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June 24

June 24, 1955 – The Special Short Film Aquarela do Brasil is Released to Theaters


“What happened? Where am I?”

On June 24, 1955, the special short film Aquarela do Brasil was released to theaters. It was a segment from the 1943 animated feature film Saludos Amigos, featuring the characters Donald Duck and José Carioca. It features the samba piece Tico-Tico no Fubá; it also features the titular song, written by Ary Barroso, and featuring the vocals of Aloysio Oliveira. It also features José Oliveira as Carioca.

It starts with a blank piece of paper, with an artist drawing a simple paiting of Brazil, when he splashes it with blue paint to create a waterfall. The colors continue to be added in intensity, creating singing flowers and sambaing flamingos. Many fantastic elements of Brazil are painted with the artist’s magical paintbrush. One of the flowers soon turns into Donald Duck, who sees the paintbrush paint a strange character. He takes some paint from the character’s bow tie and draws his own character, but is punished by the paintbrush, pushing him into a giant puddle. He then meets the completed character, José Carioca, who is overjoyed to meet Donald. Unfortunately, Donald doesn’t speak any Portuguese, and José is too excited to notice, but he finally switches to English, asking Donald to go see the town. José starts dancing, and Donald tries to join in, with the pair dancing through the painting. The two stop at a café, where Donald is given something he thinks is soda, but causes him to spurt out fire. José declares that Donald has the gist of the samba, and the samba begins. The pair head to several clubs within Brazil as the segment comes to a close.

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