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February 15

February 15, 1936 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Orphan’s Picnic Premieres in Theaters


“I’ll tell you when to eat!”

On February 15, 1936, the Mickey Mouse short film Orphan’s Picnic was released to theaters. It was directed by Ben Sharpsteen.

Mickey is driving a truck full of orphans, while Donald conducts them in song. Upon arrival in the park, the kids run around, climbing trees and playing in the pond while Donald sets up the picknic. He chases one orphan off when he tries to grab a sandwich, and starts fending off the other orphans that grab the cake. Meanwhile, Mickey is playing a game with some of the orphans, and ends up running into a tree. Donald tries to rescue the food from the hungry orphans, but they pelt him with pie pans and arrows. One orphan gives Donald a flower as an apology, with Donald unaware that there’s a bee inside. The bee chases Donald a bit before flying back to the hive, but Donald, always one to hold a grudge, throws a rock at the hive. The angry swarm chases Donald all around the park, with the orphans watching, laughing, and contributing to the trouble. The boys apologize again, and present him with a sandwich, with Donald once again unaware of the “secret” ingredient: another bee.

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