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February 22

February 22, 1954 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is Featured in LIFE Magazine

Disney Life

“We are delighted that Mr. Disney has seen fit to treat Jules Verne with the proper reverence in his new film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

On February 22, 1954, LIFE Magazine featured Disney’s newest live-action adventure as a cover story. The article takes readers behind the scenes of the upcoming film, interviewing several actor-divers, cameramen, and directors, and featured a several-page picture spread of underwater work to create the film.


December 30

December 30, 1937 – The Donald Duck Comic Serial Paolino Paperino e il mistero di Marte Begins


“Chi entra qui accumula tanta energia da diventare invincibile!”

On December 30, 1937, the Donald Duck serial comic Paolino Paperino e il mistero di Marte (translated as Donald Duck and the Mystery of Mars) began publication. The comic was written and illustrated by Federico Pedrocchi, and was the first piece to feature Donald as an adventurer, rather than just a comedic hothead; in this instance, Donald is tricked into entering a spaceship heading for Mars, and is kidnapped by Martians, among other mishaps. This comic was the first eighteen volumes in a series of Donald comics known as Paperino e alter avventure. This is also the first printed instance of Donald’s Italian name, Paolino Paperino.

December 29

December 29, 1941 – Time Magazine Features a Review of Dumbo

Image taken from the Walt Disney Family Museum

Image taken from the Walt Disney Family Museum

“Now, more than ever, Americans were thankful for what they were about to receive. They were thankful, too, for Dumbo.”

On December 29, 1941, Time Magazine featured a further review of the animated feature film Dumbo, which was released in October of 1941. Critical and public reaction to the film was overwhelmingly positive, and Time Magazine, which had a review of it in October, decided to dedicate the December issue to Dumbo, calling him “Mammal of the Year.” However, due to the events of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the cover was soon replaced with General Douglas MacArthur, as it was felt that the planned cover might trivialize the struggles of the nation. Thanks to Dumbo’s popularity, the section for the elephant was moved to the cinema section, complete with a behind-the-scenes look at the character and his story that inspired a nation.

December 27

December 27, 1937 – Walt Disney Appears on the Cover of Time Magazine


“We’re businessmen. Walt Disney’s an artist. With us, the idea with shorts is to hit ‘em and run. With us, Disney is more of a Rembrandt.” – Leon Schlesinger

On December 27, 1937, Walt Disney made his first appearance on the cover of Time Magazine. This would be one of two covers featuring Walt, with the second being on December 27, 1954, exactly seventeen years later. Printed nearly a week after the release of the first full-length animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the article talks about the history of the Disney studios leading up to the film’s release, as well as the process of creating a full-length animated feature.