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December 30

December 30, 1937 – The Donald Duck Comic Serial Paolino Paperino e il mistero di Marte Begins


“Chi entra qui accumula tanta energia da diventare invincibile!”

On December 30, 1937, the Donald Duck serial comic Paolino Paperino e il mistero di Marte (translated as Donald Duck and the Mystery of Mars) began publication. The comic was written and illustrated by Federico Pedrocchi, and was the first piece to feature Donald as an adventurer, rather than just a comedic hothead; in this instance, Donald is tricked into entering a spaceship heading for Mars, and is kidnapped by Martians, among other mishaps. This comic was the first eighteen volumes in a series of Donald comics known as Paperino e alter avventure. This is also the first printed instance of Donald’s Italian name, Paolino Paperino.


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