trick the witch into leaving the house, and the boy saves the girl from the compartment, knocking over a bottle and turning back into a boy in the process. While the witch is occupied, the children go around turning all the other creatures back into children, and they all flee the house, pulling out her cauldron with them. The witch is pulled from her broom and lands in her cauldron, which was filled with a potion to turn things to stone. In the end, this story explains the origins of the mysterious Old Witch Rock in the woods.

November 18

November 18, 1993 – The Partners Statue is Installed in Disneyland


“I thought that it was an honor to do a statue of Mickey and Walt who was, in my opinion, the real genius behind all of this…Walt gave me and many others some of the happiest times of our lives, and this project was important because it wasn’t just for Walt…it was about Walt.” – Disney Legend Blaine Gibson

On November 18, 1993, the famous Partners statue was installed in the hub at Disneyland. Depicting Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse, it was added to the park to celebrate Mickey’s 65th birthday. It was created by Disney Legend and former Imagineer Blaine Gibson, who came out of retirement specifically for this project, and it took him a year to work on it. The statue was based on a bust Gibson had done for Walt back in the 1960s as a thank you gift, although Walt had apparently said upon seeing it, “What am I going to do with this? Statues are for dead people.” The statue stands at 6’ 5” tall, although Walt himself was only 5’ 10”, and the hand-holding between Mickey and Walt was based on the movie Fantasia, where conductor Leopold Stokowski shakes Mickey’s hand after the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” sequence. The unveiling ceremony featured many Disney Legends in attendance, including Rickard Sherman, who played a rendition of “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins, one of Walt’s favorite songs. At one point during the performance, one bird flew down and glided right over the piano, with Sherman taking this as a sign from Walt that he approved. Since the unveiling of the statue, copies of it have been replicated in other parks: Walt Disney World in 1995, Tokyo Disneyland in 1998, Walt Disney Studios Paris in 2002, and the Disney Studio in Burbank in 2003.

November 17

November 17, 1934 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film The Dognapper is Released to Theaters


“Careful boys, he’s got blood in his eyes and shoots to kill!”

On November 17, 1934, the Mickey Mouse short film The Dognapper was released to theaters. It was directed by Dave Hand.

The short opens with a newspaper declaring that Minnie’s prize pooch Fifi has been stolen by Peg Leg Pete. An announcement goes out to Officers Mickey and Donald, and while Donald is scared of the description of Pete, they soon decide to pursue him when they see him racing down the road. However, their motorcycle is less than ideal, and poor Donald almost gets left behind. There’s a shootout on the road as they follow Pete. Pete destroys the bridge, but the boys are able to drive on the rails and keep up the chase. Pete headst o his hideout at the Glutz Sawmill, and while Mickey and Donald are able to find their way in, Pete has already chained up Fifi and has his machine gun at the ready. Mickey quickly finds him, but is knocked into a barrel by Donald. Donald orders him to put his hands up, but Pete pulls out a bigger gun on Donald, and sends Donald flying into the wall. Mickey, with the help of Fifi, manages to capture Pete, but Donald once again stops Mickey from capturing the villain. However, the two are finally able to thwart him using the tools available in the sawmill, until Pete starts the saw, nearly chopping the pair in two. The saw breaks and is sent flying after Pete at a wild speed, and he runs wildly around the mill, but is sent flying when the saw attaches to his foot. Donald and Mickey use a girdle to capture Pete and return home with Fifi as heroes.

November 16

November 16, 1990 – The Animated Featurette The Prince and the Pauper is Released to Theaters


“You needn’t worry about that. To govern, you need to say only one of two things: ‘That’s a splendid idea, I’m glad I thought of it,’ and ‘Guards, seize him!’”

On November 16, 1990, the animated featurette The Prince and the Pauper was released to theaters alongside The Rescuers Down Under. It was based on the classic novel of the same name by Mark Twain. It was directed by George Scribner, with screenplay by Gerrit Graham, Samuel Graham, and Chris Hubbell. It features the voices of Wayne Allwine as Mickey and the Prince, Bill Farmer as Goofy, Arthur Burghardt as Captain Pete, and Tony Anselmo as Donald.

The story begins in England, where times are hard after the good King fell ill and his Captain of the Guard terrorized the people in the King’s name. Mickey Mouse is seen selling kindling in the snow, while Goofy tries to sell snow cones. Mickey cheers Goofy and Pluto up with a song about the life they’ll live one day, just like a king. The Captain passes by with his carriage of drunk soldiers, and Pluto follow after them, spying some food. The door to the castle closes before Mickey can retrieve Pluto, and when he tries to get Pluto back, the guard mistakes Mickey for the Prince and quickly ushers him inside. Inside the castle, the Prince is having his lessons, but yearns to play outside in the snow, and plays pranks on his assistant Donald. The Prince spies the Captain hurting Mickey and Pluto, and orders that Mickey be brought to him at once; the Captain then throws Pluto outside.

Mickey and the Prince have their first meeting, and are surprised at their similarities

Mickey and the Prince have their first meeting, and are surprised at their similarities

After Mickey accidentally knocks down some suits of armor, he and the Prince come face-to-face, and are shocked at how they look so much alike. The Prince thanks Mickey for “saving his life” of boredom, and asks Mickey to switch lives with him. Mickey is reluctant, but the Prince promises to be back as quickly as possible, and takes a special ring with him to prove he is the Prince, in case he should get into any trouble. As the Prince passes by the Captain, the Captain treats him horribly, giving the Prince the first taste of the cruelty his people have endured. He runs into Pluto outside, but Pluto soon realizes that it isn’t Mickey. Mickey soon meets Goofy, but Goofy doesn’t seem to be fazed by ‘Mickey’s’ strange behavior. The two begin the charade with mixed results.

The Prince sees the guards acting cruelly in the King’s name, and demands that they leave the people alone, but all they do is mock him. The Prince decides to reveal his identity to give the food back to the people, but when the guards find him, they decide to arrest him instead. The Prince is able to give them the slip, thanks to the “help” of Goofy, and the Captain is less than pleased when he hears what happens. Unfortunately for Mickey, the King is close to death, and wishes to see his son. Mickey goes in to see the King, and hears the man’s dying wish: rule the land from his heart, justly and wisely. Not knowing what else to do, Mickey promises to do so as the King dies. After he leaves the room, the Captain captures Mickey, and threatens to hurt Pluto if Mickey doesn’t follow his commands. The Prince hears the news as he stays with Goofy, and is heartbroken. He decides to head back to the castle to right the wrongs he’s seen. However, he is captured by the Captain and the guards before he can head back to the palace.

The Captain plans to keep the Prince locked in the dungeon while Mickey takes the crown

The Captain plans to keep the Prince locked in the dungeon while Mickey takes the crown

The Captain throws the Prince into the dungeon with Donald right before the coronation, and the plan that he will take over once Mickey is crowned. Mickey, however, does not want to enter the ceretmony, but is “convinced” by Pete holding up Pluto. While the Prince waits, the executioner appears, although it’s Goofy in disguise, and he helps break them out. They manage to outrun the guards, and make it to the coronation just in the nick of time. The Prince does battle with the Captain, with Pluto, Goofy, and Donald helping to fight the guards off. The Captain and his guards end up thrown out a window, and the Prince is crowned the King of England, much to the joy of the subjects. Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto are made the companions of the Prince, and rules with justice and compassion for all.

November 15

November 15, 2006 – The Drama Series Day Break Premieres on ABC


“Well, whatever you do is your choice, Detective, but just remember, for every decision, there’s a consequence.”

On November 15, 2006, the drama series Day Break premiered on ABC. The series revolves around Detective Brett Hopper, who is accused of killing an Assistant D.A., and is living this day over and over again. The series lasted for 13 episodes, with only 6 episodes airing on ABC, and the rest later released online. It was created by Paul Zbyszewski, and starred Taye Diggs as Brett Hopper, Moon Bloodgood as Rita Shelten, Meta Golding as Jennifer Mathis, Victoria Pratt as Andrea Battle, Ramon Rodriguez as Damien Ortiz, and Adam Baldwin as Chad Shelten.

The pilot episode, “What If They Run,” begins with Detective Brett Hopper waking up early next to his girlfriend Rita. He hears a strange noise outside and looks out the window, but only sees a garbage truck. They make plans for the weekend, and he tells her that he has a meeting with Internal Affairs that afternoon, and she asks if Chad has something to do with it, which causes him to walk out of the room. She apologizes for bringing up her ex-husband, and they quickly make up. He promises to call her later, and heads out for his day, unaware that he’s being watched. Hopper heads to a local coffee shop where he sees a paper declaring that Assistant D.A. Alberto Garza has been murdered. A woman bumps into him and drops her papers, and after he helps her collect her things, he notices she forgot a stick note with a phone number. As he runs out to give it to her, he ends up saving her from a near-fatal bus collision.

Hopper hears the neighbors complaining about the noise his dog made the night before, and promises to take care of it

Hopper hears the neighbors complaining about the noise his dog made the night before, and believes someone broke in

He heads home after this accident to find his neighbors complaining about his dog, and he enters his apartment with his gun drawn, thinking that something happened; fortunately, it was just his dog tearing up the place. As Hopper gets ready to walk his dog, he finds that his sister called him six times that night, each time not leaving a message. When he calls her back, she tells him that they had a problem with the phone, although Hopper doesn’t believe her as she sounds rather rattled. As he listes to another message, the door is broken in by a squad of officers, as he is accused of killing Assistant D.A. Garza. Hopper is taken in for questioning by Detective Choi and Detective Spivak, and they tell him that they have the murder weapon with his fingerprints on it, which they found in his closet. He has an alibi, and he had never met Garza, although the detectives do not believe him. His partner, Andrea, shows up, and tells him that she’s been put on leave.

Hopper is angry as he talks to U.S. Attorney Nathan Baxter, who has gotten him a lawyer, but has a bigger problem with the star witness for one of his cases having gone missing. Baxter can’t proceed with his case without the witness, and with Hopper in jail, it will be nearly impossible to even find him. As Hopper is transported, he notices two strange guys among the press, silently filming him. When talking with his attorney, they tell him they can’t find Rita, which alarms Hopper. His sister Jennifer shows up for a visit with him, who is angry that he never told her about Rita, and he gets angry when he finds evidence that her husband has been abusing her. As they talk, Chad Shelten shows up to take Hopper away. Chad is Hopper’s ex-partner, Rita’s ex-husband, and a detective with Internal Affairs. Their relationship is a very tense one, but Chad says that if Hopper plays right with him, he can help Hopper. After a hearing, Hopper heads to the County Jail. He is woken up in the middle of the night and hit over the head by two mysterious men, then brought to a strange sight, his mouth duct-taped. The men there tell him to confess to the murder, and when he refuses, they kick him. They then show him footage of someone killing Rita in a staged carjacking. Afterwards, they inject him with a mild sedative that puts him to sleep. He wakes to up find himself in Rita’s bed again.

Hopper wakes up in Rita's bed, believing that everything had just been a horrible nightmare

Hopper wakes up in Rita’s bed, believing that everything had just been a horrible nightmare

Hopper believes everything was just a nightmare, but is shocked to realize that he’s actually reliving the day. Remembering what happened, he attempts to fix the day, making sure Rita stays at the hospital and removing the weapon from his closet. As he goes to the hospital, he finds that Rita isn’t there, and the woman he had saved at the coffee shop had been hit by a bus. He rushes to his sister’s husband’s school, and warns him not to touch his sister again before heading to her classroom. He tells his sister to pack up the kids and drive away as far as she can. Hopper then out and calls Andrea to help him, as he can’t find Rita. Andrea reveals that she knows about Garza, and he soon realizes that he’s being watched, as Andrea has set him up. He runs for it, but he is soon trapped on the train. He manages to escape – or so he thinks, as he is soon caught. He continues the day, still looking for Rita, and even beats up Chad at one point, demanding to know what is going on.

He breaks out and finds Andrea, as he wants to know why she traded him in to Internal Affairs. She asks if this has anything to do with the Latin Disciples, which is a confidential case he’s been working on with the U.S. Attorneys. She agrees to help him, and gives him her gun as he heads out to find his informant. His informant tells him that the safe house was a trap, and Hopper asks him for more information. The informant tells him that this is bigger than Hopper, but the informant has lost faith in Hopper. As they talk, they are attacked by the mysterious men after Hopper, and take him once again to the field from before. Once again, he watches Rita get killed, then watches more footage of his sister and her kids. He is once again given a sedative, and reminded that for every decision, there is a consequence. He wakes up again, on the same day, and tells Rita that he loves her when she wakes up. He then decides to drive her out of town, thinking they should get away, but the plan is soon thwarted by a series of cars stopping him, full of the mysterious men. He drives past as they try to shoot at him, but decides to pull over and shoot the men that are following him. The men realize that they are way past framing him anymore, and decide to make it look like a murder suicide between Hopper and Rita. He continues to work through the mystery by warning Andrea not to make a deal with Internal Affairs. Things continue to be worse for Hopper, as he tries to protect Rita and find out what’s happening to him, and learning about what consequences his actions have.

November 14

November 14, 1941 – The Goofy Short Film The Art of Skiing Premieres in Theaters


“Skiing is fast becoming the most popular of all winter sports. And small wonder, for there is no finer conquest than that of a mountain clad in its glorious winter mantle of glittering white.”

On November 14, 1941, the Goofy short film The Art of Skiing premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney.

The short begins at the Sugar Bowl Lodge, with Goofy fast asleep inside, clad in several blankets and jackets to keep him warm, as his breath turns to ice. His alarm goes off and he slowly wakes up, removing several hot water bottles. As the narrator explains the skier’s proper attire, Goofy slowly gets dressed, and goes straight back to sleep. The narrator wakes him up again, and he dons a sweater and hat before setting off on his skiing adventure, forgetting his trousers. He tries to pull them on over his skis, but of course he has some difficulty. Finally, he is ready to ski, and he ungracefully gets off the lift. He tries to follow the narrator’s instructions, but ends up in a tangled mess. He heads on his first ski, only to go backwards down the hill and finds himself dangling from a cliff, his head caught inside one of his skis. Goofy then tries to climb up a hill and ends up climbing up too far before falling and creating patterns in the snow. When Goofy attempts to do a jump turn, he is separated from his skis and ends up crossing paths with them several times before they bury him in the snow. He attempts to slalom down a hill and crashes into a tree, then slams into the side of a cliff. He finally tries the ski jump, although his skis end up flying faster than he does, and he tries to reclaim them midair, using them like wings. Eventually he crashes into his room in the ski lodge, falling right back to sleep.

November 13

November 13, 1917 – Disney Legend and European Managing Director of Merchandise Armand Bigle is Born


“Of all [Disney’s] many merchandising success stories around the world, none surpasses Armand Bigle’s success in France.” – Jimmy Johnson, Disney Legend

On November 13, 1917, Armand Bigle was born in Paris, France. After graduating with a degree in law from the University of Paris, he worked for Opera Mundi as a war correspondent during WWII, reporting on Belgium and Holland. After interviewing Walt Disney for an article in 1946, Disney soon after contacted him about a possible job opportunity. His first work for the company was forming his own company, Screpta Brussels, which served as the marketing middleman for Walt Disney Productions; he also created the Mickey Mouse Magazine, which reached a record 60,000 issues a week in sales. In 1949, Bigle was tapped by Roy O. Disney to consider accepting a job in commission sales, as there was no market in Europe at the time for Disney merchandise, and there was no salary offered. Bigle accepted, and opened the door to several countries, ranging from Russia, Greece, Indonesia, and the Middle East. His challenge was convincing these countries that were still recuperating from the war that the sale of Disney merchandise would improve their sales. At one point, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs reached the top of the box-office in France, outgrossing the latest James Bond feature, thanks to Bigle’s efforts. Bigle spent over forty years at the Disney Studios before retiring in 1988, and was honored as a Disney Legend in 1997. He passed away in 2007.

November 12

November 12, 1954 – The Donald Duck Short Film The Flying Squirrel is Released to Theaters


“I’ll get that peanut back!”

On November 12, 1954, the Donald Duck short film The Flying Squirrel was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Roy Williams.

A flying squirrel is picking acorns from a free and flying home to his nest, when he sees Donald selling peanuts in the park. He stops by to grab a few, but is scared off by Donald. Donald, however, asks the squirrel to help hang up his sign in the nearby tree, offering the squirrel a peanut. Unfortunately, the peanut Donald gave him was rotten, and when he goes to complain, Donald folds him up like a paper airplane and throws him far away. The squirrel ends up in a fountain, even more determined to get a peanut, and is able to rope one with a piece of string. Doanld catches him once again, however, and throws him using a slingshot. The squirrel ends up amongst a box of Quacker Jaxs, the snack with a prize in every package, and uses the prizes to create a costume for himself.

Donald searches for the flying squirrel as he hides among the snack boxes

Donald searches for the flying squirrel as he hides among the snack boxes

Donald hears something from the table nearby, and looks over to find the flying squirrel dressed up as a sheriff. Donald grabs another pair of toy guns from a Quacker Jax box and pretends to shoot the squirrel; while the squirrel plays dead, Donald reaches in to grab him, only to find his fingers handcuffed. The squirrel retrieves his peanut from Donald’s pocket and runs away. Donald finally frees himself and, in an effort to get his peanut back, grabs a giant peanut costume and hides at the base of a tree. The squirrel takes one look at the giant peanut and discards his, which Donald eagerly snatches up. Donald doesn’t notice, however, that his giant peanut disguise has been wrapped in a rope by the squirrel, who pulls the peanut up to roast it over the flame in Donald’s cart. Donald leaps out of the rope and heads to the pond to cool off; once the disguise is revealed, the squirrel beats him over the head with a branch, retrieving the peanut while Donald is out of it. An all-out war ensues over the peanut, with both using any weapon at their disposal. In the end, Donald’s cart is destroyed, and the squirrel successfully gets the peanut.

November 11

November 11, 2011 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Geek Charming Premieres


“I can’t believe that popular people like me are forced to share the same air as nerderers like you!”

On November 11, 2011, the Disney Channel Original Movie Geek Charming premiered. It was based on the book of the same name by Robin Palmer, and had over 4 million viewers on its premiere broadcast. It was directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, with story adapted by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy. It starred Sarah Hyland as Dylan Schoenfield, Matt Prokop as Josh Rosen, Sasha Pieterse as Amy Loubalu, Jordan Nichols as Asher, Andrew Airlie as Alan Schoenfield, and Lilli Birdsell as Sandy.

The movie begins with Dylan Schoenfield being crowned the Blossom Queen – or so she thinks. She’s been caught daydreaming about winning, and continues to sign up for the contest. Dylan is one of the most popular people at Woodlands Academy, and aims to win the crown so she can be the most popular person in the school. She has major competition in the form of Nicole Patterson, but Dylan takes the competition in stride. On her way to her seat in the lunch room, unpopular student Josh bumps into her, spilling his tray of tuna noodle casserole all over her shirt. She berates him in front of the entire school, but it turns out the reason he tripped is because she sprayed perfume in his face. Josh finally sits with his friends, and it’s revealed that he has a crush on Amy Loubalu, an indie rocker and Dylan’s ex-best friend. The conversation turns back to an upcoming film festival, and Josh has no idea what to film.

Josh explains to his teacher that he's having a problem coming up with a good subject for the film contest

Josh explains to his teacher that he’s having a problem coming up with a good subject for the film contest

Josh submits his application to the festival to his teacher, but the best he can come up with is a documentary on the evolution of robot voices. His teacher, Mr. Farley, inspires him to pick a human subject out of his element. After school, Dylan heads to the mall with her father, and while he obviously loves her, he is always busy with work. Josh works at the same mall, and he spots his crush, Amy, walking by. As he tries to follow her, he spots Dylan, who accidentally throws her purse into the mall’s fountain. Inspired, he decides to go into the fountain to get her purse, hoping to score a favor from her: to be the subject of his film. However, she doesn’t even thank him for retrieving her purse. She finally agrees to star in his film when she realizes that the movie would cinch her the title of Blossom Queen.

Dylan heads home after her busy day to find the house empty, and she decides to go through some of her mother’s belongings, revealing that her mother died while she was in elementary school. Josh heads to his own home, and explains to his mom, Sandy, his idea for the film festival. The next day, he submits his idea, and Mr. Farley is pleased, although he warns Josh to keep his “preconceived notions at the door.” The film shoot goes to a rocky start, as Dylan is rather high-maintenance, and the lunchroom is agog with the fact that Josh can freely enter the popular kids spot. Dylan is revealed to be a self-centered, stuck-up teenager, and Josh is trying to take Mr. Farley’s advice and not make any judgments. When Dylan’s busy in a changing room at the mall, he asks her friends Hannah and Lola for what they really think of Dylan, and the answers are not pretty.

Dylan explains to Josh that people are in groups for a reason, and shouldn't venture outside

Dylan explains to Josh that people are in groups for a reason, and shouldn’t venture outside

Dylan argues that people should stay within their social groups to avoid misunderstandings; she doesn’t want Josh thinking that he can ask her out. She also doesn’t reveal any goals after high school, and when playing back the film later, he has no idea how to turn the film into a true documentary. His mom tries to convince him to dig deeper and find the true Dylan Schoenfield, but Josh is more than a little reluctant. While at a beach party, Josh tries to film Dylan, but gets distracted by his crush Amy. Dylan notices and throws a volleyball at Josh to get his attention, and inadvertently reveals that Dylan and Amy used to be friends. Using this as a way to dig deeper, he continues to ask her for information, but doesn’t really get anywhere. Her boyfriend Asher treats Dylan horribly, and it gets worse when her car gets towed for seven unpaid parking tickets. Josh has to give her a ride, which she does not accept graciously. Unfortunately, his car completely breaks down, and they have to walk to a gas station.

Dylan continues to act like a diva, and he loses it, calling her a selfish whiner and firing her from his movie. Worse news for Josh: he doesn’t have enough time to change his film. Mr. Farley convinces him to try again, and Dylan is convinced to try again so she can garner votes for Blossom Queen. Dylan heads to the Film Club field trip to ask Josh for a second chance, and finds herself actually enjoying the film. Dylan surprises the group with an explanation of a complicated science theory, and Josh asks her later why she hides her smarts; she reveals that only geeks get good grades. The two agree to work together again, but with one condition: she doesn’t act like a diva anymore. After he drives her home, she invites him inside to hang out. The two bond over the creation of an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-sundae,” and he sees a different side to her. She gives him advice on how to ask Amy out, and he tells her that Asher is an idiot. The two then talk about her mom, who was once Blossom Queen. Dylan wants to be Blossom Queen so she could feel closer to her mom. They bond further still when she gives him a makeover.

As thanks for the makeover, and to save Dylan from being with her father's new girlfriend, Josh invites her over for dinner

As thanks for the makeover, and to save Dylan from being with her father’s new girlfriend, Josh invites her over for dinner

Josh invites Dylan over for dinner, as she doesn’t want to meet his father’s girlfriend. His mother embarrasses him by asking if they’re dating, but Dylan clears it up for Sandy, although she admits that Josh is amazing. While Josh and Dylan play fight in the kitchen, Sandy manages to capture it all on tape. The next day at school, people are amazed by Josh’s new look, with all sorts of people taking notice, and building his self-esteem. Josh’s friends, however, aren’t fans of the look, as they think he has a crush on Dylan and are leaving them behind. Dylan’s friends and boyfriend aren’t happy either, as they still think Josh is nothing more than a geek. Meanwhile, Josh finally gets the nerve to ask Amy out, and Dylan is seen looking rather upset. When Josh is at his job in the mall, Mr. Schoenfield finds him and, thinking that he’s dating Dylan, invites him over for dinner. Dylan arrives home to see Josh’s car, and finds Josh teaching her father about science-fiction films. Although Dylan tries to convince her father that they aren’t dating, but their behavior suggests otherwise.

It’s the day of Josh’s date, and they’re off to Asher’s party, thanks to an invite from Dylan. Asher continues to ignore Dylan, and she grows jealous at how well Josh and Amy are interacting. Amy realizes that Josh isn’t that into her, and lets him go check on her. When he goes to talk to her, she reveals that she ditched Amy in the 6th grade, because she didn’t want to be in Amy’s shadow. However, when she tries to give Josh advice on how to win Amy over, Asher walks in on them, thinking that they’re dating. Josh takes Amy home, and Amy tells him she believes that he’s not dating Dylan, but that he wants to, and turns down his invite for the school dance. While editing his film, he finally realizes that he does care for Dylan. The next day, Dylan is running late for school, and accidentally drops her contacts down the drain, leaving her with no option but a pair of glasses. Refusing to wear them, she tries to go without, until she gets a note from Asher, saying that he’s breaking up with her. He tells her that she’s becoming a nerd, and refuses to hang out with her. Things get worse when Josh can’t sit with her at lunch, and her seat in the popular kids’ section has been replaced with Nicole Patterson.

Josh is dismayed when his friends all but reject him after he continues to neglect them

Josh is dismayed when his friends all but reject him after he continues to neglect them

Josh’s friend also dump him for spending too much time with Dylan, and he heads home, confused with what to do with his film. Josh decides that it’s okay that his truth has changed, and he has found a way to edit his film to his new vision. After school, Dylan finds her friends dress shopping without her, and they tell her that it’s because she’s always off with Josh and doesn’t have a date for the dance. Soon, the day of the film festival is here, and Josh’s film premieres. Dylan sneaks in to watch, and is uncomfortable with the laughs from the audience at her shallow comments. She is hurt by the film’s direction, and leaves midway. Josh sees her leave and chases after her. She is hurt by what he chose to show, and how he doesn’t understand her at all. However, the film takes a different turn, showing how Dylan is more than a shallow popular girl. The film is met with praise from the entire town, and later, Amy stops by Dylan’s to talk to her. Amy tells her that Josh is worried about her, but Dylan doesn’t believe her, until Amy tells her that Josh won first place. Amy then has Dylan watch the entire film to understand.

The Spring Formal arrives, and Dylan arrives wearing her mother’s old dress. Dylan’s popularity has gone up immensely, and she wins the title of Blossom Queen. Josh arrives just as Dylan is making her speech, and Dylan realizes that she has real friends in the form of Josh and Amy. She admits to the school that she likes Josh, and hurries off the stage to find him. The two share a kiss, giving the movie a happy ending.