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April 1

April 1, 1955 – The Segment Blame it on the Samba Released to Theaters as a Short Film


“So if three boisterous birds of a feather fall under the influence of this torrid tropical tempo, don’t blame them; blame it on the rhythm of the samba.”

On April 1, 1955, Blame it on the Samba was released to theaters as a short film. The short was originally a segment of the 10th animated feature film Melody Time, and stars classic Disney character Donald Duck, as well as José Carioca and the Aracuan Bird from The Three Caballeros. The segment also features Ethel Smith and the Dinning Sisters singing the titular song.

The segment begins with Donald and José trudging along in a blue world, when they come across the Café do Samba, run by the Aracuan Bird. He quickly gives them a table, though they are less than enthused. To cheer their spirits, the Aracuan Bird starts playing the samba, cheering them up and having them cling to the rhythm of the samba. The Aracuan then creates a special drink of the ingredients needed to create the samba and dives in, where Jose and Donad are seen dancing on the organ of Ethel Smith. When brought back to their world, the samba continues, with the rhythm having taken over everything. Pleased with his work, the Aracuan Bird puts on a top hat and pulls out a cane as the scene fades away.


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