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June 10

June 10, 1955 – The Special Goofy Short El Gaucho Goofy is Released to Theaters


“Howdy, strangers!”

On June 10, 1955, the special Goofy short film El Gaucho Goofy was released to theaters. It was originally a segment of the animated feature film Saludos Amigos.

Set in Texas, the narrator introduces the North American cowboy, played by Goofy, and then introduces the South American counterpart: the Gaucho. Goofy is then turned into a gaucho, and soon captures his horse, though it seems that the course catches Goofy instead. Goofy then has to saddle his horse, with layers and layers of saddling. That night, Goofy sets up an Argentine barbeque, which has its own ceremony to it involving bread, meat, and a knife – with Goofy accidentally eating part of the knife. This is then followed with Goofy using the bolas to capture the avestrus, an Argentinian ostrich. Goofy is able to capture the ostrich, and the capture is done again in slow-motion, only this time with Goofy, the avestrus, and Goofy’s horse getting caught by the bolas. That night, Goofy sings a song under the stars, and he dances with his horse. Goofy is then sent back to Texas, filled with fond memories of being a Gaucho.

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