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July 16

July 16, 1954 – The Special Short Film Casey at the Bat is Released to Theaters


“Casey’s the guy with his eye on the ball, but mostly the ladies. Casey’s the guy who’s the idol of all – but mostly the ladies.”

On July 16, 1954, the segment turned short film Casey at the Bat was released to theaters. Originally based on the poem by Ernest Thayer, the short was a segment in the animated package feature film Make Mine Music. It was narrated by Jerry Colona.

The time is 102, and everyone is heading to the ball game to see the game between Mudville and Burbank, particularly Casey, “the pride of them all.” The game doesn’t look good for Mudville, as they are losing by two. Each batter before Casey is bumbling, but they somehow manage to load the bases just as Casey gets up to bat to bring them home. Although distracted by the ladies, Casey leaves the crowd to once again be the hero, full of swagger and bravado. The pitcher is afraid to throw the ball, sweating profusely. When the ball arrives, Casey refuses to swing, and the crowd argues with the umpire’s call of a strike. Casey is able to calm the crowd down, and waits for his new pitch, though he ignores it again, resulting in another strike. Finally, the ball comes for a third time. Unfortunately, there is no joy in Mudville, as Casey struck out, and is left crying in the rain, trying once again to hit the ball, but has seemingly lost his ability.


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