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June 18

June 18, 1954 – The Special Short Film The Martins and the Coys is Released to Theaters

Martins and Coys

“Gather round me children and I’ll tell a story of the mountains in the days when guns was law, when two families got disputin’, it was bound to end in shootin’, so just listen and I’ll tell you what I saw.”

On June 18, 1954, the special short film The Martins and the Coys was released to theaters. The short is a segment from the animated feature package film Make Mine Music, and features music by the King’s Men. The segment has not been featured with the film on home release since its initial theatrical run, as it was panned by critics for its overuse of gun violence.

Back in the old days in the mountains, two families were feuding: the Martins, and the Coys. These families tended to solve their disputes through gunfights, being much too trigger happy. One day, a massive fight occurred with many members of both families dying, leaving one member on either side left. The sole Martin, Grace, and the sole Coy, Henry, meet face to face one day, and fall madly in love. The souls of their relatives are furious at this development, especially when Grace and Henry marry, effectively destroying the feud – so they think. However, Henry and Grace still have their feuding ways ingrained in them, and fight day after day, carrying on the feud just like before.


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