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December 31

December 31, 1940 – Actor and Disney Legend Tim Considine is Born


“[Spin and Marty] was great for us because usually, when you’re a kid actor, you work on a dark soundstage, and here we were out in the sun playing with horses and friends…it was almost like not working other than the fact that every once in a while we had to stop playing to make a movie.”

On December 31, 1940, Timothy Daniel Considine was born in Los Angeles, California, to a family steeped in the performing arts. His first role was in the 1953 film The Clown playing Red Skelton’s son. In 1955, Considine was cast as Spin Evans in the Mickey Mouse Club serial “Spin and Marty,” playing alongside friend and fellow Disney Legend David Stollery’s Marty Markham. The serial went on to great popularity, which Considine attributed to being the only live-action series on television geared towards children. “Spin and Marty” would be followed with two further sequels, “The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty” and “The New Adventures of Spin and Marty.” After the first serial, Considine was cast as Frank Hardy in a serial based on the detective novels “The Hardy Boys” alongside Tommy Kirk’s Joe Hardy, and wasgiven a role in the “Annette” serial. In 1959, Considine starred in the Disney live-action film The Shaggy Dog. In the 1960s, he starred on the classic series My Three Sons with fellow Disney legend Fred MacMurray. After a few roles in the 1970s, Considine created a new career for himself by becoming an author and photographer, writing about sports and automotive history. He continues to work as a contributing editor for Road & Track magazine, with his photographs being used in several media pieces.


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