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April 2

April 2, 1993 – The Daytime Parade Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Begins its Run at Disneyland


“Genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee.”

On April 2, 1993, the daytime parade Aladdin’s Royal Caravan began its run at Disneyland, several months after the parade’s beginning in Walt Disney World’s Disney-MGM Studios in December, 1992. The parade was based on the song “Prince Ali” from the animated feature film, with it being played throughout the parade run. The genie was featured in every float in the parade, including a 32-foot-tall Genie and a waving Genie puppet. This was the first parade to be based on a single animated feature film. The parade ended its run in June, 1994, and was replaced with The Lion King Celebration.


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