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May 18

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May 18, 1951 – The Pluto Short Film Plutopia Premieres in Theaters


“Oh, my life is ruined! You won’t bite me! Oh, woe is me!”

On May 18, 1951, the Pluto short film Plutopia premiered in theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Ralph Wright and Al Bertino. It was one of the last Pluto shorts created.

Mickey and Pluto arrive at Camp Utopia, and Pluto starts sniffing all the trees excitedly, until he spies a cat on their welcome mat. Unfortunately, just as Pluto is enjoying himself, Mickey finds that there are several rules for the guests, including Pluto not being allowed in the cabin and having to wear a muzzle and a leash. Pluto is dismayed, but finds himself outside, muzzled and tied to the door. He tries to eat some food left outside, but also spies the cat again, who taunts Pluto by taking the food and devouring it. Pluto decides to try and sleep for the night, but the cat continues to torment him. That night, Pluto has a strange dream, where he is taken to a place called Plutopia, where the cat appears as his servant. Pluto beats up the cat, but the cat seems thankful for the beating. He continues to torment the cat out of spite, but is shocked at how the cat punishes himself for not serving Pluto well. Pluto continues to enjoy himself in Plutopia, eating to excess and tormenting his cat servant. Pluto then wakes up to find it’s all been a dream, and Mickey finds Pluto and the cat sleeping peacefully on the welcome mat, until Pluto, still sleepy, bites the cat’s tail. The two start fighting, and accidentally drag Mickey into their mess.

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  1. Where they did do extremely well though was on the treat counter.


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