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January 17

January 17, 2014 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9 Premieres


“Now this is what I call fashionably late.”

On January 17, 2014, the Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9 premiered. It was written by Justin Ware, Don D. Scott, and Katie Wech, and directed by Paul Hoen. It starred Dove Cameron as Kayla, Luke Benward as Will, Mike C. Manning as Nick Swift, and Kiersey Clemmons as Skye Sailor.

The movie begins with Kayla Morgan, a spoiled teenager, arriving home to find a present from her father before remembering that she’s late to arrive at her snowboarding competition. Kayla is a snowboarding champion, and although she manages to score well, her prima donna behavior frustrates her teammates and her coach. Meanwhile, Will Cloud is working in his family’s kennel, wishing to put his snowboarding past behind him. He runs into Kayla and her boyfriend Nick on the slopes, with Kayla revealing that Will was a legend in the making, but had to leave it all behind after an accident. Will’s friends try to convince him to snowboard again, but he still refuses. That night, Kayla and Nick arrive at a special party for the team, and Nick’s father, Coach Swift, thinks that Nick’s best isn’t good enough. But the excitement still rises when Coach Swift reveals that the upcoming Fire & Ice competition will be broadcast on national television, but Kayla soon finds Nick being berated by his father.

Kayla and Nick head out after the party, with Nick admitting he wants to try the dangerous move, the "Cloud 9"

Kayla and Nick head out after the party, with Nick admitting he wants to try the dangerous move, the “Cloud 9”

Later that night, Kayla and Nick talk more about the competition, with Nick wanting to do the “Cloud 9” – the move that cost Will his snowboarding career. They find Will’s sled behind the sign for the resort and decide to take it for a ride, which ends with Kayla crashing through the sign and destroying Will’s sled. Nick and the rest of the team abandon Kayla, leaving Kayla to take the blame. To pay for Will’s sled, her parents decide that Kayla’s punishment is to work at Will’s family kennel every day after school. Will isn’t happy about the arrangement, and tells Kayla that she’s not good at anything except shopping; furthermore, she’s decent but lazy on the slopes, and only made the Swift team because her father owns the resort. The next day, Kayla heads into the kennel, but argues with Will from the beginning. Things get worse for Kayla when Coach Swift kicks her off the team for her antics, even though the boys on the team were also guilty, and Nick tells her that she’s only a champion because the competition was fixed so her father would keep financing the team. Kayla is crushed, as she feels she’s a fake.

Kayla continues to work at the kennel, but runs into trouble every which way, especially as one of the dogs manages to free the others and they all escape. Kayla chases them to the nearby hangout, and finds her boyfriend with his friends. At her low point, he decides to dump her, as he says he needs to focus on her training. She arrives back with all the dogs and starts to cry about her misfortune, and is even more crushed when she is not fired from the kennel job. She confides in her friends that she really liked Nick, but Pia reassures Kayla that this can only mean that something incredible could come out of all of this. Inspired, Kayla strikes up a deal with Will: she’ll help fix up the kennel if he’ll train her for Fire & Ice. Will refuses, however, as the injury the other year nearly cost him his life. Kayla continues to badger him, although he doesn’t think she’s serious enough to compete. Kayla is even more determined to win when she finds that she’s already been replaced on her old team. Will finally decides to help her, and she joins his old team.

Kayla's world collides with Will's after she joins his old team

Kayla’s world collides with Will’s after she joins his old team

Kayla’s friends are surprised to hear of Kayla’s plans, but Kayla is ready to take on her old team and their new teammate, Skye Sailor. Kayla and Skye have a confrontation at the resort lodge, with Kayla challenging her. Kayla decides, with Will’s lecturing, that she needs to show Skye what she’s made of on the slopes, and starts practicing. Kayla gets better and better, much to Will’s surprise. Kayla also renovates the kennel, with Will and his mother loving the change. Will’s mom thanks Kayla for making Will happy again, as it was thought that he’d never be the same after his accident. Later, Will and Kayla get ice cream, with Will admitting that Kayla looks like a real threat. Kayla tries to convince Will to try boarding again and competing in Fire & Ice, and he promises that he’ll think about it. The next morning, Kayla overhears her father saying that there’s no way that Kayla can win against Team Swift, but that only makes Kayla want to win more, and asks Will to teach her the Cloud 9. Will refuses, and tells her that she doesn’t believe in herself enough. She then decides to head up to the top of the tallest peak so she can snowboard down and prove that she has no fear.

Kayla is nervous when she reaches the top of the peak, but keeps telling herself that nothing’s impossible. The helicopter films her performance, sending the feed live back to the resort, with everyone watching as she makes her way down. She does well for the first part, until an avalanche basically follows her down the peak, and she wipes out. Will hurriedly makes his way up the resort to save her with one of the dogs from the kennel, and manages to pull her out unharmed. She once again tries to convince Will to teach her the Cloud 9, and he reluctantly agrees. Will also agrees to get back on the board, and heads out on a practice run. Kayla gets slightly distracted when she finds her old boyfriend Nick dating Skye, but realizes that she may have feelings for Will. Will begins teaching her the Cloud 9, which is a move with three rotations in the air. Kayla tries again and again to get the move, but continues to fall. She continues to practice into the night, with Skye and Coach Swift watching. Skye tells Coach Swift that Kayla isn’t the pampered princess he made her out to be, but can actually ride.

Will is afraid of Kayla getting hurt, and decides to stop teaching her the Cloud 9

Will is afraid of Kayla getting hurt, and decides to stop teaching her the Cloud 9

Will decides not to let Kayla practice the Cloud 9 anymore, as he’s afraid that she’ll get injured the way he did. The two finally share a kiss, and Kayla reassures him that she’s all in, and needs him to believe in her. She runs into Coach Swift on her way home, and he apologizes to her for kicking her off the team and asks her for another chance, inviting her back on the team before Fire & Ice. Although it looks like Kayla is rejoining Team Swift, she decides to stay with Team Hotdoggers. The Fire & Ice competition begins, and the teams are doing really well. Finally, it’s time for Kayla’s competition, and Kayla has an incredible first run, beating Skye Sailor. For the second run, Skye takes the lead, with Kayla needed a near perfect score to beat her. Before Kayla heads up, her father finds her to apologize for not believing in her. Coach Swift berates the scene between Kayla and her father, and Nick loses it, as he’s tired of his dad not giving him any praise, and tells her the truth: on Coach Swift’s orders, Nick steered the sled into the sign so there was a reason to kick Kayla off the team. This news makes Kayla all the more determined to win the competition with the Cloud 9. She heads out on her run, and nails the Cloud 9, achieving the perfect score necessary to win not only the women’s division, but the overall competition for her team.


January 12

January 12, 2001 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: The Zequel Premieres


“However, Zenon is also 15-years-old, and everything in her stellanarious life is about to change forever…”

On January 12, 2001, the Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: The Zequel premiered. It was a sequel to the highly successful Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, both of which were based on the book by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen. This film was written by Stu Kreiger and directed by Manny Coto. It starred Kristen Storms as Zenon Kar, Shadia Simmons as Nebula, Lauren Maltby as Margie, Philip Rhys as Proto Zoa, and Stuart Pankin as Commander Plank.

Zenon is walking along the corridor of the space station with her friend Nebula, still able to cash in on her status as a hero and enter restricted zones. Zenon thinks she’s discovered a new game, but doesn’t realize that she’s actually managed to destroy the office of Commander Plank by opening and closing the emergency airlock doors, sending everything out into space. Plank manages to see the remnants of his office float past the space station doors, landing Zenon in a world of trouble. Things get worse when Zenon’s boyfriend Greg dumps her, and she believes that her old enemy Margie had something to do with it. Zenon is called to Plank’s new office, and punishes her by making her work in the Alien Patrol Lab. Lab Worker Orion has been working there for five years, and had no signals from aliens the entire time. Zenon doesn’t want to work with Orion, as she finds the task pointless, but Plank gives her no other option.

Zenon is startled her first night in the lab, thinking an alarm clock was contact from aliens

Zenon is startled her first night in the lab, thinking an alarm clock noise was contact from aliens

Zenon begins her first night in the lab, bored out of her mind, when the alarms go off. She panics, thinking she’s found an alien signal, only to find that the sound was an alarm clock to wake her up. She heads home and vents to her mom about the downturn in her life, which gets worse when her favorite singer Proto Zoa hasn’t been since the concert at the space station. The entire space station is soon called to an emergency meeting, with everyone finding out that the US Military will now take over the station. Everyone panics, as they think this means the end of the space station. Zenon is soon called to meet General Hammond, who is leading the space station project, and is tasked to take care of his daughter: Zenon’s enemy, Margie. Margie threatens Zenon that, should Zenon not bend to every whim of Margie’s, she’ll ask her father to throw Zenon and her family off the station and back to Earth. Zenon plays along at first, but then decides to get even after she’s had enough.

Zenon continues her work in the lab, when one night she observes some signals spiking the meter. She calls Commander Plank, but everyone thinks that she has just heard a satellite from another country. Zenon gets more dejected when she finds her friends hanging out with Margie while Zenon has to work in the lab. Back in the lab, she sees another spike, bigger than the one before. She calls Commander Plank again, and General Hammond shows up with him. Not only does Hammond not believe Zenon, but he thinks that the lab should be considered for deactivation. Zenon’s world seems to be crashing around her, with everyone mocking her and losing her best friend to Margie. Later, she gets a message on her phone about the spikes, and realizes that the sound she’s been hearing is reminiscent of the famous Proto Zoa song “Supernova Girl.” After talking it over with Orion, both realize that the aliens want to meet the missing rocker. While trying to solve this mystery, Zenon finds out that Nebula and her family are about to be sent back to Earth. Zenon ups her plan to save the station so she can save her best friend. As the two set up their plan, Margie is seen spying on them.

Nebula and her family say their goodbyes, although Zenon is suspiciously nowhere in sight

Nebula and her family say their goodbyes, although Zenon is suspiciously nowhere in sight

The next morning, Nebula and her family are saying their goodbyes, while Zenon is off setting their plan into action: stowing away and heading to Earth. Zenon breaks out of her crate, only to find Margie there waiting for her. Zenon is furious that Margie followed her, but nevertheless they continue to Zenon’s aunt’s house. While there, they come up with a game plan to find Proto Zoa and bring him back to the space station, after using his lyrics to track down his location. Proto Zoa has been in recluse mode since the space station concert, as he believes that he’s reached the peak of his career and can’t go any further. Back at the space station, Margie has left a message for her father saying that Zenon kidnapped her, and the General is furious enough to go confront Zenon’s parents. Zenon’s aunt calls, revealing the truth. Margie and Zenon finally find Proto Zoa’s house, and they explain to him what they’d heard. He doesn’t want to go as he thinks that there’s no challenge in heading back to space, but is convinced when she tells him he will be the first singer to perform before aliens. Zenon checks the message she received from the aliens again, and finds that they had sent her a map as well, which she quickly sends to Orion. Things hit a snag when Zenon finds that Margie set her up to look like a kidnapper, but Zenon convinces Margie to call her father, tell him the truth, and send a shuttle to take all three back to the space station. When Margie calls, however, she ends up watching her father in a meeting, relaying the true intention of the military’s presence on the shuttle: destroy the entire space station and scrap the entire mission.

Aunt Judy relays all of the news back to Commander Plank, and finally convinces him to believe in Zenon’s story. Orion is able to decipher the map, and Plank convinces Hammond to let him pilot the shuttle that will be used to pick up the trio. Zenon and Margie finally have it out with each other, with Margie admitting that after moving around so much due to her father’s job, she doesn’t know how to fit in. Zenon chastises Margie, telling her to consider that other people have problems as well. Margie, Zenon, and Proto Zoa head to the rendezvous point at Carlson Beach, although they are warned to stay out of sight, as Hammond’s men are looking for them. Unfortunately, as Plank prepares to go, Hammond overhears his plans, and places him under full military arrest. Zenon is undeterred by this setback, and asks the only other person who can fly a shuttle to help: her mother, who ironically has a great fear of flying. After much deliberation, she agrees to fly, picking up Judy, Zenon, Nebula, Margie, and Proto Zoa, and heading to the spot on the map to meet the aliens.

The group waits at the rendezvous point, with Zenon confident that the aliens will show

The group waits at the rendezvous point, with Zenon confident that the aliens will show

The group arrives at the rendezvous point, but there are no aliens around. Zenon is a little worried, but has a strong feeling that they will find them. Unfortunately, they completely run out of fuel, as Orion forgot to fill the auxiliary tanks, leaving them floating around in space to get pulled in by the moon’s gravitational field to crash. As they speed towards the moon’s surface, Zenon spots something in the sky, and the aliens pull the ship out of danger to bring them back to the space station in exchange for their navigational information. One of the aliens materializes into the ship and greets Zenon. Zenon is able to understand them for some reason, and they thank her for her help in getting them home. Everyone on the space station is stunned by the view of the aliens, although Hammond is still bent on dismantling the space station. Fortunately for the space station residents, the aliens put the space station back together again and move it back into orbit, disrupting Hammond’s plans and reasons for tearing the station apart. The story ends with Proto Zoa giving another concert in space and dedicating his new song to her, Commander Plank marries Aunt Judy, and Zenon has a new best friend in Margie.

December 2

December 2, 2011 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas Premieres


“Mom, I’m pretty sure Dad’s going to overeat and get heartburn no matter where we are.”

On December 2, 2011, the Disney Channel Original Movie Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas premiered. Based on the hit show Good Luck Charlie, it premiered to over 7.1 million viewers. The movie was written by Geoff Rodkey, and directed by Arlene Sanford. It starred Bridgit Mendler as Teddy, Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy, Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe, Mia Talerico as Charlie, Jason Dolley as PJ, Eric Allan Kramer as Bob, Debra Monk as Petunia, and Michael Kagan as Hank.

The film begins at the Duncans’ house in Denver, 62 hours before Christmas. The family is heading to Palm Springs to visit their grandparents, and Teddy’s mom Amy is stressed out of her mind because she worries that the family will lose their traditions. The rest of the family, however, is excited about heading somewhere warm. Teddy is keeping a secret from her parents: she planned on going away for spring break with her friend Ivy, and hasn’t asked for permission yet. When she asks Amy, she continues to refuse, but Teddy continues to ask. Her father Bob says Teddy can go – providing she can raise the money and buy the ticket before the deadline. Ask they head through the metal detectors, Gabe is noticeably nervous, as it appears that he’s smuggling his game system, but gets caught, delaying the family. As the family rushes to the plane, they just barely make it. The plane is overbooked, and the airline offers a free round-trip ticket to anywhere if someone gives up their seat; finding a way to get to Florida for spring break, Teddy accepts and quickly disembarks. Not letting her daughter get off the plane alone, Amy rushes off the plane, and soon gets in an argument with the airline when they find that the next available flight is in three days.

Teddy tries to convince her mom to take a bus to Palm Springs after getting kicked out of the airport

Teddy tries to convince her mom to take a bus to Palm Springs after getting kicked out of the airport

After Amy and Teddy are escorted from the airport, Amy is further stressed by the fact that they have no way of getting to Palm Springs. Trying to prove she is responsible, Teddy comes up with the idea to take the bus. Meanwhile, the rest of the family arrives in California, with Bob worried about spending eighteen hours alone with Amy’s mother Petunia, as she doesn’t care for Bob. Petunia has left several priceless Christmas decorations out, refusing to childproof her home for Charlie’s arrival, and berates Bob on his bad parenting when he asks nicely if some of the decorations can be put away. While taking the bus, Amy is continuously carsick, much to the disgust of the other passengers, and the pair are kicked off. Teddy tries to calmly reason with the driver, but Amy, once again, gets into a confrontation, leaving Amy and Teddy alone in the mountains. They then have to walk eight miles in the snow to the nearest car rental place. Back in Palm Springs, Charlie is left alone for two seconds, and nearly destroys Petunia’s crystal reindeer. While Bob manages to save the reindeer, Petunia believes that Bob was trying to ruin it. Meanwhile, Gabe teaches his grandfather Hank about the wide world of video games. The situation in Palm Springs doesn’t get better as Petunia continues to berate Bob for his “bad parenting,” at one point giving him a time out by locking him in a room.

As Amy and Teddy walk, Teddy asks her mom what is going on, as Amy has been having rather serious mood swings. They fortunately make it to the rental place, only to find that it’s not a rental place, and the only car they can find is a clunker for $50. The car goes so slowly, they fear they won’t get there in time. When they reach a large curved hill, the car begins to fall apart as it begins to snow. After a torturous drive, they manage to make it to a motel, where they sleep in the car overnight. When trying to adjust the seat, the car completely falls apart, leaving the two once again stranded, with the only option of hitchhiking. They meet a couple on their way to Las Vegas, and ask for a ride after buying them breakfast. In Palm Springs, all three Duncan boys end up locked in the same room, hiding away from Amy’s parents. Amy and Teddy are relieved to get a ride, only to find that their Good Samaritans are heading to an alien abduction convention. While trying to convince the couple that they haven’t been abducted by aliens before, Amy’s secret is finally revealed: she’s pregnant.

After arriving in Las Vegas , Teddy and Amy wish their saviors farewelll before Teddy asks why Amy didn't say anything about being pregnant

After arriving in Las Vegas , Teddy and Amy wish their saviors farewelll before Teddy asks why Amy didn’t say anything about being pregnant

The pair arrive at Las Vegas, and Teddy argues with her mom, wondering why Amy never told her. As they argue, they don’t realize that their luggage has been stolen. Amy calls Bob, and Bob, Gabe, and PJ head to Las Vegas to pick them up. In a fit of desperation, Bob leaves Charlie behind with Petunia, although Petunia doesn’t know how to stop Charlie from breaking things. In Las Vegas, Teddy and Amy wander the streets, and Teddy has finally had enough with her mother’s complaining, especially since she’s tried to be the grownup the entire time. Amy then blames Teddy for ruining Christmas, and Teddy walks off, leaving Amy alone. That evening, as Teddy is starving, she decides to sing and dance for some spare change so she can get a sandwich. Amy tries to help her, and the two inadvertently create a comedy routine to the delight of the people around them. As Bob and the boys head through the desert to pick the girls up, they are soon stopped by a horde of strange men with guns. After Teddy and Amy go to a buffet, they find they girl who stole their luggage and confront her, but are sympathetic to the poor girl’s plight and decide to listen to her story.

After the three Duncans are kidnapped, the strange men accuse the three of stealing some kind of stone. After they leave, Gabe reveals that they’ve stumbled upon a live-action role playing paintball game, and they will be trapped until after Christmas. The three manage to break free, and Gabe’s video game experience helps the three get back to their car, although Gabe would rather win the game. In Las Vegas, Teddy and Amy console the girl named Jordan, who reveals that her mom told her that if she went to a music festival, she could never go home. Amy manages to talk to the Jordan’s mom, and Jordan is able to go home, although she can’t afford any plane fare. Teddy gives up her round-trip ticket so Jordan is able to head home for Christmas, and Amy admits that she’s very proud of her daughter. When Amy receives a text from Bob that he’s running late, she and Teddy decide to find a car rental and meet them halfway. Unable to find a car rental, they use the next best thing: a tandem bicycle. Back at the game, Gabe is close to leading the Duncans to victory, although Bob is taken out, leaving Gabe to head all alone to the prize while PJ tends to Bob. Gabe then meets his hero, the creator of his favorite video game, and the creator pays them back for their win by giving them a ride in his helicopter to meet Amy and Teddy at a roadside cafe. Amy’s parents also arrive at the diner with Charlie, and they all head inside the café to celebrate Christmas.

November 29

November 29, 2006 – High School Musical: The Concert Begins in San Diego


“We’re all in this together.”

On November 29, 2006, the touring production of High School Musical: The Concert began its run in San Diego, California. Based on the highly popular Disney Channel Original Movie, the tour featured most of the original cast, save for Zac Efron, who was off filming the movie Hairspray. Efron’s character Troy was played by Drew Seeley. The international tour reached forty cities in the United States, Europe, and South America. A special recording of the tour premiered as a one-hour special on Disney Channel on May 4, 2007; a DVD and CD of this recording was made available on May 1. The concert also featured recording artist Jordan Pruitt as the opening act.

November 20

November 20, 1999 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Horse Sense Premieres


“What has gotten into you? It’s as if you dropped any sense of responsibility.”

On November 20, 1999, the Disney Channel Original Movie Horse Sense premiered. It was followed by a sequel in 2001 called Jumping Ship. The film was directed by Greg Beeman, and written by Chad Hayes. It starred Andy Lawrence as Tommy, Joey Lawrence as Michael, Susan Walters as Jules, M.C. Gainey as Twister, Steve Reevis as Mule, and Freda Foh Shen as Arlene.

The film begins with life on Tommy Biggs’s family ranch, where his mom is making a hearty breakfast. He’s seen carving a whistle for his cousin Michael, and quickly heads with him mom to the kitchen, and admits that maybe he shouldn’t go as there’s a lot to worry about. His mom convinces him to go, although she’s hesitant to describe what Beverly Hills is really like. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, Michael Woods is only getting up from bed after noon, and heads to the kitchen where he grabs a wheat grass from his housekeeper Arlene. His mom reminds him that he needs to pick up his cousin, but he has a date with his new girlfriend. She reminds him that Tommy’s had a hard time after losing his father. He finally gets to class, and gets a poor score on his exam about land trusts. Unfortunately, after spending time with his girlfriend, he’s over 30 minutes late in picking up his cousin. While he does pick up Tommy, he spends most of his time flirting with his girlfriend on the phone and shopping. Michael’s parents are heading out of town, leaving the two of them alone. Once again, however, Michael blows Tommy off to spend time with his girlfriend. Tommy bonds with Arlene while Michael continuously blows him off. Arlene then lets him have it when Michael enters the kitchen one morning, but Michael promises to take Tommy to Disneyland that day. On the way out, Michael apologizes for bailing so many times, but soon gets a call from his girlfriend, and once again bails on Tommy, dropping him off at a toddler day care.

Michael arrives home to find Tommy watching television, and they get into a huge argument

Michael arrives home to find Tommy watching television, and they get into a huge argument

When he rushes away from meeting Gina, he ends up crashing his car; after this, he gets stuck in the kids’ playground looking for Tommy. Tommy in the end called Arlene to pick him up, and Michael arrives home to find a very hurt Tommy. The two have a huge fight, although Tommy covers for him in front of Michael’s parents. After Tommy goes to the airport, Michael arrives home that night to meet his very angry parents, as they found out the truth from Tommy’s mom. The situation gets worse when the cops show up, and his parents are sorely disappointed in him. The punishment they decide for him, however, is for him to grow up: work on Tommy’s ranch for the next month, and he will lose his trip to Europe if he slacks off just a little bit. Michael soon arrives in Montana, wearing a gaudy “western” outfit, much to the amusement of Tommy and his Aunt Jules. Tommy has more important things on his mind, however, when his mom gives him a sad look after her meeting at the bank. Arriving at the ranch, Michael meets Mule and Twister, two farmhands on the ranch; Mule is pretty easy-going, but Twister is much more critical of Michael. Tommy starts exacting his revenge on Michael the first night by telling him to stay up as late as he wants. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize he needs to get up at 4:30 in the morning, and is given a wake-up call in the form of a triangle. He blackmails Michael into getting up to work, much to Michael’s dismay.

Michael begins his first day on the ranch with no breakfast, as he’s not used to breakfast like Jules makes. Tommy then gives Michael some impossible chores to do, starting with shoveling manure from one area to another with nothing but a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Michael ends up falling into the manure at one point, and is embarrassed when he finds he could have used a tractor to move the pile. Later that evening, Tommy and Jules talk, and it is clear that their farm will be foreclosed, with everything sold at auction in four weeks. Jules thinks they should keep it from Michael, which Tommy agrees. Jules and Michael talk, and he asks about the treehouse in the corner, and Jules reveals that it was a project Tommy and his father started before he got sick. She gets visibly upset thinking about her husband, but Michael falls asleep before he can notice. The next day, Michael helps with the branding of the cattle, and Tommy gives Michael a horse called Slingshot, although Michael picks another horse, simply called Black. Black, however, is rather temperamental, and does not like to be kicked; after Michael kicks him, Black bucks him off into the pen with Goliath, the bull, who attacks him. Finally, Tommy, Michael, Mule, and Twister, and Jules head out to herd the cattle, with Michael having obvious trouble. That night, as they set up camp, Michael is given more tasks, including being on first watch for wolves. He is warned not to spook the cattle, and is given jerky and a flashlight for his trouble.

While on watch for wolves, Michael talks to his girlfriend, complaining about everything once again

While on watch for wolves, Michael talks to his girlfriend, complaining about everything once again

Michael calls his girlfriend while on watch, and ignores the sound of a wolf. He gets a call on his cell phone, which spooks his horse and the cattle, and they stampede. Michael gets stuck in a tree, and when the group finds him, they are all but disappointed in his antics. The next day, Michael is told that he has to repair all the fences that were destroyed in the stampede. Tommy tricks Michael into loading the poles for the fence into a broken down truck, and after learning the truth, he heads out to where Tommy is to confront him; he makes the situation much worse when he tells Tommy that he never cared about him, and that at the reunion he had no choice but to hang out with a “snot-nosed seven-year-old,” as he was so bored. As Michael lays about, he is confronted by Twister, who informs him that Tommy and Jules are going to lose their ranch, and no one told him because he wouldn’t give a damn anyway. Troubled by the news about the farm, Michael can’t sleep, and decides to try and take things a little more seriously, starting with riding Black and fixing the entire fence. One evening, he sees Tommy watching a herd of wild horses, and he apologizes for the cruel things he said, as they weren’t true. The two bond over talking about the wild horses, and Michael asks he never said anything about the ranch. Tommy admits that one by one bad things happened, and so they’re moving into one of his uncle’s old trailers, but why would Michael care, as he’s soon heading to Europe with his girlfriend. Michael rushes back home to call his father, asking for advice. Michael’s father admits that he knew and offered to help, but Tommy and Jules refused, as they didn’t want to take the easy way out, believing that rewards should come from their hard work.

The next day, Michael tries to convince Twister to start a pyramid scheme to save the ranch, although Twister sees right through the plan. Michael doesn’t understand the pride that Jules and Tommy have, and Twister explains that this situation happens to a lot of ranchers and farmers. Michael and Jules see Tommy working on the treehouse, and Michael decides to help finish it while Tommy is away at a family gathering. When Tommy gets home, he’s furious, as it was Tommy’s and his dad’s, not for Michael to touch, and starts to disassemble it. When Michael talks to his girlfriend, she is horrified to hear of all the things he has to do, and he is frustrated with her shallow personality. The next day as he works, he sees the wild horses run past, and Tommy runs to get him, as one of the wild horses, named Tommy Boy, is stuck in the mud, and is going to die if they don’t help. Michael helps Tommy get close to Tommy Boy, and Tommy helps guide the horse out, keeping him calm. After this, Michael quickly packs to head back to Beverly Hills, and apologizes once again for his poor behavior when Tommy visited. As Jules drives Michael to the airport, they are followed by Tommy on his horse, and he gives Michael a hand-carved whistle. Back in Beverly Hills, Michael heads to the race track again with his girlfriend and her father, and is reminded of all the wild horses on Tommy’s ranch. As they try to get a picture with the horse, it gets spooked, and Michael steps in to calm it down. Later, as they arrive at his house to take him to Europe, he hesitates, as he’s no longer convinced that he should go. He tells his girlfriend he’s not going, sells his car, and liquidates some of the assets in his trust fund.

Thinking that there's nothing else they can do, Jules and Tommy start packing up their home

Thinking that there’s nothing else they can do, Jules and Tommy start packing up their home

Back in Montana, Tommy and Jules are packing up the house, when Michael arrives, giving them a check to help them save the ranch, but Jules turns him down. Michael claims that it’s an investment, but Jules thinks that it’s time to move on. She reassures him that they will be fine, but Michael isn’t convinced. The auction for the items in the house begins the next day, and everyone is depressed. As he helps Tommy pull out a trunk, they talk about school, and Michael realizes that his class on land trusts could help save the farm. Michael talks with his father, then heads into town on Black, stopping by the bank. He convinces the bank that Jules’ ranch qualifies for a land trust, and heads back to the ranch. He ends the auction, and tells Jules that he got them a 30-day extension, as they can be certified as a land trust, and their debt will be cleared. They won’t own the land, but they will be paid to stay on the land and manage it. Jules and Tommy let Michael stay with them as long as he would like, and the film ends with Tommy asking Michael to work on the treehouse.

November 11

November 11, 2011 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Geek Charming Premieres


“I can’t believe that popular people like me are forced to share the same air as nerderers like you!”

On November 11, 2011, the Disney Channel Original Movie Geek Charming premiered. It was based on the book of the same name by Robin Palmer, and had over 4 million viewers on its premiere broadcast. It was directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, with story adapted by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy. It starred Sarah Hyland as Dylan Schoenfield, Matt Prokop as Josh Rosen, Sasha Pieterse as Amy Loubalu, Jordan Nichols as Asher, Andrew Airlie as Alan Schoenfield, and Lilli Birdsell as Sandy.

The movie begins with Dylan Schoenfield being crowned the Blossom Queen – or so she thinks. She’s been caught daydreaming about winning, and continues to sign up for the contest. Dylan is one of the most popular people at Woodlands Academy, and aims to win the crown so she can be the most popular person in the school. She has major competition in the form of Nicole Patterson, but Dylan takes the competition in stride. On her way to her seat in the lunch room, unpopular student Josh bumps into her, spilling his tray of tuna noodle casserole all over her shirt. She berates him in front of the entire school, but it turns out the reason he tripped is because she sprayed perfume in his face. Josh finally sits with his friends, and it’s revealed that he has a crush on Amy Loubalu, an indie rocker and Dylan’s ex-best friend. The conversation turns back to an upcoming film festival, and Josh has no idea what to film.

Josh explains to his teacher that he's having a problem coming up with a good subject for the film contest

Josh explains to his teacher that he’s having a problem coming up with a good subject for the film contest

Josh submits his application to the festival to his teacher, but the best he can come up with is a documentary on the evolution of robot voices. His teacher, Mr. Farley, inspires him to pick a human subject out of his element. After school, Dylan heads to the mall with her father, and while he obviously loves her, he is always busy with work. Josh works at the same mall, and he spots his crush, Amy, walking by. As he tries to follow her, he spots Dylan, who accidentally throws her purse into the mall’s fountain. Inspired, he decides to go into the fountain to get her purse, hoping to score a favor from her: to be the subject of his film. However, she doesn’t even thank him for retrieving her purse. She finally agrees to star in his film when she realizes that the movie would cinch her the title of Blossom Queen.

Dylan heads home after her busy day to find the house empty, and she decides to go through some of her mother’s belongings, revealing that her mother died while she was in elementary school. Josh heads to his own home, and explains to his mom, Sandy, his idea for the film festival. The next day, he submits his idea, and Mr. Farley is pleased, although he warns Josh to keep his “preconceived notions at the door.” The film shoot goes to a rocky start, as Dylan is rather high-maintenance, and the lunchroom is agog with the fact that Josh can freely enter the popular kids spot. Dylan is revealed to be a self-centered, stuck-up teenager, and Josh is trying to take Mr. Farley’s advice and not make any judgments. When Dylan’s busy in a changing room at the mall, he asks her friends Hannah and Lola for what they really think of Dylan, and the answers are not pretty.

Dylan explains to Josh that people are in groups for a reason, and shouldn't venture outside

Dylan explains to Josh that people are in groups for a reason, and shouldn’t venture outside

Dylan argues that people should stay within their social groups to avoid misunderstandings; she doesn’t want Josh thinking that he can ask her out. She also doesn’t reveal any goals after high school, and when playing back the film later, he has no idea how to turn the film into a true documentary. His mom tries to convince him to dig deeper and find the true Dylan Schoenfield, but Josh is more than a little reluctant. While at a beach party, Josh tries to film Dylan, but gets distracted by his crush Amy. Dylan notices and throws a volleyball at Josh to get his attention, and inadvertently reveals that Dylan and Amy used to be friends. Using this as a way to dig deeper, he continues to ask her for information, but doesn’t really get anywhere. Her boyfriend Asher treats Dylan horribly, and it gets worse when her car gets towed for seven unpaid parking tickets. Josh has to give her a ride, which she does not accept graciously. Unfortunately, his car completely breaks down, and they have to walk to a gas station.

Dylan continues to act like a diva, and he loses it, calling her a selfish whiner and firing her from his movie. Worse news for Josh: he doesn’t have enough time to change his film. Mr. Farley convinces him to try again, and Dylan is convinced to try again so she can garner votes for Blossom Queen. Dylan heads to the Film Club field trip to ask Josh for a second chance, and finds herself actually enjoying the film. Dylan surprises the group with an explanation of a complicated science theory, and Josh asks her later why she hides her smarts; she reveals that only geeks get good grades. The two agree to work together again, but with one condition: she doesn’t act like a diva anymore. After he drives her home, she invites him inside to hang out. The two bond over the creation of an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-sundae,” and he sees a different side to her. She gives him advice on how to ask Amy out, and he tells her that Asher is an idiot. The two then talk about her mom, who was once Blossom Queen. Dylan wants to be Blossom Queen so she could feel closer to her mom. They bond further still when she gives him a makeover.

As thanks for the makeover, and to save Dylan from being with her father's new girlfriend, Josh invites her over for dinner

As thanks for the makeover, and to save Dylan from being with her father’s new girlfriend, Josh invites her over for dinner

Josh invites Dylan over for dinner, as she doesn’t want to meet his father’s girlfriend. His mother embarrasses him by asking if they’re dating, but Dylan clears it up for Sandy, although she admits that Josh is amazing. While Josh and Dylan play fight in the kitchen, Sandy manages to capture it all on tape. The next day at school, people are amazed by Josh’s new look, with all sorts of people taking notice, and building his self-esteem. Josh’s friends, however, aren’t fans of the look, as they think he has a crush on Dylan and are leaving them behind. Dylan’s friends and boyfriend aren’t happy either, as they still think Josh is nothing more than a geek. Meanwhile, Josh finally gets the nerve to ask Amy out, and Dylan is seen looking rather upset. When Josh is at his job in the mall, Mr. Schoenfield finds him and, thinking that he’s dating Dylan, invites him over for dinner. Dylan arrives home to see Josh’s car, and finds Josh teaching her father about science-fiction films. Although Dylan tries to convince her father that they aren’t dating, but their behavior suggests otherwise.

It’s the day of Josh’s date, and they’re off to Asher’s party, thanks to an invite from Dylan. Asher continues to ignore Dylan, and she grows jealous at how well Josh and Amy are interacting. Amy realizes that Josh isn’t that into her, and lets him go check on her. When he goes to talk to her, she reveals that she ditched Amy in the 6th grade, because she didn’t want to be in Amy’s shadow. However, when she tries to give Josh advice on how to win Amy over, Asher walks in on them, thinking that they’re dating. Josh takes Amy home, and Amy tells him she believes that he’s not dating Dylan, but that he wants to, and turns down his invite for the school dance. While editing his film, he finally realizes that he does care for Dylan. The next day, Dylan is running late for school, and accidentally drops her contacts down the drain, leaving her with no option but a pair of glasses. Refusing to wear them, she tries to go without, until she gets a note from Asher, saying that he’s breaking up with her. He tells her that she’s becoming a nerd, and refuses to hang out with her. Things get worse when Josh can’t sit with her at lunch, and her seat in the popular kids’ section has been replaced with Nicole Patterson.

Josh is dismayed when his friends all but reject him after he continues to neglect them

Josh is dismayed when his friends all but reject him after he continues to neglect them

Josh’s friend also dump him for spending too much time with Dylan, and he heads home, confused with what to do with his film. Josh decides that it’s okay that his truth has changed, and he has found a way to edit his film to his new vision. After school, Dylan finds her friends dress shopping without her, and they tell her that it’s because she’s always off with Josh and doesn’t have a date for the dance. Soon, the day of the film festival is here, and Josh’s film premieres. Dylan sneaks in to watch, and is uncomfortable with the laughs from the audience at her shallow comments. She is hurt by the film’s direction, and leaves midway. Josh sees her leave and chases after her. She is hurt by what he chose to show, and how he doesn’t understand her at all. However, the film takes a different turn, showing how Dylan is more than a shallow popular girl. The film is met with praise from the entire town, and later, Amy stops by Dylan’s to talk to her. Amy tells her that Josh is worried about her, but Dylan doesn’t believe her, until Amy tells her that Josh won first place. Amy then has Dylan watch the entire film to understand.

The Spring Formal arrives, and Dylan arrives wearing her mother’s old dress. Dylan’s popularity has gone up immensely, and she wins the title of Blossom Queen. Josh arrives just as Dylan is making her speech, and Dylan realizes that she has real friends in the form of Josh and Amy. She admits to the school that she likes Josh, and hurries off the stage to find him. The two share a kiss, giving the movie a happy ending.

October 4

October 4, 2002 – The Disney Channel Original Movie The Scream Team Premieres


“If you see ‘em coming you better start running with the Scream Team.”

On October 4, 2002, the Disney Channel Original Movie The Scream Team premiered. It was written by Robert Short and Daniel Berendsen, and directed by Stuart Gillard. It starred Mark Rendall as Ian, Kat Dennings as Claire, Robert Bockstael as Richard, Eric Idle as Coffin Ed, Tommy Davidson as Jumper, Kathy Najimy as Mariah, Kim Coates as Zachariah Kull, Gary Reineke as Frank, and Nigel Bennett as Warner.

Some ghosts are searching for someone who’s only be dead for six hours, but they hide when they hear someone coming. Siblings Ian and Claire Carlyle are watching a home movie of them helping their grandfather create a revolutionary pumpkin carver, revealing that they are at his funeral. Their father Richard joins them, although he isn’t happy about their choice of film to watch. The relationship between Richard and his father Frank wasn’t exactly the warmest one. As Clair and Ian and Ian are told to mingle, Claire catches someone going through her grandfather’s library, and he introduces himself as Warner MacDonald before giving her a flier to the Zachariah Kull Halloween Festival. Later, Ian overhears his father telling guests that he will put his grandfather’s house up for sale first thing in the morning, throwing out everything inside. Hurt, Ian heads to the basement to fiddle with his grandfather’s inventions, when they start to go off one by one, and he hears his name being called mysteriously. Soon after, his father appears to see if he’s okay, but Ian gets mad when he keeps calling it junk, and refuses to let his father throw it in the dumpster. Richard is actually jealous that Ian was so close to Frank, as he was considered “in the way” as a kid.

The family takes another look at the flier for the Halloween Festival featuring the legend of Zachariah Kull

The family takes another look at the flier for the Halloween Festival featuring the legend of Zachariah Kull

Later, after an admittedly disastrous dinner Claire cooked, the family finds the flier to the Halloween Fair, and Richard recommends that the kids should go. Richard explains that Zachariah Kull is a local spook: legend has it that he burned down his house with his young bride still inside. After condemning him to be burned to death at the stake for the murder, the courthouse burned to the ground, and he spends his days seeking his revenge. That night, Ian sleeps in his grandfather’s old room, although he is woken up by strange noises and the bed shaking. Ian calls out for his dad, but his dad reveals that Claire was under his bed, spooking him on purpose. After he goes to sleep again, more mysterious sounds start, with several important books falling on the floor, and the closet door opens to reveal the ghost of his grandfather, who disappears down the steps of the house. Ian thinks that Frank is trying to send a message, but Patrick is unconvinced.

As Claire retrieves the books the next day to return them to the library, she finds a strange box with Frank’s initials, but forgets about it as she takes the books out. The family heads into town, and are stopped by Warner, who wants to find the library books they just returned, but Claire refuses to answer. She finds the box again, and opens it to find mementos of Patrick’s childhood, which she hides before Patrick can see it. Ian then decides to use the old vacuum cleaner he and Frank created to try and capture ghosts. He spies the ghost float around the house that night, and uses a jar to capture it. He shows it to Claire, who screams. Another ghost appears, who asks for the jar back. He tries to scare them, although Ian is more impressed by the ghost’s antics than scared. He tries to capture the other ghost with the vacuum, but escapes and runs off the property, with Claire and Ian chasing him.

To track down the ghost, Claire and Ian follow the trail of souls

To track down the ghost, Claire and Ian follow the trail of souls

They lose the ghost, but realize that they are congregating in one area, so they head in that direction. They find the ruins of a castle, which is revealed to a Soul Retrieval Center for North America Zone 6. Ian decides to head inside, and the ghost, named Coffin Ed, heads to his boss, a ghost named Mariah, and informs her of the intruders. She is furious that the living found them, and takes the jar back from Ian, releasing the ghost named Jumper. Jumper explains that he and Coffin Ed are the Soul Patrol, and this is the place where people cross over to the afterlife when they die. Ian makes a deal with Mariah: they’ll help their grandfather cross over, so long as he has the chance to do the one thing that’s keeping him there. Mariah agrees, and the two quickly head home. The next day, they decide to search for their grandfather, and are excited when they are given another chance to talk with him. Unfortunately, their reunion is cut shore when the ghost of Zachariah Kull appears in their fireplace and captures Frank.

Zachariah gets stronger after taking Frank, and tries to set the house on fire before he leaves. They are able to extinguish the fire, but their father is angry, thinking they were acting out. The kids flee the house and head to the Soul Center, and inform the Soul Patrol that Zachariah Kull stole their grandfather. Jumper reveals that Zachariah steals life forces from ghosts, and the kids are furious that Mariah refuses to help them retrieve their grandfather. Jumper convinces Coffin Ed to stop Zachariah, and they join forces with the kids to retrieve their grandfather. They head to the old mine where he supposedly holes up, and find him in the middle of the shaft, powering up. Ian sets up the old vacuum cleaner, and is almost able to capture him, but he escapes when the machine malfunctions, but after kicking it, they are able to capture him again. The machine breaks, and Claire is accidentally thrown into the cavern where Zachariah keeps the souls.

Zachariah grows stronger after taking Jumper hostage and stealing his life force

Zachariah grows stronger after taking Jumper hostage and stealing his life force

Jumper goes to attack Zachariah while Ian helps to pull Claire out, but Zachariah steals Jumper’s life force. Coffin Ed is upset that Jumper was captured, but when the kids get out of the mine, the police are there waiting for them. The mine apparently was closed because of natural gas leaks, and their furious father decides to take the two back to Boston first thing in the morning. The kids try to explain to their father what happened, but he doesn’t believe them. They find a fire outside of their property, which turns into a message: stay away. The next morning, their father postpones the trip back to Boston, and they head out with Coffin Ed to capture Zachariah. Claire realizes that Zachariah had been experimenting with natural gas when he was alive, and confirms this when she finds a pipe at his old property. The kids head to the library to see old newspapers from the time period, but find that Warner stole the books. They head to Warner’s house to steal the books back, with help from Coffin Ed, but Warner arrives home before they have time to find the books. Warner is aware that his kids are there, but when Patrick arrives to talk to Warner, Warner accuses Patrick of helping his kids steal the books.

When the kids get home, their father tells him that he knew of their crime, but offers to help them out, although, he warns them, they are still in a lot of trouble. After doing research, Claire realizes that Zachariah was wrongly accused of killing his wife: his research into creating a well for natural gas blew up, exploding his house and killing his wife. Ian is furious that they’re not taking any action, and heads to the Soul Center. Mariah refuses to help him, especially since her freedom is on the line. Ian convinces Mariah to go by saying she’d be a hero if she went to rescue the lost souls. Back at the house, Claire and Patrick realize that Zachariah never got a trial, and he’d be able to cross over once people realized the truth. They also realize that Warner wants to prevent the truth from coming out as well, otherwise their local legend will be gone. Claire and Patrick head to the festival, where they demand that Warner tell the truth about Zachariah. Warner says that Zachariah Kull is the perfect villain, and to prevent the truth, he burns the books.

Mariah shows up with Coffin Ed and Ian to stop Zachariah and rescue the souls

Mariah shows up with Coffin Ed and Ian to stop Zachariah and rescue the souls

Ian heads back to the mine to stop Zachariah, along with Coffin Ed and Mariah. While Mariah is able to attack him, Zachariah is able to attack them thanks to Jumper’s life force. Back at the festival, Zachariah’s spirit appears, ready to seek vengeance on the inhabitants of the town. Warner is frightened and apologizes, but Zachariah doesn’t accept his apology lightly. Claire convinces Zachariah to think of his wife Rebecca, and he decides to let his pain and anger go so he can join Rebecca on the other side. With his crossing over, the souls are freed, and they all head to the Soul Center. The family heads home to find Frank in their living room, who is given his chance to finish his business: telling his son how proud he is of him. He wanted Patrick to get out of town and use his intelligence for the world. Patrick and Frank spend a few hours catching up and having their last conversation. Back at the Soul Center, Mariah returns from the other side, angered that her posting has been extended indefinitely, thanks to the spectacle of revealing that there is an afterlife. Patrick decides to stay in town, opening up a medical practice. Ian continues to work on the pumpkin carver, with Coffin Ed watching over the family.

August 23

August 23, 2002 – The Disney Channel Original Movie A Ring of Endless Light Premieres


“I can’t figure him out. He cares so much, but he sees so little.”

On August 23, 2002, the Disney Channel Original Movie A Ring of Endless Light premiered. It was loosely based on the Madeline L’Engle book of the same name, although the plot of the film veers greatly from the plot of the book. It is the first Disney adaptation of L’Engle’s work, with the second being A Wrinkle in Time in 2003. The movie was adapted by Marita Giovanni and Bruce Graham, and directed by Greg Beeman. It starred Mischa Barton as Vicky Austin, Ryan Merriman as Adam, Jared Padalecki as Zachary, Scarlett Pomers as Suzy, Soren Fulton as Rob, and Jame Whitmore as Grandfather.

The movie begins with Vicky Austin having a dream about being a mermaid, which quickly turns into a nightmare when she gets caught in a net. She wakes up on the ferry with her brother Rob and sister Suzy, making their way to their grandfather’s house for the summer. Vicky calls her mother soon after they arrive, and the call agitates her. That night, Vicky stays awake reading her physics textbook, when she notices her grandfather setting up Suzy’s telescope. She admits to her grandfather that she’s being pressured by her parents to work on her math and science scores for a new exceptional school. Her grandfather gives her present of a collection of Vicky’s poems, making her feel like a real author. Her grandfather is hiding a secret from his grandchildren: a serious medical condition.

Suzy and Vicky meet Adam, an aspiring marine biologist who reads philosophy books

Suzy and Vicky meet Adam, an aspiring marine biologist who reads philosophy books

The next morning, Vicky and Suzy meet Adam, a friend of their grandfather’s. He has an early admission to Harvard to study marine biology, and he invites Suzy and Vicky to go with him to the marine center. As they head there on their bikes, they run into Zachary Gray, who was Vicky’s boyfriend last summer. Vicky is angry that he never responded to her letters, and continues to the marine center. Suzy and Adam bond, as they are more science-minded, while Vicky is more creatively minded. Vicky interacts with one of the dolphins named Enid, and for some reason is able to read her mind, although she can’t explain why. Vicky heads back to the marine center to meet the dolphins, and ends up helping Adam with his research. They are able to use his contraption to call over Enid’s mate Basil, and once again, Vicky can tell how Basil feels without explaining it. Adam spies a gash on Basil’s skin, and believes them to be the drift nets, which are illegal.

Vicky spends time with her brother and sister, and once again meets with Zachary. He apologizes again, although he doesn’t seem very sincere about it, although she softens when she hears that his mother died. Rob goes into the ocean to retrieve his Frisbee, although he can’t swim; while Vicky is talking with Zachary, she senses that Rob is in danger and runs into the ocean. A dolphin helps Rob out of the water and leads him back to the shore. Later, Vicky accompanies her grandfather around town, and is confused as to why people are asking him if he’s okay. She admits to her grandfather that she seems to be able to hear what the dolphins are saying. He believes her, although he dodges her questions about his health. Vicky continues to date Zachary, who is still acting out thanks to his mother’s death and his father’s cold demeanor. Adam comes across them on their date, and accuses Zachary’s father of using drift nets. Zachary had no idea about the nets, but decides to help Vicky and Adam find out if his father is using the illegal nets.

Zachary helps sneak Vicky and Adam into the shipyard that night to find the illegal nets

Zachary helps sneak Vicky and Adam into the shipyard that night to find the illegal nets

They sneak into the marina boat area that night to search for the net, but are caught by the captain of the boat; Adam is able to determine before they are caught that Zachary’s dad is using drift nets. Vicky continues to have dreams about being a mermaid and communicating with the dolphins, although she also starts dreaming of Adam. The next day, Vicky sends Zachary a bouquet of roses, and Adam unexpectedly joins the family for dinner. They listen to Adam’s story as to how he became interested in dolphins and marine biology, although Vicky and Adam argue about the difference between logic and emotion. The cop arrives, and tells them that he couldn’t find drift nets on the Marie Rose, and a frustrated Adam storms out. Vicky can’t understand Adam, as he seems to care a lot, but only cares about proving things, as “that’s what scientists do,” he claims. Her grandfather uses the stars to make an analogy about not being able to see a person’s full self, that their true light may not have reached others yet.

Zachary and his father have a very terse conversation about maintaining their lifestyle, and Zachary asks his father if he uses drift nets, but his father refuses to answer. Vicky heads to the marine center to find that Enid is having a difficult delivery. Vicky knows that Enid needs Basil with her, and not to be sedated during the delivery. Adam lets Basil in, and Basil helps Enid with the delivery. Adam and the research team ask Vicky what happened, but Vicky refuses to answer. Adam confronts her, as he realizes that she can communicate with the dolphins telepathically. He starts treating her like a science experiment, and she storms away. Meanwhile, Zachary does research on his own to find that his dad is using drift nets. Later, Adam finds Vicky and tries to talk with her, although she gets angry when he brings up science and data again, as she feels like there are things is this world that aren’t meant to be explained. Adam admits that he’s jealous, as he wishes he could communicate with dolphins like she can. They finally become friends again. Vicky is confused about her feelings for Zachary and Adam, and can’t seem t decide between them.

Zachary invites Adam on his date with Vicky to show the proof of the use of the drift nets.

Zachary invites Adam on his date with Vicky to show the proof of the use of the drift nets.

Vicky later goes out to dinner with Zachary, and Vicky is surprised to find that Zachary invited Adam. Zachary shows them the evidence of the use of drift nets, but Adam tells them that they need to actually catch them in the act using nets. Later, after Vicky’s gone home, Adam asks Vicky to teach him how to dance, and they start to talk about her writing. The two end up sharing a kiss, and she agrees to help him with his research. They head into the water the next day, and Vicky tries to communicate with the dolphins. Soon, the dolphins surround them, and Vicky asks them to perform at trick to prove she can communicate. She then asks them why they returned to the sea, and she goes deep into the water as she listens, scaring Adam, who later tells her that she shouted something, calmly walked out and sat down on the beach. She later explains that the dolphins tried to answer her question, but she couldn’t understand it, although she knows that the dolphins are connected to everything. When she gets home, Zachary is waiting for her to take her out to catch the bad guy. He admits that he’s in competition with Adam for Vicky’s affections before deciding to play a game of chicken with an approaching boat. Vicky is furious.

Later that night, Vicky finds her grandfather collapsed on the floor and confused. He still won’t tell her what is wrong with him right away, but he finally admits to Vicky that he’s dying from leukemia. She doesn’t want to lose the only person who understands her, but he tells her that she’ll meet many more like-minded people through her poetry. Later, on the beach, she and Adam are talking, when Vicky senses trouble in the water. She knows that the drift net has caught Enid, and they call Zachary to help them. Zachary’s father demands that Zachary get back to his company’s party, but Zachary refuses and decides to help Vicky and Adam. They come across the boat that has captured Enid, and Vicky calls her grandfather, who will help them bring over the marina police. As they get closer, the net is being pulled in, and Vicky jumps into the water to save Enid before it’s too late. Adam jumps in to help cut Enid out with some pliers. They are able to save Enid, but Adam gets tangled in the net and is pulled under. The dolphins return to help keep Adam conscious, and he has visions of Vicky as a mermaid. She quickly appears and helps get Adam out, while the harbor patrol catches the Marie Rose in the act of using drift nets.

Vicky finds her grandfather dying, and comforts him in his final hours

Vicky finds her grandfather dying, and comforts him in his final hours

After the day’s events, Adam reveals that the dolphins spoke to him just once. Vicky’s grandfather takes her home, and heads inside, worn out. That night, Vicky comes to check on her grandfather, who is fading fast. She wants to call a doctor, but he refuses, as he feels it is his time to go. He tells her not to let her light go out, and she should let it shine for the whole world. He passes away soon after, and a star shines brightly in the sky. The next morning, the kids are upset at his sudden death, and their parents are on their way. Vicky then has a good conversation about life with her little brother before their parents arrive. They all head home soon after, with Adam at the ferry wishing Vicky goodbye. He tells her that he enjoyed her poems, and she has decided to show them to the literary magazine at her school. He promises to write her, and she agrees to as well. As they head back, the dolphins also appear to wish Vicky goodbye.

August 22

August 22, 2008 – The Disney Channel Original Movie The Cheetah Girls: One World Premieres


“Don’t miss where you are now because you are anxious for the future.”

On August 22, 2008, the Disney Channel Original Movie The Cheetah Girls: One World premiered. The film is the third and final film in the Cheetah Girls film series, and the first film not to feature Raven-Symone as the character Galleria. The film was filmed on location in India, and Disney Channel viewers were given the chance to choose elements of the film. A soundtrack to the film was released on August 19, 2008. The film was written by Nisha Ganatra and directed by Paul Hoen. It starred Adrienne Bailon as Chanel, Sabrina Bryan as Dorinda, Kiely Williams as Aqua, Michael Steger as Vik, Kunal Sharma as Amar, Deepti Darayanani as Gita, Rupak Ginn as Rahim, and Roshan Seth as Uncle Kamal.

The film begins in New York City, where the girls are auditioning a song for an agent, but unfortunately don’t get the deal. The group is no longer a foursome, as Galleria got accepted to Cambridge. The group discusses how things have changed before heading to get something to eat. They head to an Indian restaurant, where Dorinda is fixated on the statue of Ganesh, the “remover of obstacles.” They continue talking about everything that is going on, and realize that maybe they don’t have the time to work as the group anymore. Suddenly, Chanel gets a phone call asking them to audition for a film, and the three readily accept. They head to the audition a few days later, and meet the director named Vik, who falls for Chanel at first sight. Unfortunately, the three realize that they’re on their way to India – it’s a Bollywood movie, not a Hollywood movie. Aqua refuses to go, as goes Dorinda, but Chanel convinces them that this is the biggest chance they’ll have. Unfortunately, there’s another snag: Vik was only supposed to bring one girl, not three, to star in the film, but he keeps this information from the girls.

The girls' first activity in India is a crazy cab ride through the streets

The girls’ first activity in India is a crazy cab ride through the streets

The girls arrive in India, not knowing what to expect. While out shopping, Dorinda is called over by a priest, and is asked to tie a ribbon to the tree and make a wish. All three decide to participate, and make their wishes quickly. The next day, the three get ready for their first day of filming. Vik explains that the film is a modern day remake of the Bollywood classic Namaste Bombay, with Americans to make it more marketable. They meet their costar Rahim, who is considered Bollywood royalty, and their choreographer, Gita, who are dorky and clumsy when the two are together as they have feelings for each other. Gita, however, is mean to the girls, which makes Dorinda angry, and the three challenge her to a dance-off. The dance-off ends well, though, although when they meet Vik’s uncle Kamal, the good mood disappears fast. Kamal decides that he will choose one Cheetah to be the lead of the film, and the three will have to audition against each other.

The Cheetahs walk off the set, with Dorinda and Aqua furious that they gave up their summer plans for this film, and tell Chanel that maybe the Cheetah Girls are over. Chanel apologizes to her friends for dragging them into this, and they finally decide to audition, with everyone deciding to go for it fair and square. After they agree, Aqua gets a phone call from Kevin, a tech support guy she’s been flirting with for weeks. After finding out that they’re in the same city, the two meet and start talking, with Kevin revealing that his real name is Amar. Dorinda tries to talk Aqua out of her burgeoning romance, thanks to her own experience with a long-distance relationship, but Chanel tells her to let Aqua have some fun. Later, Dorinda runs across the same priest again, who tells her to focus on the present. She admits that she’s afraid of change, and he tells her that the important things will always remain with her, regardless of change, and gives her a Ganesh charm. Chanel goes on a date with Amar, while Dorinda heads to the set. She tells Rahim that he acts like a dork around Gita, and he admits he’d never kissed a girl for real before, and he has real feelings for Gita. He asks for Dorinda’s help to be less of a dork in front of Gita, and he’ll help her with her audition.

Vik confides in Chanel that this is his one chance to be a filmmaker, and he can't blow it

Vik confides in Chanel that this is his one chance to be a filmmaker, and he can’t blow it

Chanel talks with Vik, who is rewriting the script again, explaining how this is his one shot to reach his dream. Chanel feels conflicted, as this is also her one chance, and feels she wants it more than the others, but doesn’t want to lose her friends. The movie runs into more problems, as Vik’s uncle is spending as little as possible on the film, since Vik is over-budget and behind schedule. His solution comes in the form of Aqua’s friend Amar, who will take them to his parents’ village to hold the auditions and keep filming during the Festival of Colors. Amar reveals that he’s actually semi-royalty, and his parents own a palace, where they can film for free, on one condition: Aqua gets the lead. Aqua is less than thrilled about this news, however. Dorinda sees Chanel hanging out with Vik, and believes that Chanel is using the relationship to get the lead part. All of the Cheetahs are led to believe that the others are not playing fair with the auditions, using every advantage they can: Chanel with Vik, Aqua with Amar, and Dorinda with Rahim.

Finally, the auditions arrive, and while everyone tries to convince Kamal who is the best, Kamal makes the final decision: Chanel. Although Chanel is happy, Dorinda and Aqua are furious. After thinking about it, the girls talk and decide their friendship is too important to lose over this, and Chanel decides to refuse the part. Dorinda finally pushes Rahim to confess his love to Gita, and he is thrilled when she reciprocates. While happy for them, Dorinda is still heartbroken over her failed romance, and decides to call her ex-boyfriend, asking if they can be friends instead. The girls get an idea to have Gita play the star of the film, and Vik finally stands up to his uncle with his decision. Kamal agrees, and everyone helps to put together the film, with the girls staring in a scene, singing the song “One World.”

August 18

August 18, 2000 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Quints Premieres


“You see, this is my story. And yeah, it’s one of those ‘girl finds herself even though she didn’t know she was lost’ stories. But I promise you: it’s not going to be lame, and it’s not going to be boring.”

On August 18, 2000, the Disney Channel Original Movie Quints premiered. It was written by Matthew Weisman and Gregory K. Pincus, and directed by Bill Corcoran. It starred Kimberly J. Brown as Jamie Grover, Daniel Roebuck as Jim Grover, Elizabeth Morehead as Nancy Grover, Shadia Simmons as Zoe, Jake Epstein as Brad, James Kall as Mr. Blackmer, and Vince Corazza as Albert.

The movie begins with Jamie Grover introducing her family, and the story of how her brothers and sisters arrived. Taking the story back to January, she introduces her father, who is going back to college, and her mother, who publishes a small-town paper in Milford. She introduces her life, including her school, although she embellishes quite a bit. Her friend Zoe tries to get Jamie to go to Art Club, but Jamie has to go work on her science project. She has a goal to attend the science magnet school, and relates her pressure to not let her parents down as the only child, and the first of her family to go to college. Her parents are almost smothering her with attention, and poor Jamie can’t stand it anymore, although she understands that her parents just want to best for her.

The spare room is quickly made over into a nursery to house the new arrivals

The spare room is quickly made over into a nursery to house the new arrivals

Later on, she heads home to find her parents rather stressed. They tell her the news that her mom is pregnant, and Jamie is thrilled. Her mother then drops the bombshell: she’s carrying quintuplets. The family quickly sets to work turning the spare room into a nursery, and Jamie reveals that during those months, nothing really changed, save for her mom’s appearance. Finally, the babies are ready to arrive, and Jamie experiences her first bout of being forgotten, as her parents almost forget to take Jamie with them to the hospital. Her siblings were the first quintuplets in the state, and they arrive home to a whole media frenzy. Jamie then shows off the new life with her siblings, who are crying and creating chaos.

Jamie heads to school, completely exhausted. Her friends ask her what she’s going to do with her new freedom, and try to get her to join art club. Her teacher asks her where her heart is, and Jamie can’t answer, as she’s never had to answer that question before. The moment she gets home, Jamie is roped into baby duty, and a baby nurse is hired to help take care of the quints. Not wanting to keep doing baby duty, she decides to join Art Club, although she has no idea what to do. The baby nurse, Fiona, tries to keep everything on schedule, but with all the financial woes and exhaustion, the family is soon falling apart. After a few weeks, Fiona quits, as she can’t handle it anymore, and the parents panic. Jamie volunteers to take care of the kids, although she isn’t exactly sure of how she’ll be able to do so.

The Grover's money troubles are over with the arrival of Albert

The Grover’s money troubles are over with the arrival of Albert

Suddenly, their wishes are answered when Albert Lensley, an agent, appears at their door to give the family free diapers and other gifts if the babies do some advertising and marketing for Cutie Pants Diapers. While Jamie focuses on her life, she realizes that she actually has a real talent for art, and might have to come up with a new plan for her life. Her teacher, Mr. Blackmer, asks her to draw people, and she starts drawing the quints, getting inspiration mostly from her sibling Adam. However, the family is photographed without Jamie, and it is almost as if she’s not part of the family anymore. Mr. Blackmer convinces her that she has enough distance to see the entire situation and point out the details. Her parents finally listen to her when she’s able to correctly identify the baby and the reason she’s crying, while her parents can’t tell at all. Her parents are all caught up in the marketing, forgetting they have five babies instead of just one set of quints.

Later that night, her father comes into Jamie’s room to confess that he’s upset that he can’t tell the babies apart, because he was working so much and not spending time with his family. Her further confesses that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Jamie tells him just to love them. Unfortunately, her parents are further sucked in to the quints marketing campaign, and Jamie is completely ignored. Her friend Brad reassures her when they forget to go to her parent-teacher conference, but she’s still angry at them. Her mother suggests that they get Jamie in the national commercial with the quints; unfortunately, Jamie refuses to appear when she’s dressed as a giant diaper. Jamie feels she’s completely forgotten, and accused of being selfish. Her friends and teacher tell her that her future lies with her, and she can make her future great, especially when Mr. Blackmer is going to feature her sketches at the school’s art fair.

Albert brings the Grovers the exciting news about the "Parents of the Year" award

Albert brings the Grovers the exciting news about the “Parents of the Year” award

Jamie announces her good news to her parents, who are thrilled at hearing this. They promise to be there at the gala opening, but Albert arrives with news that they’ve won Parents of the Year, and the dinner is the same night as the art show. Jamie is heartbroken, and heads to school to rip up all of her sketches. Zoe and Brad try to ask her what’s wrong, and she explains that her parents are choosing their awards dinner over her art show. She refuses to go to the art show, but Mr. Blackmer will still showcase her art. One day at school, Mr. Blackmer rushes Jamie to the hospital, where Adam is rather ill. Her parents finally admit that they understand what Jamie meant when the quints were five different babies rather than a unit. Jamie then admits that she wants to follow her own plan for her life, not their parents. Her parents accept her the way she is, and the relationship is mended. After Albert pushes his marketing campaign too far, the Grovers fire him.

Brad and Zoe volunteer to help Jamie take care of the quints while Jamie’s parents head to the gala dinner, although the parents forgot to bring the quints with them. Mr. Blackmer helps to save the day, driving the quints, Jamie, Brad, and Zoe to the dinner. Unfortunately, Mr. Blackmer’s car breaks down on the way there, and the kids quickly board a bus and the subway to get there. The Grovers begin to panic while at the dinner, but Jamie and the quints arrive just in time. The Governor offers to give Jamie a ride anywhere, and she decides to go straight to the art show. At the art show, the winner is Jamie, and she is awarded her first blue ribbon. When she receives the ribbon, she is also surprised by her parents, who wanted to be there for her big moment. In the end, while she is eligible to go to the science magnet school, she decides to go to Milford High for the great art program.