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January 29

January 29, 2010 – IBM Reveals the SmarterPlanet Exhibit at Epcot’s Innoventions Area


“SmarterPlanet presented by IBM offers visitors to the park a ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse of how technology is helping solve the world’s most complex problems – from reducing road traffic and city crime to improving food safety and local water supplies.”

On January 29, 2010, the new Epcot Innoventions exhibit SmarterPlanet, sponsored by IBM, was revealed with a special grand opening event. The exhibit itself has several hands-on kiosks where guests play several match games to reveal societal and technological methods of changing the world into a “smarter planet,” from unplugging appliances not in use, to food systems that track food temperature during the process of shipping. In partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering, IBM also features an exhibit called Runtime: guests are turned into avatars through smart technology and make their way through a game based on IBM’s timeline of achievements. Guests are also able to email a version of the game to their personal computers, continuing their adventure after they’ve left the park. The exhibit was introduced at the grand opening by IBM General Manager Gary Cohen, who explained that the objective of SmarterPlanet’s creation was “for guests to walk away understanding how forward-thinking solutions can solve our greatest societal problems, and the increasing role technology will play in improving the quality of life for people across the world.”

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