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August 15

August 15, 1994 – The Magazine Family PC is Published

On August 15, 1994, the magazine Family PC published its first issue. It was a collaboration project between Walt Disney Publishing and Ziff-Davis, and aimed to teach families about computers, especially covering educational software. The magazine ended publication in 2001.


January 6

January 6, 2011 – Disney Publishing Worldwide Reports One Million App Downloads


“Disney Publishing has reached an important milestone, with 1 million downloads for its Disney Book Apps globally on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.” –

On January 6, 2011, Disney Publishing Worldwide hit a major milestone when it was reported that they had reached one million downloads of their book apps the world over. Of the nine book apps made available on Apple products, they had all been in the Top 10 Paid Book Apps list since the iPad’s release in April 2010.

September 13

September 13, 1999 – Discover Magazine Acquired by Disney


“Science for the curious.”

On September 13, 1999, Disney acquired the science magazine Discover, which was originally created by Time, Inc. The magazine was originally created in 1980 by Time Magazine editor Leon Jaroff, who discovered that Time would sell the most issues when the cover featured a something scientific. The magazine changed hands several times before the Disney acquisition, in which Disney added it to the Disney Publishing group and moved the main office to join Disney’s in Burbank. Disney would eventually sell the magazine to Bob Guccione Jr. and other private equity partners in 2005.