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December 11

December 11, 2007 – Wave Seven of the Walt Disney Treasures Sets is Released

On December 11, 2007, the seventh wave of the Walt Disney Treasures sets was released through Walt Disney Home Entertainment. This wave featured three sets: The Chronological Donald, Volume Three; The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit; and Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic. The first set featured Donald Duck’s filmography from 1947 through 1950, including a documentary about the character called “The Many Faces of Donald Duck.” The Oswald set contains all the Oswald cartoons, as of the date of release, that had not been considered lost, and had been remastered; Ozzie of the Mounted, Tall Timber, and Bright Lights were newly rediscovered before the release of the set. The Oswald set also featured three Alice Comedies (known as Before Oswald) and two Mickey Mouse shorts and the Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance (known as After Oswald), as well as the documentary The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story. The last set features a documentary about Disneyland, as well as other specials and tidbits about the Disney Park.


June 15

June 15, 2012 – The Merchandise Stop Oswald’s Opens in Disney California Adventure

“Top off your supply of Disney merchandise…including retro merchandise inspired by one of Walt Disney’s first creations and the shop’s namesake, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.”

On June 15, 2012, the merchandise stop Oswald’s opened in Disney California Adventure Park. Fashioned like a classic gas station, the store features merchandise for one of Disney’s first creations, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Since The Walt Disney Company’s reacquisition of Oswald in 2006, this store is one of the many changes to incorporate the character into the park and other company holdings. The store also features specialty merchandise featuring the classic character.

June 11

June 11, 1928 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short Film Poor Papa is Released to Theaters

On June 11, 1928, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film Poor Papa was released to theaters. This was the first Oswald short created, though not the first released (as that honor goes to Trolley Troubles). When it was sent to Universal for review, the character of Oswald was deemed too old and fat, and a new imagining of the lead character was needed. The film was eventually released a year later. The short had been thought of as a lost film for decades, but three copies were found in the United Kingdom. Disney was later able to buy a print and restore the film, releasing it on the Blu-Ray of Pinocchio in 2017.

June 8

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June 8, 2013 – Hungry Hobos is Screened at UCLA’s 24th Silent Film Event

“This cartoon as far as we know hasn’t been seen in over half a century.” – Dave Bossert, Producer, Creative Director, and Head of Special Projects at Walt Disney Animation Studios

On June 8, 2013, the 24th Silent Film Event was held at UCLA, with the 1928 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film Hungry Hobos touted as the headline of the event. The short film was previously thought to be lost, but a 16-mm print of the movie had been discovered two years prior in a movie vault in England. Since then, Disney has bought the print and restored it extensively, preparing it for this “re-premiere” at UCLA.

April 2

April 2, 1928 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short Film Sagebrush Sadie is Released to Theaters

On April 12, 1928, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film Sagebrush Sadie premiered in theaters. Although the film is considered a lost film, some scenes in pencil drawings from the film survive in the Walt Disney Animation Research Library. The short was animated by Ub Iwerks, Hugh Harman, and Rollin Hamilton.


March 13

March 13, 1928 – Walt Disney Telegrams Roy Disney After Losing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

“Don’t worry everything ok will give details when arrive”

On March 13, 1928, Walt Disney traveled back to California from New York with his wife Lillian, after negotiations with Charles Mintz about the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit had failed. Before leaving, Walt sent a telegram to his brother Roy reading: “LEAVING TONITE STOPPING OVER KC ARRIVE HOME SUNDAY MORNING SEVEN THIRTY DON’T WORRY EVERYTHING OK WILL GIVE DETAILS WHEN ARRIVE. WALT.” This telegram is usually associated with the myth of the creation of Mickey Mouse, as Disney announced when he got back to California that he lost Oswald but they would start a new series. Walt, Roy, and friend Ub Iwerks quickly set to work on the first Mickey Mouse cartoon Plane Crazy, which was shown in a nearby movie house on May 15, 1928, though they would not have their first real hit on their hands until Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928.

February 6

February 6, 1928 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short Film The Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole is Released to Theaters


On February 6, 1928, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film The Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole premiered in theaters. It was the 13th Oswald short film to be released, and was released around the time that Walt was trying to renegotiate his contract with Charles Mintz. The short has since been classified as a lost film, though its movie poster still survives.

February 2

February 2, 1928 – Charles Mintz Signs New Oswald Contract with Universal


“Never again will I work for somebody else.” – Walt Disney

On February 2, 1928, Charles Mintz, the distributor for Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short films, signed a three-year contract with Universal. This contract with Universal would give the company new Oswald shorts, without the involvement of Walt Disney. Mintz had been working since early 1928 to pull Walt’s animators from him to create a new studio producing Oswald short films. Ub Iwerks had been approached and refused the offer; he then went to Walt to warn him of Mintz’s backdoor deals. Walt was optimistic about the future of Oswald and didn’t heed Ub’s warning, instead heading to New York to negotiate a new contract with Mintz. Walt asked for $2500 a short film, but Mintz only offered a paltry $1800, much less than the $2250 Disney had been making, and gloated about having stolen Walt’s key animators from him. Although Walt tried to stall making a decision, including trying to get Universal to intervene on his behalf, Mintz dropped the ultimate bombshell: Universal had the rights to the Oswald character, not Walt, and Universal sided with Mintz. Walt then headed home after accepting defeat and informing Mintz that he would not accept a new deal, but it was not too long after that Walt and Ub would come up with the character that would create a company: Mickey Mouse.

January 9

January 9, 1928 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short Film Harem Scarem is Released to Theaters


On January 9, 1928, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film Harem Scarem premiered in theaters. The short was animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton. Since its release, it has since become classified as a lost film; in 2012, however, several drawings from the short were found to exist, and were compiled by the Disney Archives to create a special 90-second short film to honor the character’s 85th birthday, and was screened for D23 members at a private event.

December 26

December 26, 1927 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short Film Rickety Gin is Released to Theaters


On December 26, 1927, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film Rickety Gin premiered in theaters. It was the tenth Oswald short film to be released, and was animated by Ub Iwerks and Friz Freleng. The short has since been classified as a lost film.