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July 15

July 15, 1955 – The Special Short Film The Flying Gauchito is Released to Theaters


“It’s a tale told by an old gaucho from Uruguay.”

On July 15, 1955, the segment turned short film The Flying Gauchito was released to theaters. It was originally a segment of the animated feature film The Three Caballeros.

The short begins in Uruguay, where a little bird came out of his nest early in the morning to see a little gauchito sneak out to go hunting. The gauchito heads up the mountain range to hunt a condor, and spots a large bird in a nest, only to find that it was actually a flying donkey. The donkey spots the gauchito and steals his hat, and the gauchito works quickly to capture him. The gauchito sets to work training the donkey before setting off to the race at the fiesta the next day. With a grand prize of 1,000 pesos, the two plan on winning the race, although they are laughed at by the crowd. The race doesn’t begin very well, with the crowd laughing at the donkey’s slow pace. Finally, gauchito reveals the donkey’s wings, and the two fly down the track as fast as can be, winning the pesos. Unfortunately, the ruse is up when the donkey flies up into the air, taking the gauchito far away with him.


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