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July 19

July 19, 2013 – The Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie Premieres


“Come on. They sing for no reason, they come out of the water and their hair is totally dry, the girls never surf as well as the boys, and they sing for no reason. I had to mention that one again cause even a second time, I don’t get why.”

On July 19, 2013, the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie premiered. It was the only DCOM to premiere in 2013, and became the second highest rated film with 8.4 million viewers on its first airing. The movie was dedicated to Annette Funicello, the original beach movie star who had passed away on April 8, 2013. The film was directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, with story by Vince Marcello and Mark Landry. The film starred Ross Lynch as Brady, Maia Mitchell as Mack, Grace Phipps as Lela, Garrett Clayton as Tanner, Kevin Chamberlin as Dr. Fusion, Steve Valentine as Les Camembert, and Barry Bostwick as Mack’s Grandfather.

The movie centers around teenagers Brady and Mack, a couple who have spent all day surfing. Mack tries to tell Brady something important, but gets distracted by the news of forty-foot waves the next day. In Mack’s grandfather’s house, there is another distraction in the form of Brady’s favorite film: Wet Side Story. Mack’s Aunt Antoinette shows up, revealing Mack’s news in front of Brady: Mack is leaving the next day. Brady is upset, as Mack will be heading to an exclusive private school back East. Mack asks for one more day to surf the big waves, but Aunt Antoinette won’t have it. Brady and Mack argue, but Mack says it’s her choice and she didn’t know how to tell Brady; Mack had made a deal with her Aunt to go to private school after her mother died. Mack wants to fulfill her mother’s dream of going to college, and breaks up with Brady.

Brady  heads out to save Mack from a huge storm that is brewing

Brady heads out to save Mack from a huge storm that is brewing

The next day, as Mack packs to head East, she finds her grandfather’s legendary surfboard and decides to hit up the forty-foot waves. Brady finds her and watches her as she heads out to surf, trying to find the perfect wave. Mack’s grandfather finds Brady and warns him that the sky doesn’t look good, and although it is deemed dangerous to surf, Mack continues to stay in the water. Brady heads out to bring Mack back in, but the two get caught in the large wave. The two manage to reach the surface, and are shocked to find themselves in what seems to be the set for Wet Side Story. Brady embraces it immediately, while Mack thinks they’ve died. The two stick out, and the surfers don’t take well to outsiders. The bikers then enter the bar where the bikers and surfers hang, and find themselves in the middle of a surf and turf war. Brady explains what’s going on to Mack, who is still nonplussed by the situation. Brady then continues to insert himself into the musical numbers while Mack watches, impressed.

Mack is once again thrown by the fact that they are stuck in the 1960s as she needs to get on a plane to the East, and Brady thinks that there needs to be storm to get them home. Mack and Brady end up at the shindig at Big Momma’s, the surfer and biker joint, when the bikers crash the party. Mack is frustrated at Brady’s attitude at the party, and the pair finds themselves dancing. Unfortunately, Mack and Brady end up changing the film, where the two leads, Lela and Tanner, end up falling for Brady and Mack instead of each other. The movie is then thrown off course, and Mack and Brady realize that they’ve changed everything. The two head to the secret hideout of the movie’s villain, Les Camembert, who has created a large weather altering machine. If Mack and Brady don’t fix the film, then the two won’t be able to get home. Brady and Mack come up with a plan to get Tanner and Lela fall for each other instead of them.

Mack infiltrates the biker girls' sleepover to get closer to Lela and fix the relationship mess

Mack infiltrates the biker girls’ sleepover to get closer to Lela and fix the relationship mess

Mack ends up at the biker girls’ sleepover, and she questions why the girls let boys decide everything for them. Meanwhile, Brady hangs out with the surfer guys at Big Momma’s, and finds that Tanner doesn’t care if a girl is a surfer or a biker, so long as she has something special. Mack ends up with a biker chick makeover, much to Brady’s amusement. Mack worries that they will remain stuck in the film, but Brady wants to stay because the two of them can stay together. Mack and Brady try to get Lela and Tanner to end up alone so they can get to know each other as people. Mack develops a friendship with Lela, who opens up to Mack with a big secret: she wants to surf. She convinces Lela to start surfing, and offers to have Brady teach her. Meanwhile, Les Camembert is testing his weather altering machine with his assistant, Dr. Fusion, which causes Mack and Brady to panic, as the storm is approaching. The situation is even worse when the two realize they are becoming part of the film, and burst into an involuntary musical number.

As Mack and Brady work on a plan, they are attacked by Les Camembert; meanwhile, Lela and Tanner meet by chance and start falling for each other, realizing that they’re meant to be before realizing that Mack and Brady must be in trouble. Mack and Brady are held captive in the lighthouse, and Lela and Tanner ask for everyone’s help in Big Momma’s, begging for everyone to work together to stop Les Camembert’s plans. Once the surfers and bikers see how much in love Lela and Tanner are, they have no choice but to work together. In the lighthouse, Mack finally admits that she doesn’t want to leave Brady and head to private school. The bikers and surfers show up just in time to save the day, and cause the machine to blow, creating the massive storm needed to get Mack and Brady back home. Lela and Tanner ask them to stay, and Lela gives Mack a special friendship necklace. Finally, Brady and Mack are able to take the giant wave back home, having saved the film. Mack then gets a chance to ride the forty-foot swell, and nails it. In the end, Mack tells her aunt that she doesn’t want to go, and want to stay with Brady and her grandfather, and make her own decisions. The movie ends with a big musical number on the beach.


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