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June 19

June 19, 1957 – The Special Short Film The Story of Anyburg, U.S.A. is Released to Theaters


“This is the story of a certain city, and what it did about this common curse that plagued the land.”

On June 19, 1957, the special short film The Story of Anyburg, U.S.A was released to theaters. It was directed by Clyde Geronimi, with story by Dick Heumer.

The story begins in Anyburg (population 500), with a horrible traffic problem, with dissatisfaction feedng into the problem. The town was so frustrated, that they placed the automobile on trial for its life. The prosecutor starts laying into the automobile, but the defense tries to calm it down. The prosecutor claims that the car flew through a 20 mph zone and crashed into a restaurant, with the defense having no questions. The sports car is then on trial for guzzling gasoline and burning rubber. Once again, the defense has no questions. Next is a worn out antique car, with the crime of being outdated and broken. Those that build the car and the safety features testify that though they invented several features, he number of automobile accidents continue to rise. Highways were then built, with helpful signs and lines, but the highways were ruined by too many automobiles and their actions. The jury agrees that the automobile must go – until the defense gives his closing remarks. He makes everyone realize that the problem isn’t the automobile, but the man within. The defense makes clear that whatever the automobile is accused of, it’s actually the fault of the driver, not the vehicle. When he finishes, everyone is gone, and the case has been dismissed, with the people admitting guilt and vowing to drive with safety and sanity…which quickly ends.

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