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Monthly Archives: November 2015

November 20

November 20, 1993 – The Dedication Ceremony for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza is Held in Disney-MGM Studios


“Stroll through this outdoor exhibit featuring bronze busts of beloved TV legends.”

On November 20, 1993, a dedication ceremony was held in Disney-MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) to honor the installation of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza. Mirroring the hall of fame located in California, the area features busts of trailblazers and icons in the field of television that have been honored with the award, ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Lucille Ball, and of course featuring Walt Disney. The exhibit is outdoors, and open from park open to close.

November 19

November 19, 1990 – The Beach Club Resort Opens in Walt Disney World

Beach Club Resort

“Discover the casual elegance of this charming, New England-style Resort hotel.”

On November 19, 1990, the Beach Club Resort opened in Walt Disney World, next door to the Yacht Club Resort and near the International Gateway of Epcot’s World Showcase. The deluxe resort was designed by architect Robert Stern, and features a New-England coastal style. It features several special amenities, including a 750,000 gallon, three-acre swimming pool known as Stormalong Bay, as well as a special character dining experience at Cape May Café.

November 18

November 18, 1962 – The Swiss Family Treehouse Attraction Opens in Disneyland


“Explore the ultimate treehouse.”

On November 18, 1962, the Swiss Family Treehouse attraction opened in Disneyland’s Adventureland. Based on the 1960 live action feature Swiss Family Robinson, the treehouse is entirely man-made, tree included. Thanks to this, the tree has also been given the tongue-in-cheek scientific name Disneyeodendron semperflorens grandis, meaning “large ever-blooming Disney tree.” The grand opening of the attraction featured an appearance by actor John Mills, who starred in the film, and his daughter, Disney Legend Hayley Mills. In 1999, the attraction closed, and soon reopened as Tarzan’s Treehouse. A version of the original attraction exists in Walt Disney World, opening in 1971, while another opened in Tokyo Disneyland in 1993.

November 17

November 17, 2001 – Build-a-Bear Workshop Opens in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney


“Pick out a cuddly new plush pal and customize him or her with cute clothing, accessories, recorded sounds, and more.”

On November 17, 2001, the Build-a-Bear Workshop store opened in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney area, across from the WonderGround Gallery. A special event was held for the opening, including a meet-and-greet with the store’s mascot Bearemy, a sweepstakes with the chance to win special store-related prizes, and a Stuffed with Hugs special event for the first 200 guests. The store features, along the usual Build-a-Bear selections, special Disney styles, which guests can take home as a souvenir.

November 16

November 16, 2004 – The Turtle Talk with Crush Attraction Opens in Epcot’s The Living Seas Area


“Gather ‘round a window to the ocean for a real-time Q-and-A session with your favorite totally tubular turtle. Righteous!

On November 16, 2004, the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction opened in The Living Seas area of Epcot. Based on the hit Pixar film Finding Nemo, the attraction features the character Crush, the 150-year-old turtle from the EAC. Through digital projection and voice-activated animation, Crush is able to hold a conversation with members of the audience. The attraction proved popular enough to be brought to Disney’s California Adventure in 2005, and Tokyo DisneySea in 2009.

November 15

November 15, 1929 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Jungle Rhythm is Released to Theaters


On November 15, 1929, the Mickey Mouse short film Jungle Rhythm was released to theaters. It was directed by Walt Disney.

Mickey is playing an accordion on the back of an elephant, and the elephant skips about to the tune. A vulture also starts dancing to the song. Mickey soon slides off the elephant to hunt the vulture, but ends up caught between an angry bear and lion. A monkey starts playing a tune with the accordion, with help from a parrot, which causes Mickey, the lion, and the bear to dance. More animals join in with the song, to much applause from the rest of the jungle, and Mickey manages to use whatever he can find to turn into an instrument, including a tree branch, a jaguar cub, and some ostriches.

November 14

November 14, 1936 – The Silly Symphony Mother Pluto is Released to Theaters


On November 14, 1936, the Silly Symphony Mother Pluto was released to theaters. It is the only short film in Pluto’s filmography that is listed under the Silly Symphonies banner. The short was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

A butterfly is flying around the farm, and one chicken abandons her eggs to chase after it. Pluto returns to his doghouse through a hole in the fence, not realizing that the chicken had been roosting in his doghouse, and is shocked when the chicks start to hatch. Thinking Pluto is their mother, they follow him, even when he jumps over the fence. They manage to leave him to chase after a cricket, though they end up following him again after a cricket mishap. One of the chicks starts to cry after being beaten about by the cricket, and Pluto suddenly feels the urge to comfort it. Seeing him be motherly, Pluto gives in to his instinct and adopts the entire group of chicks. Pluto digs out a caterpillar for their food, but when it tries to torment the chicks, Pluto scares it away. The chicken returns to her nest to find broken shells, and is shocked to find her chicks have disappeared. She spots them with Pluto, and demands them back from the dog, but Pluto refuses to let them go. She calls for the rooster to get her chicks back, and Pluto and the rooster start fighting. The chicks flee back into the doghouse during the fight, and when Pluto makes it back to the doghouse, he starts mourning the chicks, thinking he’s lost them. He is then happy to discover the chicks waiting for him and leaping into his open paws.

November 13

November 13, 1998 – Mulan Wins Ten Annie Awards

Annie Award

“You’ll bring honor to us all.”

On November 13, 1998, the 26th Annie Awards were held in Glendale, California in the historic Alex Theater. Out of twelve nominations (with one category having three nominees), the Disney animated feature film Mulan walked away with ten awards, including Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Theatrical Feature, edging out Fox Animation Studios’ Anastasia, Bill Plympton’s I Married a Strange Person, and Warner Bros. Feature Animation Quest for Camelot. Other awards included:

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Character Animation
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Effects Animation
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Feature Production
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Feature Production
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Feature Production
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature Production
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Directing in an Animated Feature Production
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Producing in an Animated Feature Production

November 12

November 12, 1932 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film The Wayward Canary is Released


“Oh, Mickey! Isn’t he cute?”

On November 12, 1932, the Mickey Mouse short film The Wayward Canary was released to theaters. The short features cameo caricatures of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

Mickey is heading to Minnie’s with a package and Pluto in tow, and he surprises her with a canary. Mickey entices the bird to sing by playing the flute, and Minnie follows along on the piano to their merry tune. As she sings, several other baby canaries fly out of the cage and start dancing and chirping to the music. They then start to wreak havoc across the house, including getting into a bottle of ink and ruining a tablecloth. As Mickey chases after the birds, he ends up destroying most things in Minnie’s house. She manages to capture most of the birds in a tea kettle, though one manages to escape and accidentally set a hot coal on Pluto’s backside. The bird continues to elude Mickey, until it lands on hungry cat that chases after it. Pluto joins the fray by chasing after the cat and saving the poor bird before it gets eaten.

November 11

November 11, 1993 – Disney Announces Plans for Disney America

Disney America

“In ‘Disney America’ we will create a totally new concept using the different strengths of our entertainment company…to celebrate those unique American qualities that have been out country’s strengths and that have made this nation the beacon of hope to people everywhere.”

On November 11, 1993, Disney released a press release for the new Disney America project, which was to be located west of Washington DC in Prince William County. Disney had purchased a 3,000 acre site in the county, and announced that the park would be very different from its predecessors in terms of subject matter and presentation, as the focus would be on several different aspects of the country’s history. It was also announced that it would be home to several facilities dedicated to public forums and political debates. Highlights included Native America, which would explore the lives of “America’s first inhabitants;” Civil War Fort, which puts guests in the middle of a reenactment of the battle of the Monitor and Merrimac, and We the People, an area to explore the lives and cultures brought to America through Ellis Island. Over 3,000 jobs would have been created once the park was finished, and was estimated to open in 1998. However, due to several protests by citizens thanks to its location near several Civil War battlefields, the project was scrapped in 1994.