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November 12

November 12, 1954 – The Donald Duck Short Film The Flying Squirrel is Released to Theaters


“I’ll get that peanut back!”

On November 12, 1954, the Donald Duck short film The Flying Squirrel was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Roy Williams.

A flying squirrel is picking acorns from a free and flying home to his nest, when he sees Donald selling peanuts in the park. He stops by to grab a few, but is scared off by Donald. Donald, however, asks the squirrel to help hang up his sign in the nearby tree, offering the squirrel a peanut. Unfortunately, the peanut Donald gave him was rotten, and when he goes to complain, Donald folds him up like a paper airplane and throws him far away. The squirrel ends up in a fountain, even more determined to get a peanut, and is able to rope one with a piece of string. Doanld catches him once again, however, and throws him using a slingshot. The squirrel ends up amongst a box of Quacker Jaxs, the snack with a prize in every package, and uses the prizes to create a costume for himself.

Donald searches for the flying squirrel as he hides among the snack boxes

Donald searches for the flying squirrel as he hides among the snack boxes

Donald hears something from the table nearby, and looks over to find the flying squirrel dressed up as a sheriff. Donald grabs another pair of toy guns from a Quacker Jax box and pretends to shoot the squirrel; while the squirrel plays dead, Donald reaches in to grab him, only to find his fingers handcuffed. The squirrel retrieves his peanut from Donald’s pocket and runs away. Donald finally frees himself and, in an effort to get his peanut back, grabs a giant peanut costume and hides at the base of a tree. The squirrel takes one look at the giant peanut and discards his, which Donald eagerly snatches up. Donald doesn’t notice, however, that his giant peanut disguise has been wrapped in a rope by the squirrel, who pulls the peanut up to roast it over the flame in Donald’s cart. Donald leaps out of the rope and heads to the pond to cool off; once the disguise is revealed, the squirrel beats him over the head with a branch, retrieving the peanut while Donald is out of it. An all-out war ensues over the peanut, with both using any weapon at their disposal. In the end, Donald’s cart is destroyed, and the squirrel successfully gets the peanut.


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